How Much Does A Red Panda Cost? (Solved)

Looking at the adorable videos of cute red pandas makes you want to get one!

Let’s just say you have all the money in the world and you’re ready to buy one – So how much does a red panda cost? 

Well, you cannot buy a red panda because it is an endangered species. However, you can symbolically adopt a red panda and the starting adoption price is $50.  

While red pandas are not available for sale, some people still try to sell them illegally. 

In case you’re wondering, how much is a red panda in the black market?

Let’s discuss this below!

How Much Is a Red Panda On The Black Market?

You cannot buy a red panda legally. Based on my research, it will cost you anywhere between $2,000 to $5,000 to buy a red panda in the black market.

BEWARE: Do not buy a red panda anywhere!

Although it is illegal to sell or buy a red panda, black market smugglers and hunters poach the red panda and sell it at high prices. 

Moreover, buying or selling a red panda can result in severe punishment and it can also lead to prison. 

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt a Red Panda?

As mentioned, you can only “symbolically adopt” a red panda. The starting adoption price is $50.

People often ask why are the red pandas not for sale? 

The precise answer to this question is that they are considered to be an endangered species. In fact, there are less than 10,000 red pandas left on our planet.

How Much Does A Red Panda Cost In India

No matter where you live, it is illegal to buy a red panda, even if you are in India. 

India has the second-largest population of red pandas after China, but trading them is against the law. 

The red pandas are under legal protection in India, which means buying or selling them is strictly forbidden in India.

Are Red Pandas for Sale in Canada?

No, the red pandas are not for sale in Canada.

This unique and lovely creature makes people fall in love with it and search for it but as I mentioned earlier, red pandas are not for sale in any country of the world and you cannot buy them. 

Are Red Pandas for Sale in Texas?

Absolutely no, these species are now being conserved therefore, it is not for sale in Texas.

You cannot buy a red panda as a pet in Texas because of the vulnerable status of these species. 

Furthermore, It is important to know that if you ever get caught in the trading of red pandas, you will end up in jail!

Final Thoughts:

In this article, you learned that red pandas are not for sale in any country. In addition, it is illegal to buy or sell red pandas which can result in a huge penalty.

The best that you can do is symbolically adopt a red panda.

If you find this article interesting then share it with your family and friends. It will help people understand the existence and worth of this valuable species.