Can Giant Pandas Run Fast? (3 Things You Should Know)

Giant pandas are amazing creatures with special skills. Although they look like lazy animals, these cute creatures sometimes engage in fun activities. 

They can climb trees, swim, and even run when the need arises. Speaking of running, can giant pandas run fast?

The answer is yes, giant pandas can run fast despite their large sizes. They run at an average speed of 20 miles per hour, which can be considered as top speed for animals.

However, age and environment can affect the giant panda’s speed. For example, a younger panda in the wild will run faster than an old panda bear in captivity.

Also when in danger, especially in the wild, the giant pandas run very fast to save their lives.

I hope you’ll agree with me that looks can be deceiving, right? Giant pandas look like ordinary animals but they are special creatures.

Possibly, you’ll be thinking, “how exactly do giant pandas run fast?”

Just keep on reading as we answer this question and others in this article.

How Do Giant Pandas Run Fast?

Usually, giant pandas run fast from one distance to the other by using their four, well-built limbs. With their feet, it is easier for these large bears to cover long distances considering their weight.

Sometimes, the giant pandas rise using their hind legs, but it is only for a short time.

Even though the panda bears can stand easily on their hind legs, they cannot run comfortably without the four limbs. That’s because they won’t balance well and may likely fall while running.


Can You Outrun a Panda?

Well, it depends. Remember that a panda can run up to 20 miles per hour.

If an average person can run at 8 mph, he can not outrun a giant panda. On the other hand, a professional athlete who runs at 23 miles per hour can outrun a panda.

Therefore when competing in a race with an average person (like most of us), a giant panda will almost reach the final destination first. 

Can Giant Pandas Run Faster Than Other Animals?

A giant panda preparing to run in the wild

It depends on the type of animal the pandas are competing against. For example, a giant panda cannot stand the chance of beating a cheetah or a lion. 

All over the world, these animals are among the fastest species.

So to be fair, we’ll compare the speed of the giant pandas with 8 wildlife animals they can compete with. 

Wildlife AnimalsSpeed in Miles per Hour (mph)
Polar bear25 mph
Gorilla20 – 25 mph
Hippopotamus30 mph
Rhinoceros31 mph
Leopard35 – 37 mph
Chimpanzee25 mph
Elephant25 mph

From the table above, we can see that the giant pandas may run faster than the gorillas. However, the other wild animals may win them in a race.

Final Thoughts

We’ve now come to the final part of this article. But before you leave, take note of the key points in this article.

Giant pandas are amazing creatures that can run very fast. They use their four large limbs while running to maintain a balance thereby preventing a fall.

Also, if you’re a professional athlete or very good at running, a giant panda may not outrun you.

Finally, these panda bears cannot run faster than some wild animals, despite their speed.

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