Can Giant Pandas Swim? (Truth Revealed!)

You learned that a giant panda’s habitat is usually near water sources like rivers and streams. Have you ever thought, can giant pandas really swim?

And if they are, are they good swimmers? or How fast can they swim?

This article will give you all the answers and give you a deep insight into their swimming habit.    

Can giant pandas really swim?

In simple words, YES, giant pandas can swim. They are in fact, good swimmers.

Most people think because of their giant body they would not be able to move or play. The truth is, they may look sluggish but they are absolutely confident and comfortable at swimming.

This is also a real fact about them that they spend most of their time eating and sleeping, but swimming is also their one of playing activity.

Our cute friends like to play in the water.

How long can giant pandas swim?

How long can giant pandas swim

There is no specific time frame for panda’s swimming. Several types of researches have been done to observe the panda’s living style.

These researches have shown pandas spend 16 hours a day just eating bamboo stalks and the rest of the time playing and sleeping.

So if we conclude out of this research, it results that pandas spend 8 hours playing. Playing includes climbing trees and swimming in the river and stream. 

Old pandas spend most of their time sleeping and eating, but young pandas like to play in the water.

They swim in the mountain streams and love to enjoy the snow.  Most of the pandas live in quiet and peaceful places that are close to water sources and bamboo supply.

Are giant pandas good swimmers?

Giant pandas are also strong swimmers. Water plays a vital role in their life, they drink water and sometimes use it for bathing purposes.

Are Giant Pandas Good Swimmers

Different researches conducted on panda’s life shows that they do not spend most of their time in the water as they do not hunt any marine life. Some giant pandas live near rivers so they can drink clean water at any time.

Sometimes in winter they also break the ice and obtain water for themselves.

People have a misconception about giant pandas as they are of old age and have a giant body structure so they think they cannot swim or play in the water.

But in reality, giant pandas are excellent swimmers than other members of their family. As their strict diet of eating bamboos give them the potential to swim properly. Bamboos are rich in fibers and proteins, so this diet helps them to swim in the water.   

How fast can giant pandas swim?

Pandas swim at a very normal pace.

Zoologists have not made any scale on which they measured their speed, so if we assume by seeing its video, we would say they swim with normal speed.

Pandas seldom get the chance to swim in the water, but when they see the water they dive into it and enjoy it. 

As old pandas have a giant body structure so they move a little slow but they are very good at swimming than adults and young ones.

Most of you must think that old pandas cannot swim properly, but let me tell you guys they are fond of swimming and enjoy it a lot and are quite active   

Do giant pandas like water?

Yes, pandas like water a lot. Like humans, they also use the water to quench the thirst and for bathing purposes.

Their habitat is mostly found near water sources like rivers and water streams. As pandas eat a lot they spend most of their time eating, therefore they poop 40 kilograms a day.

So for bathing purposes, they use the water and sometimes to indulge in the swimming activity. Pandas drink fresh water from a flowing river or streams.

Moreover, they love to play in the rain. As pandas are found in places where the temperature is too cold, in such places it is more likely to rain at any time, so they enjoy the rain a lot.

Their furry body helps them to cope up with the temperature and enjoy the rainwater.

Drinking water not only keeps them hydrated and healthy but also the reason for their survival.    

The pandas are already renowned because of their captivating appearance but swimming pandas look super cute and amazing in the water.

Pandas usually stand with their hind legs, but in water, they also enjoy somersaulting and rolling. Many people adore this animal because of its natural beauty, and they get amazed when they see them enjoying the water.

Why do giant pandas swim?

There is no particular reason which we can associate with their swimming habit.

Pandas generally swim for a fun activity. They like water and whenever they get a chance to dive in, they totally enjoy the swimming sessions, that’s why we cannot say pandas swim for any reason.

Moreover, pandas intentionally make their habitat near water streams or rivers for drinking and bathing purposes.

It has been witnessed by zoologists, whenever they get threatened by their enemies near water, they use their swimming skills and try to escape from the danger.

why do giant pandas swim
A giant panda swimming away from its predator

There are a lot of people who love to see the panda in the water, they make their videos and adore this creature a lot. You can find thousands of videos on the internet in which pandas are enjoying the water session.    


In conclusion, giant pandas are excellent at swimming. Despite their furry and giant body, they are very confident at swimming.

And there a few reasons why they like to swim. First, they do it for fun. Second, they use it to take a bath and clean themselves. And last, they swim to get away from their enemies.

Although we don’t poop 40 kilograms a day, we are similar on how pandas use water for leisure and hygiene. Yikes!

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Can Giant Pandas Swim