Giant Panda VS Gorilla – Who Will Win?

Gorillas are the largest apes and among the most powerful animals in the world. However, our cute and peaceful giant pandas can be dangerous regardless of their calm nature.

However, I wonder, in the battle of giant panda vs. gorilla – who will win?

The gorilla will win! These animals are considered to be among the most powerful animals in the world. These animals are just built for battles and go very wild on any opponent. 

Giant pandas aren’t normally fighting bears, but they’ll always attack back to defend themselves. However, this doesn’t make them worthy enough to go one on one with a gorilla. 

Of course, you might be wondering why I’m so sure about the gorillas. Why did I say they’ll win? 

To clear your confusion, let’s look at both creatures, especially their abilities, to find out…

Who Will Win, a Giant Panda or a Gorilla?

A gorilla will win a fight with a giant panda. This creature is more powerful than a giant panda!

Let’s compare these two animals with some categories below, to know how good they can be in a fight. 

This way, you’ll get to know why the gorillas have an upper hand in a fight against the giant pandas.


Giant pandas have a body length of about 1.8 meters (70 inches). 

Then from their shoulder to the ground, when they’re standing on all four legs, they have a height of about 0.9 meters (35 inches). 

This is like half of their total body length. It means if giant pandas could stand on both hind legs they’ll be twice their height on all four legs.

Gorillas on the other hand have a total body length that’s similar to that of giant pandas when standing on two legs, which they can. Their length is also about 1.8 meters (70 inches). 

This makes things even, right?  Well, I don’t think so. This is because if you look at a gorilla’s height on all fours, they’re way taller. 

From shoulder to ground, a gorilla has a height of about 1.7 meters. This is almost the size of a giant panda on two feet! 

So, with this, you can see that the gorillas are the bigger animals here.

The Winner: Gorillas

The gorilla’s size will be a big advantage over the giant pandas. It’ll be easier for them to overpower giant pandas during a fight as giant pandas would be the easier one to toss about.

Moreover, gorillas sometimes won’t need to get too close to giant pandas to land their blows. Their long and large hands help them land blows from a distance.


A Heavy Adult Male Silverback Gorilla

No doubt, giant pandas are heavy animals. They are as heavy as 160-300 lbs (75-140 kg). 

Gorillas, on the other hand, weigh up to 300-500 lbs  (140-230 kg). This makes them pretty much heavier than pandas and that’s an advantage for them. 

Both the females of these two creatures weigh less than the males.

The Winner: Gorillas

Gorillas are heavier which means they have increased muscle mass and will be able to hit harder. Moreover, they’ll also withstand the giant panda’s strikes more easily. 

Giant pandas, on the other hand, will get pretty tired fast from the heavy attacks of the gorilla. Additionally, it won’t be easy at all for a giant panda to toss a gorilla about. 


Although giant pandas seem to be slow at doing things, even while moving, these creatures can surprise you with their speed when they run. 

Their weight doesn’t hold them down when it’s time to run. Giant pandas run at an average speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

Gorillas may appear to be heavier but they’re also faster and very agile. They run at a speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). 

They’re also faster at striking which gives them an upper hand in a fight. For giant pandas, eating bamboo is something they mostly do with so much speed.

The Winner: Gorillas 

Gorillas will move with more agility and deliver faster blows. This will be too fast for a giant panda to defend. 

Even if a giant panda happens to run, a gorilla can still catch up with them. So, in a giant panda vs. gorilla fight, the gorilla’s speed will definitely give them an upper hand.


Gorillas - One of the World's Strongest Animals

Giant pandas are very strong animals. A part of their strength is their incredible bite force. These creatures have a bone-crushing bite force of about 292 PSI. 

This is why eating those tough bamboo shoots and stalks isn’t a problem for them at all. 

Moreover, in a fight, giant pandas can cause serious damage as they’re able to crush bones with their teeth and powerful jaws.

Gorillas’ bite forces are way stronger, about 1300 PSI. This is twice that of lions. What makes this bite force so powerful is due to the large neck and jaw muscles and not their teeth. 

With this bite force, they’re able to crush bamboos and tree barks they eat. It’s also very easy for them to crush the bones of other animals. 

A gorilla’s strength is considered to be 10 times their body weight. They have dense muscles that are about four times higher than that of powerful humans that have heavy muscles.

The strength of adult gorillas is more than 20 humans. That’s incredible! They’re able to rip banana trees apart with less effort.

There have been cases of gorillas escaping from cages just by bending the iron bars. They can shatter a human’s skull with a single blow. Their blows alone are about 1300-2700 pounds.

The Winner: Gorillas

Although giant pandas can seriously injure a gorilla with their strong and sharp bites, it’s not enough to win. A gorillas’ bite is so much stronger and will cause more serious damage. 

As they’re the stronger animals, it’ll be easier for them to overcome a giant panda in a fight. Moreover, their powerful blows are what giant pandas would want to encounter. 

Life Span

The average lifespan of giant pandas is about 15-20 years. Gorillas on the other hand live up to 35-40 years. This is about twice the lifespan of giant pandas.

However, both of them live longer in captivity. But come to think of it, these fights will mostly happen in the wild and never in captivity. 

So, in the wild, there will be a time when there won’t be a “live to fight another day” for the giant pandas against the gorillas. 

This is because giant pandas would be long gone and the gorillas would still be living for almost another of a giant panda’s lifetime.

The Winner: Gorillas

In the course of a lifetime, where both animals keep having a series of fights, giant pandas will get older fast and die first. 

The gorillas will live for a couple of years still fit for battle. This makes them the winners.

Other Capabilities

Having compared these two creatures with the categories above, let’s look at some other capabilities of these two creatures below.

Other capabilities of giant pandas you should know:

Ginat Panda on a Tree Branch High Above the forest Ground
  • Giant pandas are excellent climbers! They can climb very high above the forest ground and be safe from harm.
  • They also swim pretty well and this helps them escape dangers from predators or other animals who can’t swim at all, just like the gorillas.
  • They have a good sense of smell that helps them 
  • Giant pandas have good vision, which is even pretty useful in the dark.

Other Capabilities of gorillas you should know: 

  • Gorillas cannot only stand but walk on two legs for a while.
  • Gorillas can jump so high to about 26 feet. Moreover, they do so with so much speed that’s even more than their running speed, about 35 mph.
  • They are among the smartest animals and can use tools. In a fight, they can use tree branches and sticks to face their opponents.
  • Gorillas have an excellent vision that does so much more than their sense of smell. They can easily spot movements around them.


A Gorilla - Built for Battles

A gorilla will definitely win!

These creatures are way mightier than giant pandas. These are animals a giant panda wouldn’t like to mess with.

It’s only possible for giant pandas to injure gorillas with their strong bites and deadly claws. Gorillas don’t just have a more deadly bite but very powerful hands that are even more dangerous. 

However, gorillas are stronger and faster than giant pandas and this gives them a lot of advantages in a fight. In addition, they are very intelligent and way smarter than giant pandas. 

They also fight with so much skill, unlike the giant pandas. Moreover, they are pretty rough with strikes that are very hard and bone-crushing. Don’t even expect them to strike once!

To be frank, gorillas are in a much better position to kill a giant panda in a fight.

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Gorillas will more likely win in a giant panda versus gorilla fight. They’re bigger than pandas with longer and more powerful arms which gives them more advantage against the giant pandas.

Moreover, they’re heavier and still faster than giant pandas. In a fight with a giant panda, gorillas will strike faster and harder. 

Believe me; a gorilla’s blow can easily damage different areas of a giant panda’s body. Even if gorillas and giant pandas bite one another, the giant pandas will suffer the most.

These creatures love to show their strength! It’s just what their bodies were built for. If you watch a gorilla closely, you’ll see they have the shape and bodies that are similar to that of bodybuilders.

You should know that both the gorilla and the giant pandas are peaceful creatures. Both of them try as much as to avoid fights. 

However, if both of them engage in any fight with other animals or themselves, the gorillas will be pretty much aggressive!