Do Giant Pandas Live in Trees? (Explained)

Naturally, the giant pandas live in the rainforests. These forests are filled with wide canopies of broad-leaf evergreen trees. If that is the case, do giant pandas live in trees?

The short answer is yes. For us, a house is a place where we live. The same is true with wildlife like pandas, the trees are their shelters.

You will know more in this article about the trees and other spots where pandas live naturally. You will also learn the reasons why they live in trees. Are you interested to know those things? Let’s keep going.

Do giant pandas live in trees or on the ground?

The answer is both. The giant pandas you see in zoos often eat and roam the grounds of the captivity. Also, giant pandas climb the trees and wooden platforms to play or sleep.

Fact Alert: Giant pandas are great tree climbers, despite their body size and weight. However, because of their body characteristics, they often damage or even destroy tree branches.

Video Source: YouTube (TIC)

Furthermore, to see a roaming panda around the grounds where there are great understories of bamboos is quite a normal scenario in the wild. Here, they live freely. They eat and sleep whenever they want. And because it is a wild forest, it is not surprising to see giant pandas resting on large tree branches.

What kind of trees do pandas live in?

In captivities, they dwell on any available trees. They climb it and even sleep on it. However, it is a different story when it comes to the wild.

coniferous trees animal dens

The giant pandas usually live in hollowed-out logs or stumps of conifer trees found within the temperate rainforest. They do not have any issues with their shelters. As long as these are near their food source, they have no problem at all.

On the other hand, the red pandas can survive in both temperate and tropical rainforests. They often live in any trees near the thick understory of bamboos. Unlike giant pandas, they do not roam around the grounds of the forest. They spend most of their time in the trees.

Why do giant pandas live in trees?

Giant pandas and the other animals need trees for shelter, just as humans need houses. They do not spend as much time in trees as red pandas do. Nevertheless, they need trees for shelter from the sun, rain, and snow. Also, these trees are the maternity dens of the female pandas when they give birth.

Fact Alert: After giving birth, the giant panda will cradle its tiny cub in a paw and will never leave the maternity den for several days, not even to drink. That’s how protective it is to its cubs.

Moreover, trees play an important role in ecology. They serve as shelters for wildlife. They also absorb the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is harmful to all living things.

Furthermore, the oxygen that all living things in this world breathe comes from the trees. Sadly, some people do not care much about the environment. They even perform different illegal activities. These include illegal logging and deforestation, which cause the population of wild animals like pandas to deteriorate.

Do giant pandas sleep in trees?

giant panda sleeping on tree

Yes, they do. However, there is a slight difference between giant pandas and red pandas. Giant pandas can sleep anywhere as long as they are comfortable with it. They do not mind if it’s in the grass, on rocks, or in trees. On the other hand, the red pandas do everything in trees.

Why do red pandas live in trees?

In the wild, smaller animals like red pandas are the prey for predators. For the smaller animals to survive, they often live in the places like rock, underground, and tree dens. Here, they can protect themselves from predators wanting to eat them.

As mentioned earlier, red pandas spend most of their lives in trees. They do everything in trees. You will see them eating, playing, sleeping, and even mating on the branches of the trees.

Why do red pandas live in trees


In this article, you learned that pandas live in trees. You also learned the kinds of trees that they live in. And the reason why they live in trees.

Humans deserve to have shelters to live in, and so are the animals. The current giant panda’s population is not on its best status. This is due to the irresponsible actions of some human beings. Let’s not forget that we are not the only ones deserving to live in this world. Even the smallest, the biggest, or the wildest creatures deserve this world too.

If we know how to properly respect the existence of all the living creatures this will be a better world for pandas and all the other living creatures. Let’s keep on protecting our nature for the sake of the wildlife. At the end of the day, we all serve our purpose why we live in this world.

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