The Pandas Sleeping Habits (7 Things You Should Know!)

Giant pandas have the toughest job in the world – eating and sleeping (just kidding!).

In this article, we’ll discuss the common questions about their sleeping habits.

Let’s get started!

Why do giant pandas sleep?

why do giant pandas sleep
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Giant pandas sleep to conserve their energy. The same is true for all other living creatures.

Sleep allows us all to renew our physical strength to perform or do all of our activities. Nonetheless, it flows differently for the giant pandas. Let’s dig deeper.

Since 99% of giant pandas’ diet comes from bamboo which is very low in nutrients, they have to eat it from time to time. The giant pandas can keep up with the nutrients they need in this way.

Regardless if it is day or night, they have to wake up to eat over and over again. Thus, it affects their sleep.

how many hours does a panda sleep?

Giant pandas sleep for about 8 to 12 hours per day. However, these hours are not the same as what we think about the concept of sleep.

There is a little more to understand about the giant panda’s sleeping process.

The good thing is that we have prepared a clear explanation for you to understand even more. Sounds good?

Let’s keep going and learn more about a panda’s sleeping time.

Do giant pandas sleep at night or day?

do giant pandas sleep at day or night
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They sleep both day and night. Every 3-4 eating hours, the giant pandas sleep for 2-3 hours. With that sleeping condition, they don’t mind if it’s night or day.

However, most of the sleeping time of the giant pandas happens during day time.

Considering giant pandas have solitary nature, they spend most of their time alone in the forest. Also, you can usually see them asleep in the daytime.

On the other hand, they spend nighttime mostly for eating purposes. It is because most of the animals sleep at night except for the nocturnal types.

Since there are fewer distractions, they can do whatever they want without worrying about interference or uncomfortable interaction they might have.

So, the answer is both.

They only want to wake up during the times they can be completely alone.

Where do giant pandas sleep?

where do giant pandas sleep
Photo Source: Time Magazine

The giant pandas are not picky in terms of their sleeping place. They can sleep on the forest floor, on rocks, and in trees. Moreover, giant pandas do not have any known natural enemies. It is the least of their concern.

Therefore, they can sleep anywhere they fall asleep without worrying about their safety.

In captivity, they provide giant panda cubs with places to sleep. Since they are completely helpless and vulnerable, they gave them special care.

In the quarters, they observe their eating and sleeping routine.

Moreover, they allow grown-up giant pandas to sleep anywhere in captivity. Although at night they have their sleeping dens.

On the other hand, the red pandas do not practice the same thing. They spend most of their lives in the trees. They do everything here, from eating, mating, and sleeping.

These pandas are more prone to wild predators because of their size, unlike giant pandas.

Do giant pandas sleep in trees?

do giant pandas sleep in trees
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Yes, they do. Just like what we mentioned before, the giant panda sleeps on trees. They can sleep in the hollowed-out logs or stumps of conifer trees. They can also sleep while balancing on the branch of the tree.

Furthermore, trees are vital for most animals, including pandas. The trees are what they consider homes. They do most of their activities in their tree dens.

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When do giant pandas sleep?

The giant pandas sleep whenever they want after spending eating. Most of their sleeping time lasts for 2-3 hours. Then they will wake up to eat again.

Due to this reason, the giant pandas often stay near the understories of bamboo. It is for the ease of access to their food source.

So, anytime they feel the need to eat, they can do it with fewer worries.

How do giant pandas sleep?

Perhaps it is one of the cutest sightings ever. The giant pandas look so innocent when sleeping. So cute that you want to hug them while they are asleep.

If you watch videos about the sleeping giant pandas, you will see them doing different carefree sleeping positions. You can see them hanging like a teddy bear on a tree branch while sleeping.

You can even see them sleeping while balancing on thick tree branches.

Moreover, you can also see them lying like a human on the forest floor. Sometimes, they are curled up like a ball while deeply asleep.

The same is true with the panda cubs. It is just that the cuteness doubles when you see the cute and cuddly baby pandas peacefully asleep.


In this article, you learned that the panda sleeps about 8-12 hours a day. You even knew the time and conditions they follow when they sleep.

Also, you learned about how they sleep in captivity and in the wild.

Sleep is a refreshing time. It is so important for both animals and humans. So let’s always remember its importance.

Due to the natural ways of living of giant pandas, they have developed a strange sleeping routine. It is something we cannot control no matter what we do.

On the other hand, the best that we can do for them is to keep their environment safe and suitable for sustaining their lives.

We should not compromise or invade their habitat. Let us give them the peace of mind to worry less about their sleep or rest.

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