Do Red Pandas Live in Trees? (8 Common Trees They Live)

Both red and giant pandas are picky about their diet and prefer bamboo to almost nothing. However, you can’t find a giant panda on one spot as they aren’t picky about shelter.

But as for red pandas, they only do a few things on the floor, and then go up back on trees. This behavior makes me wonder – Do red pandas live in trees?

Yes, red pandas live in trees. Just like other arboreal animals, red pandas spend most of their lives in the trees in their habitats. In these trees, they sleep, eat, and even move to other places.

In addition, going up on trees isn’t just something they like doing, but something they always have to do.

Living in trees is no stress for them! Thanks to their sharp claws and long broad tails, these creatures stay tight and balanced on trees as they move up, down, and around trees. What’s more interesting is that they always go down trees headfirst. This is something most arboreal animals can’t do.

Now, you know that red pandas live on trees. Come to think of it, why do red pandas live in trees?

Why Do Red Pandas Live in Trees?

Red pandas live in trees because they feel safe and more comfortable living on them. As water bodies are the most suitable spots for fishes to live in, so are trees the suitable spots for red pandas. 

Moreover, unlike giant pandas that mostly nap on trees, red pandas do more than just take lazy naps. Almost all their activities are done on trees. They even climb so much better than giant pandas!

For red pandas, a lot of trees need to be available in the habitats they live in. Unfortunately, they can’t adapt to anywhere different, especially without trees. Even in zoos, trees and tree-like structures are built in the area they keep them. 

Of course, their bamboo diet is very important for their survival, but the lack of trees as well will leave these cute creatures homeless. This is why deforestation appears to be a major reason why red pandas are endangered.

However, as we go further, let’s know what kind of trees red pandas live in.

What Trees Do Red Pandas Live in?

Oak Trees - Shelter for Red Pandas

Pandas live in the trees that naturally grow in their habitats.  They have no specific kind of tree they live in. These are trees that normally grow in the temperate forests of Nepal, Bhutan, India, Burma, and China, which they live in.

However, in these forests, many species of these trees are common to red pandas for shelter:

  • Oak Tree
  • Pines Tree
  • Maple Tree
  • Birch Tree
  • Beech Tree
  • Fir Tree
  • Larch Tree
  • Deodar Tree

Do Red Pandas Live in Trees in North America?

A simple answer — Yes! However, red pandas presently live in some parts of Asia. Moreover, a discovery in North America and fossils of red pandas were seen in the forests. 

These were red pandas who lived there about 5 million years ago and must have come from Asia. Moreover, trees will definitely be their shelter in these areas too as they can shelter nowhere else. 

However, it’s true that the forests in North America have lots of trees for pandas to live in. In these forests, you’ll find red maple, pines, and fir which are common in most red panda habitats.

However, North America has only one species of bamboo and this might be a major reason they no longer live there but in different parts of Asia.

Why Do Red Pandas Stay in Trees?

Red Panda on a Tree

Aside from trees being their shelter area, red pandas stay in trees for many other reasons. They do things they normally can do on the ground.

A common thing they do on trees is take long naps. Sleeping in trees is what they do and it’s rare to see a red panda do it on the forest ground. That’s their favorite sleeping spot! 

Also, they stay in trees to sunbathe in times when it’s pretty cold. Moreover, staying on trees high above the forest floor keeps them safe from natural predators like jackals and snow leopards.

For these creatures, almost all their activities can happen on trees. However, one of the few things they do on the ground is mating.

Interestingly, on the ground, female red pandas still use tree parts like tree stumps and fallen logs to make dens for nursing their cubs.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, red pandas live in trees. Looking at their habitats, one can tell that the trees in them are shelters for a lot of animals, including red pandas.

Also, these creatures have many kinds of trees for shelter in their habitats. These animals are just built for trees as they seem to go around them with no stress. Interestingly, they’re proven to be greater climbers than the leopards.

Moreover, to know more about these cute creatures, read more of our panda blogs like this one. You’ll get to learn more about the red pandas’ lifestyle. 

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