Do Giant Pandas Eat Fruit? (Solved!)

Whenever we think of Pandas, we come up with a picture of a velvety panda in our minds. But do we see it eating fruits? Well, at least whenever I think of a panda, I imagine it eating leaves or stalks of a bamboo tree. That’s a notion that we hold about them, right?

But do giant pandas eat fruit? 

Well, after a little insight into the panda lifestyle, we will get to know that they do! Giant pandas eat a lot other than Bamboo, which is a good thing! Although they are carnivorous and should technically eat meat, their peaceful and calm nature made them switch to bamboo instead. It might be because bamboo was readily available, and they did not have to fight for it.

Do giant pandas really eat fruit?

Yes! Giant pandas do eat fruits. Surprisingly, not even a particular one but a wide variety of fruits. This is because their carnivorous body, and a metabolic system that is meant for meat need high amounts of proteins in their diet. However, when they are unable to get it, they have to eat a considerable amount of food to overcome their nutritional deficiencies. 

In addition to bamboo, they eat many fruits, vegetables, and leaves. So now, when someone asks that do giant pandas eat fruit, make sure that you answer with a clear yes! This is such a loveable thing about a certain animal that anyone would love to keep.

What kind of fruits do giant pandas eat?

We eat many types of fruits, and we know a lot more. Coming to what kind of fruits pandas love to eat, I initially thought anything that would be green and looked like bamboo. But you will be surprised to know that it’s not necessary. This is an even bigger question than do giant pandas eat fruit, and the answer is even more surprising!

Do Giant Pandas Eat Fruit

The giant pandas eat the following fruits that are so readily available (and human eat them too):

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Mangoes
  • Berries
  • Grape wines

As we speak of it, we can find out that pandas generally eat everything that’s sweet. Once in a while, when we do a little research about pandas, we see wild pandas eating grasses, insects, mice, and lambs. On the sweeter side, they will eat puddings and panda cakes that are made from rice flour, soybean powder, corn and egg. So, probably the bamboo-munching giant pandas have a sweet tooth too!

Do giant pandas eat bananas?

Giant pandas would love to eat bananas. And maybe the banana tree leaves as well. The banana tree, although it is not very tall, but has very long and large leaves. As Pandas’ first choice is to eat something that’s green and look like bamboo, they would love to eat banana tree leaves.

Do Giant Pandas Eat Bananas

Bananas are green when they are not ripe, so they look a lot like bamboo, or leaves. No wonder, maybe they could sense colors or what – but something green is what they will always prefer.

However, if we particularly talk about bananas, they do so. When bananas are available, they will eat them happily. On the other hand, if we leave them with a lot of bamboo on one side and bananas on the other, they might surprise you by preferring bamboo over bananas. Ah! Pandas love for bamboo. 

Do giant pandas eat berries?

Giant pandas eat berries – and almost all types of them. According to research in China, it is claimed that a certain type of wild berry had been protecting the endangered giant pandas in the forests of China. 

As the officials paid attention to it and advised the farmers to avoid the giant panda breeding areas, their population had had a rise of 17% in 2017 from 1994. This indicates that these berry vines have provided shelter and food for the giant pandas. 

In addition to this, the giant pandas eat other types of berries such as cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries. If we consider grapes as a type of berry, pandas eat them too. So, now we know the answer to do giant pandas eat fruit. They do not only eat one fruit but a whole lot of them – no matter what type exactly!

Do giant pandas eat apple?

If we talk about the favorite fruit of giant pandas, it’s apples! After bamboo, if we see them eating something, it’s actually the apples. As we talked about it earlier, they surely have a sweet tooth for sweet things. There are so many things that make pandas more loveable and cutie bears. Now, things have come far from do giant pandas eat fruit. 

We talk about what fruits they eat, and it’s pretty amazing that everything that we (humans) eat – which is a good thing after all. 

Do Giant Pandas Eat apples

All the panda lovers out there would be so relieved, happy, and maybe awe-stuck to know that these fluffballs love to eat simple, sweet fruit. Like there is nothing to worry about any particular “panda food.” 

Do giant pandas eat mangoes?

If you love giant pandas, and you love mangoes, boom! Giant pandas eat mangoes too. Great, isn’t it?

You can sit with a giant panda and eat your favorite fruit with your ever-loving giant panda. Giant pandas love to eat mangoes. So, summers will become more exciting and cool with mangoes and pandas. This is such great news for everyone out there who is thinking of keeping the panda at home. 

Not only mango as in fruit, but giant pandas would also love to eat mango popsicles too. Moreover, they are often found eating flavored mango cupcakes as well.

Can giant pandas eat other food?

After talking about do giant pandas eat fruit, we should think about what else do they eat. Well, we know they eat bamboo and love it, to be precise. This is where they fulfill most of their nutritional requirements from. 

Do Giant Pandas Eat other food

In addition to that, you will find giant pandas eating vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, beans, broccoli, and green corn, etc. For this reason, many people believe that pandas are herbivores, but they are not. They primarily used to be carnivores, but with the passage of time, they started eating herbs – particularly bamboo stems and leaves. Therefore, now we can call them omnivorous.

Suppose you are planning to live somewhere with giant pandas and get to take care of them. You would be pleased to know that there is a wide variety of foods that they can eat. This might include anything like steamed cornbread, panda cakes, fruits, vegetables, and meat too.


So far, we have come to know that do giant pandas eat fruit or not – and it’s a relief to know that they do. It’s great that such an adorable bear-like giant panda is so low maintenance. It eats everything that we have to offer – be it fruits, vegetables, cakes, or even bamboo.

Now imagine a giant panda sitting in the middle of a garden, eating a bunch of fruits such as mangoes in the mid-summer day. Wouldn’t it be too adorable for you to resist? That’s one reason why there are so many people who would love to keep pandas at home. 

In short, we can conclude that pandas eat apples, mangoes, grapes, berries, and bananas in fruits. In addition, they have a special menu for the vegetables as well. These include carrots, zucchini, broccoli, beans, and corn.

Not only this, but provided that they have a sweet tooth for everything sweet and nice, they might love a popsicle, or a cupcake or pudding too!