Why Do Giant Pandas Act Drunk & Dopey? (Must-Read!)

Sometimes, you may notice that the giant pandas act like big semi-tipsy drunken masters with no understanding of their environment.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why Do Giant Pandas Act Drunk & Dopey? “

Quick answer – Giant pandas act drunk & dopey because their bodies convert bamboo into energy at a very slow rate.

This slow rate of energy conversion explains why they are usually inactive.

This also means that by not moving too often, pandas are able to compensate for a bamboo’s low-nutritional value. 

Now you know the answer to the question about the panda’s drunken attitude. 

However, don’t stop reading because there are other interesting factors that contribute to this dopey character of the pandas. 

Let’s read more below!

How Bamboos Make Pandas High (Explained)

There are two main ways bamboo makes pandas high:

Slow Metabolism

The digestive system of a giant panda is designed like a lion’s or a bear’s.

These are natural carnivores and therefore, the chemical composition of the giant panda is such that it should be eating meat; not just eating meat but eating like an omnivore. 

It is true that pandas are omnivores, but they have settled for a life of munching bamboo to their own disadvantage. 

Panda Lazily Eating Bamboo

Occasionally, they eat small rodents and birds but the majority of their diet is bamboo, thereby causing them to act extremely lazy due to low energy levels.

When the bamboo of giant pandas does not digest, they are left acting drunk and dopey like one that gulped several bottles of liquor.

As earlier said, the body of the giant panda cannot break down bamboo adequately or fast enough.

So the energy stored in the bamboo plant is not taken out for them to use.

Do you know another thing? The giant pandas spend all their days like slightly motivated sloths.

All they do Is play, then sit down and eat lots of bamboos; they don’t even have the energy to hunt down things as other animals do.

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Hormones and Fur Coat

Other findings have shown that there is a hormonal constitution that also supports the giant pandas’ drunk and dopey acts. 

There are hormones called the Thyroid hormones that regulate the metabolism of mammals. These hormones are at very low levels in giant pandas. 

As a result of this shortage of thyroid hormones, the panda ought to feel very cold. 

However, we had mentioned earlier that the internal organs of the giant panda are smaller than you would expect from a bear

The rest of the giant panda’s mass consists of its large fur coat. 

It is the fur coat that traps the heat inside the giant panda, even though the low mechanism should leave the animal rather cold. 

While they look big, their internal organs are relatively small and are contained in that large body.

Final Thoughts

You’ve found out the reason for the drunken acts of a giant panda;

Though they look big and strong; they are gentle and clumsy. Studies have shown several reasons why. 

These reasons revolve around the giant panda’s love for bamboo. 

Their bodies are unable to properly break down this type of food since they are naturally omnivores with their bodies being more suited for digesting meat.

Additional to the reasons for pandas’ dopey characters is the size of their coat about the size of their organs.

This coat seems designed to trap their body heat which it does quite effectively. 

Think about this; how would you behave, if you had to wear a blanket all day long without eating good food.?

You are likely to fall every few steps too. 

This is what the giant pandas have challenged with each passing day and exactly the reason they act drunk.

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