Can Giant Pandas See Color? (Solved & Explained!)

As their own colors (black and white) suggest, it may seem so simple for us to think that giant pandas cannot determine color.

However, does this idea have a scientific basis, and if not, can giant pandas see color?

Quick answer – Yes! Giant pandas can see colors. According to a study at the Georgia Institute of Technology, giant pandas can detect if a thing is gray or colored.

Moreover, they are one of the mammals with dichromatic visions. It means that they can see colors, but not the same as what we see.

Now that you know giant pandas can see colors, what colors do pandas see? Also, how many colors can a panda see?

This is just a quick overview because there is more information to learn in the latter part. So, better finish reading this article until the end.

What Colors Do Pandas See?

colors that pandas can see

Based on the findings of the American researchers, giant pandas can identify colors from the shades of gray. Among these colors that are in the shade of red, blue, and green.

Giant pandas have dichromatic vision, meaning to say, they can see colors. However, they can only see limited colors unlike us (humans) with trichromatic vision.

Therefore, if you show a red apple and a newspaper to a giant panda, it can identify which stuff is gray and colored.

Color vision is very important for them, especially among wild giant pandas in identifying healthy green bamboo patches in the rainforest of China.

Thus, they can use this ability to find food.

This ability helps them survive, as they can identify what to eat and not to eat. For example, they can differentiate between fresh and dying bamboo.

If you are interested to know more about the habitat of the giant pandas click this link.

How Many Colors Can A Panda See?

pandas can see many colors

You can say that pandas can see many colors, but mainly from the shades of these four colors:

  • Gray
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Here are some of the colors that fall under the mentioned shades.


There are more colors that fall under these shades, and this table is just showing how many colors giant pandas might possibly see.

Now, we can surely think that green (the color of bamboo) is not the only color that giant pandas can see. This actually makes sense as you can also see them enjoying colorful food like apples, carrots, bananas, and more.

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Can Giant Pandas See Color When They Are Born?

newborn pandas cannot see colors

No, they cannot see color nor anything at all, because they are born blind. Newborn pandas rely on their mothers to survive.

We can actually say that newborn pandas are completely helpless animals. In fact, this is the very reason why their mothers are overprotective toward them.

While they might not be able to see colors, the actual color of a newborn giant panda might surprise you.

Well, they don’t have any resemblance to their parents. Adult giant pandas are covered in black and white fur, while their newborn babies are pink and almost hairless.

If you want to know more about why giant pandas are born so tiny, you can go ahead and click this link.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you confirmed that giant pandas can actually see colors. Although studies have shown limited information about it, at least you’ve learned that they can identify colors from the gray ones.

Being able to see colors might be a simple thing to many, but for wild animals like giant pandas, it means survival. The lives of the giant pandas are spent mostly on eating. 

That’s why being able to recognize what food to eat and not to eat is important.

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