Do Red Pandas Make Nests? (What You Should Know!)

When it comes to making houses, some animals are very creative. For example, birds, squirrels, and chipmunks are known to build nests.

What about the red pandas? Do they also make nests?

Yes, the female red pandas make nests during their gestation period. Before the arrival of her cubs, the pregnant red panda builds a nest in hollow trees and rock crevasses.

Often, the pregnancy lasts for 3 months during which one or two cubs are born into the nests.

We believe you now know that the red pandas are also creative in making nests. But come to think of it, what do red pandas make nests out of?

Read further to find out!

What Do Red Pandas Make Nests Out Of?

Once the delivery day draws near, the pregnant red panda gathers twigs, and grass together. She also gathers leaves and moss to build a nest to ensure her cubs are comfortable. 

Usually, baby pandas are always helpless after birth. They are always very tiny, blind, and dependent on their mothers.

One amazing thing about the mother pandas is – they take care of their babies well. Funnily, the male red pandas do not help with housing, feeding, and protection of the cubs.

Until the next set of cubs is about to be born, the cubs stay with their mother in the nests.

How Do Red Pandas Make Nests?

A Female Red Panda In The Wild

In the wild, the female red pandas build a den. Then, they line it with leaves, tree branches, grass, and moss. 

Breeding occurs between mid-January and early March and the cubs are born between May and July.

Sometimes, a single nest may not be enough, which means more construction work for the mother red panda. 

She’ll have to build more nests and may be required to take her cubs from one nest to the other.

Once the mother red panda notices a predator is around, she takes her cubs away from the nest to ensure survival. 

Most of the time, the female red panda doesn’t leave the nests. She is always looking out for the safety, and feeding of her young ones.

Even in the wild, the red panda is also protective of her cubs, hence keeping them away from zookeepers. 

That’s why the zookeepers install cameras in different parts of the Zoo – to monitor the mother and her cubs. Before and after delivery are always tasking for the female red pandas. 

She keeps her babies inside the nest for up to three months after birth.

Even when the cubs can see and move around, they still depend on their mother. Despite having a solitary nature, the red pandas do not leave their mother until after a year.

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Do Red Pandas Live in Nests?

No, red pandas do not usually live in nests. They live among rocks and trees, especially in the wild. However, the female red pandas live in nests after giving birth to their young ones. 

Around 18 to 20 months, after the cubs mature, the mother panda leaves the nest to live on rocks and trees.

Bear in mind that the male red pandas do not live in nests, only the females do.

Final Thoughts

Now, we’ve come to the last part of this article. Before you live, keep a few important points in mind.

Same as birds, the female red pandas make nests during their gestation period. They make the nests from twigs, grass, tree branches, and moss.

Finally, red pandas do not live in nests, especially males. However, after delivery, the mother panda lives in nests with her new cubs.  

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