7 Amazing Things Red Pandas Can Do (Must Read!)

You may think that napping and eating are the favorite hobbies of red pandas. But did you know that these red cat bears have amazing skills and abilities?

Check out the 7 things red pandas can do!

1. Red Pandas Can Swim

Among the many talents of the red pandas is swimming. They are great swimmers and even live around the waterways in the wild. 

Even though these red panda bears do not swim all the time, they enjoy spending time around water. In addition, the red pandas can swim their way out if there’s danger in the water.

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2. Red Pandas Can Run

Surprisingly, a red panda can run at 24 mph (38 km/hr). Despite being small creatures, the fox bears can run faster than giant pandas.

So, you might not win a race when competing with red pandas.

3. Red Pandas Can Jump

Another thing the red pandas can do is jump. They can jump at 1.5 meters from one tree to another.

But they don’t leap too high the same way they climb trees. Seeing the red pandas hop from one place to the other will surely make you laugh.

4. Red Pandas Can Eat Chocolate

Here’s one secret you should know about the red pandas: “they have a sweet tooth.”

This means if you give them chocolates, the fox bears will gladly accept and eat them. 

Animals such as cats and dogs can be exposed to danger if they eat chocolates. So we can say the red pandas are lucky creatures.

Red pandas in captivity have access to chocolates, unlike those living in the wild.

5. Red Pandas Can See In The Dark

Like most nocturnal animals, red pandas can see perfectly in the dark. During the day, these fox bears mostly sleep in trees but are always active at night.

In the dark, the red pandas don’t find it hard to look for prey. They also quickly hide from large predators to prevent getting killed.

6. Red Pandas Can Actually Kill You

Unfortunately, red pandas can kill humans if care is not taken. No wonder they are not good for pets or for sale.

Normally, these fox bears do not cause disturbances and do not like to be disturbed. They do not also attack human beings for no reason.

Red pandas attack people who want to prey on them by using their sharp claws and teeth. Without proper treatment, the wounds from the injury may get infected and lead to death.

So whenever you see red cat bears in the zoo, do not get too close to them.

7. Red Pandas Can Climb Trees

A Red Panda Walking On a Tree

Tree climbing is another amazing talent the red pandas have. If you’ve seen these cute animals hopping from one tree to the other, you’ll agree that they are good.

Their long tails, sharp claws, and feet covered allow them to hold trees firmly while climbing up. Climbing down from trees is also easy for these red cat bears as they climb down using their heads first.

Trees are like relaxation spots for the red pandas; they sleep there. Not only that, the red cat bears have fun by jumping from one tree to the other.

What Do Red Pandas Do For Fun?

Apart from the list of 7 things red pandas do, they engage in other activities for fun. Here are a few of them:

1. They Play In The Snow

Luckily, cold environments do not affect the red pandas because nature has prepared them for the weather. 

From their thick furs to fluffy tails and under the feet, the fox bears have all it takes to withstand snow.

So, instead of running away from snowy environments, the red pandas play in them.

2. Mother Pandas Build Nests For Their Cubs

During the pregnancy period, the mother panda builds a nest for her unborn cubs. She gathers grass and twigs to make her nest in a hollow tree or inside a rock.

Baby pandas receive full attention and care from their mother for close to a year. They are always protected from predators and harsh weather in the nest.

Even though it is not easy to look after baby pandas, the mother red pandas do it for fun.

3. They Eat Bamboo

A Red Panda Eating Bamboo Leaves

It is very common to see a red panda crushing bamboo shoots and chewing its leaves during the day. They snack on close to 20,000 leaves of this plant every day.

Just like the giant pandas, the red pandas have false thumbs that allow them to hold bamboo easily. Having sharp teeth is also a bonus for these panda bears.

It helps the animals break any part of the bamboo plant, no matter how hard it is.

So we can conclude that eating bamboo is one-way red pandas have fun.

4. Red Pandas Clean Themselves

If you’ll notice, red pandas like to lick their front paws. This is one way these cute creatures clean themselves, just like cats do. 

But compared to cats, the red pandas wipe their fur with front paws after licking them.

Usually, the red pandas carry out this “personal hygiene” a few minutes after waking up.

5. They Sleep All Day Long

When they are not eating bamboo during the day, the red pandas are sleeping or relaxing on trees. It’s understandable if these animals are sleeping because they are tired or stressed.

But they hardly do a lot of hard work that can make them tired and stressed, especially in the wild.

This means the red pandas sleep for fun.

In captivity, the zookeepers keep the red pandas busy with toys to prevent them from sleeping on trees all day long.

Final Thoughts

Red pandas are not completely boring animals; they engage in different activities. These activities include jumping, climbing trees, swimming, running, and eating chocolates.

Keep in mind that they are not dangerous but can attack people they see as a threat.

Finally, the red pandas eat bamboo, clean themselves, build nests, play in the snow, and sleep for fun.

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