Can You Keep Red Pandas As Pets? (No! – Here’s Why)

No doubt, red pandas are one the most adorable animals in the world. Perhaps you’ve seen these creatures on the internet, you’ll notice that they have a gentle nature too.

Despite these two amazing qualities, can you keep red pandas as pets? 

Here’s a simple answer: No, you cannot keep red pandas as pets as they are not domestic animals. Nature has formed their bodies for surviving outdoors with their furs, long claws, and sharp teeth. 

Living with the red panda bears will put both you and the animals’ lives in danger.

I’m sure you now know that having red panda bears as pets is not a good idea. But come to think of it, is keeping red pandas at home against the law? 

In other words, is it illegal to keep red pandas as pets?

Read on to find out the answer to this question and more!

Is It Illegal To Have Red Pandas As Pets?

Statue of justice representing the law

Yes, it is illegal to have red pandas as pets because they are an endangered species. Anyone caught going against the law will pay a fine of about $1000 or be sentenced to prison for at least 10 years.

Humans have always been the primary predator of these red cat bears. They continually use their habitat, the bamboo forests, for road and housing purposes. 

As a result of this, the fox bears’ lose their main source of food and their habitat. 

Apart from this, humans hunt these pandas because of their beautiful furs. Some cultures even use their tails for making hats and other beautiful items.

Gradually, the red pandas’ population continued to decrease.

For this reason, the government in countries like China, Nepal, and India decided it was time to protect these animals.

With their conservation program, the governments made a law against harming the red pandas.

Also, the conservation program involves creating awareness about preventing the red pandas from going extinct.

It also includes restoring the fox bears’ habitat and ensuring their continuous safety from man.

Why You Should Not Keep Red Panda As A Pet

Although the red pandas look cute and friendly, they should not live with you at home. Like we mentioned previously, it is illegal to keep red pandas as pets.

But that’s not all.

Let’s take a look at 4 main reasons red pandas are not good as pets:

  1. They Feed Majorly On Bamboo
A red panda eating bamboo

Red pandas, like giant pandas, love eating bamboo. In fact, 95% of their diets come from bamboo plants as they eat 1 to 2 kilograms of the diet daily.

So, keeping one or more of these cute animals requires that you provide their favorite diet always. 

If you don’t have a bamboo farm, then you’ll need to be buying lots of it every day. Trust me, you may not be able to go through this stress daily.  

  1. Red Pandas Are Solitary Animals

One common behavior among red pandas is that they don’t like company. Even in the wild, a red panda will prefer to sleep on the tree all day rather than associate with others.

That’s because these animals have a solitary nature. 

Although during the breeding period, the male fox bears relate with the females. After the season is over, the animals go their separate ways.

If you’re looking for a pet to play with, count the red pandas out!

  1. They Have Sharp Teeth And Claws

Another reason you shouldn’t consider taking red pandas home is because of their sharp teeth and claws. Nature has designed these body parts for the animals to survive in the wild.

With their sharp claws, the pandas can climb tall trees without stumbling.

And no matter how hard the bamboo plant is, these fox bears can break it into pieces with their sharp teeth.

In addition, red pandas will not refuse to use both sharp teeth and claws to defend themselves against all forms of threat.

Now imagine allowing these creatures to move around freely in your environment. I bet the outcome will not be pleasing to you.

  1. They Live Comfortably In Cold Environments

Commonly, red pandas live in very cold habitats. They can survive during the winter months even in bamboo forests.

From their reddish-brown fur to their long tails, the panda bears have been naturally designed to survive in the cold rather than in the heat.

So, having these creatures in your environment, especially during summer, will not be comfortable for them.  

There’s a chance that you will not be comfortable too because of the way they’ll be behaving during these periods.

Can You Keep Red Pandas As A Pet In The UK?

No, you cannot keep red pandas as a pet in the United Kingdom. Understand that the same rules apply to all countries; it is against the law to keep red pandas as pets. 

However, you can adopt one of these bears by paying a fee to support the conservation program. But keep in mind that you won’t take the fox bears home. 

Just know that you’ll be among the conservation partners ensuring the red pandas don’t go into extinction.

Can You Keep Red Pandas As Pets In California?

No, it is illegal to keep red pandas as pets in California. Anyone found keeping red pandas at home or hunting them risks a jail term or will pay a fine of around $1000.


Before you leave, take note of the key points in this article.

Although keeping red pandas as pets seems like a good idea, it is not. There are strict punishments against taking this action.

Among the reasons you should never consider taking these fox bears home is that they feed majorly on bamboo. These pandas are solitary animals. 

In addition, they have sharp teeth and claws that can expose you to the danger of being attacked.

Finally, the rules guiding the conservation of red pandas apply everywhere. So, whether you live in California or the UK, you should not keep red pandas as pets.

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