Are Red Pandas for Sale? (Read This Before Buying)

Watching red pandas on different YouTube channels, the internet, or on television can make you love them more. They are fluffy creatures with shy personalities and always look adorable.

With these attributes, you’ll probably want to buy fox bears to keep like dogs and cats. Before you take this bold step, here’s what you need to know – are red pandas for sale? 

Unfortunately, the answer is No, red pandas are not for sale like other animals. Even though the fox bears look innocent and seem harmless, they cannot live at home with humans. In addition, they are an endangered species and may go into extinction if care is not taken.

I believe the next question that will come to mind is “why are red pandas not for sale?”

Well, there are different meaningful reasons people don’t sell these cute creatures. Just continue reading as I list out all you need to know about why people don’t sell or even buy red pandas.

Reasons Why Red Pandas Are Not For Sale

It is against the Law

Among habitat loss from building houses and roads, poaching, and trafficking are reducing the animals’ population. Also, climate change and natural disasters are other problems causing a continual reduction in the number of red pandas.

For this reason, the Chinese, and Indian governments, particularly, have put in place laws against illegal buying, selling, or harming the red cat-bears. Anyone that goes against this law will likely pay a fine of $1000 or spend 10 years in prison.

They Are Endangered Animals

There is a gradual decrease in the red pandas’ habitats, which is also reducing their population. As a result of this, it is usually hard to find one of these animals in the wild. And there’s a high chance that anyone who is lucky enough to hunt the fox bears will be caught and punished.

So, people who plan to catch the red pandas illegally often change their minds because it won’t end well.  

Red Pandas are Solitary Animals

A red panda sleeping alone on the tree

One of the strange behaviors among red pandas is that they like being by themselves. Study the way they live in the wild and you’ll notice that the fox bears love sleeping on trees all day long. This means that the red pandas are solitary animals; they don’t like disturbance from both animals and man.

Having one or two of these animals as household pets might be boring because they’ll be sleeping every time. And if you try to wake them, there will possibly be a problem.

They are Picky with Diets

Another reason red pandas are not for sale is because of their strange favorite diet. Let’s just say the fox bears love bamboo and never get tired of eating it all day long. This means that you need a large bamboo farm, which is usually expensive if you plan on buying one of these fluffy animals. 

Aside from the red pandas’ diet issue, one other problem you’ll have to deal with is the way they poop continuously after eating. Since bamboo contains a lot of fiber, and the fox bears eat a lot, you can’t control them from constantly defecating.

They Can be Dangerous

While seeing red pandas in the zoo or on the internet, you’ll likely believe they are cool animals, but they are not. Nature has given the fox bears sharp teeth and retractable claws to allow them to climb trees and bite their food easily. Not only that, their teeth and claws are to attack predators to prevent getting harmed.

In other words, the red cat-bears are always ready to protect themselves in every possible way. So, if you keep one as a pet and it feels threatened one day, you may be attacked. 

They Live Better in Certain Habitats

Often, red pandas are always on treetops or snowy high mountains because they love cold environments. Moreover, they are excellent climbers that love jumping from one tree to the other.

Any other environment, such as the house you live in, may cause great discomfort and harm to the fox bears. 

How Much Do Red Pandas Cost?

Like we said earlier, red pandas are not for sale – you should know that now. But it doesn’t mean you cannot take care of one or more. There are two ways to own a red panda; symbolic adoption and renting.

Let’s take a look at what these two terms mean:

  • Symbolic Adoption

There are different programs in countries like China, and India to prevent the red pandas from going into extinction. All you have to do is to pay a certain amount of money to support these programs. Usually, the fee varies from one conservation organization to the other.

On the other hand, some people in India and Nepal adopt red pandas as pets. All they care about is to take proper care of these animals. Note that the red pandas are mostly found in India, Bhutan, Nepal, and the northern mountains of southern China and Myanmar.     

  • Rent

To rent red pandas is very expensive; you’ll have to pay millions of dollars for it. Besides, you need to always provide the bamboo diet and have a large building to house the red cat-bears. In addition to this, it is required to sign an agreement with the Chinese or Indian government about the number of years you want to rent the animals for.

All these processes are put in place to ensure the red pandas are kept safe and don’t go into extinction.

How Much is Red Panda in the Black Market?

A gavel representing the law

Presently, It is illegal to sell red pandas in the black market and anyone caught doing so will be punished.

Despite the effort of the Chinese and Indian governments to save the fox bears, some people are still trading the fluffy animals illegally. Fortunately, they are usually caught and made to pay a fine or sent to prison. 


Final Thoughts

We have now come to the concluding part of this article. Keep in mind some key points before you leave. 

All we’ve discussed in this article is that whenever you see “Red pandas for sale” signs, know that it is not real. As of now, you cannot buy the fox bears but can only adopt or rent one.

Also, if anyone is seen selling or buying the red pandas illegally, they will be punished according to the law.

Finally, it would be best to buy other animals apart from the red cat-bears for your safety and that of these animals. 

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