Why Do Giant Pandas Spend Summer Inside? [Explained]

If you love animals as I do, you would agree with me that cute, fluffy animals are the best. That is why my favorite animal is no other than the giant panda. 

Interestingly, their fluffy nature does not allow them to stay put during summer, which makes me wonder, why do giant pandas spend summer inside?

Giant pandas spend summer inside because the hot weather is uncomfortable for them. 

Now, as summer comes with hot weather, the giant pandas would rather stay in a cool air-conditioned environment than anywhere else. 

So, you find them spending most of their time indoors. This way, they are able to rest their head, have a feel of the cool air-conditioned environment, and also get enough sleep. 

Since giant pandas spend most of their summer period indoors, you might also be wondering, where exactly do giant pandas spend their summer? 

Where Do Giant Pandas Spend Their Summer?

Summer is not a good time for the giant pandas, therefore they spend most of their summer period in cool regions of the high bamboo.

Most times, the cool regions could be an enclosed environment or their natural habitat

Wild pandas live mostly in the remote and mountainous regions in central China. Therefore, the onset of summer drives them to cooler areas of high altitude and very low temperature.  

What Do Pandas Do In The Summer?

Giant Panda Sleeping During Summer on a Tree

Giant pandas spend summer eating or sleeping. 

As the hot weather is not a good time for giant pandas to engage in fun activities, they are found at a corner either eating or sleeping

During this period, they eat more bamboo than normal, after which they sleep off. 

Giant pandas are active animals, and they love to play, have fun, and generally, enjoy the outdoor environment. These activities can only be achieved during other seasons of the year like; spring and autumn, but not for summer. 

Before the onset of summer, most pandas are seen chasing each other, climbing trees, and generally having fun.

This is because, immediately summer sets in, their active mood is overtaken by the urgent need to find comfort in a cool and air-conditioned environment. 

What Do Giant Pandas Eat In Summer?

Giant Panda Eating Bamboo During Summer

Generally, giant pandas love bamboo a lot. Half of their day is spent eating bamboo while they shuffle between sleeping and resting, the rest of the day. 

There are different types of bamboo that giant pandas feed on. These includes:

When hungry, the giant pandas slowly walk up to the bamboo trees around them, get hold of the main stems and proceed to feed on them after plucking.

Research says that giant pandas spend about 14 hours of the day eating. Bamboos are pandas’ favorite food and they try to get as much as they can a day.

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To sum up, giant pandas spend summer inside because the weather becomes hot during this period. They are used to wet, cool areas, and that is why they live in the cool mountainous regions of China. 

However, their activities are reduced to the minimum during summer. 

Instead of walking around the forest, or chasing each other, or even climbing trees, the giant pandas are found in a cool region either eating or sleeping. 

Eating, for the giant pandas, is more than a necessity, and that is why they feed mostly on the bamboo. 

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