Why is the Giant Panda Fascinating? (9 Reasons Why)

Pandas are very rare creatures. Moreover, they’re so interesting that they draw many to zoos to see them in person.

But why do we find the giant panda so amusing?

There’s a lot! Keep reading as we discuss 9 fascinating things about the giant pandas!

They’re Bamboo Eaters

Giant Panda Eating Bamboo

About 99% of what giant pandas eat every day is bamboo. It’s so strange as these creatures are meant to eat meat. 

Bamboo is not the proper food for their carnivorous digestive system, yet they love it. They’ve lost so much taste for meat. 

A giant panda will only eat meat and other plants on rare occasions. They all fall under the remaining 1% of their diet.

So for giant pandas, it’s just bamboo or almost nothing. Only giant pandas among all the bears do this. 

Now, you see why they’re called bamboo bears.

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They’re So Cute!

Cute Giant Panda

These creatures have looks that’ll steal your hearts. This is one fascinating thing about giant pandas. 

Despite being big animals they’re loaded with cuteness. You’ll see it all in their looks; their round bodies, snub noses, wide eyes, and fluffy ears.

They’re Childish

Pandas behave innocently like children. They sit and eat just like toddlers. Even when they play, they play like children. 

A giant panda could just climb a tree only to fall back down and roll. They are peaceful creatures and would avoid any fight if possible!

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Pandas are Loners

Giant pandas are solitary animals. So, in a very large environment, you can find just one panda living in it and doing pretty fine. 

They don’t live in groups at all and they’re happy that way! 

Living solitary lives means they face all their problems themselves. This just makes the giant panda so fascinating.

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Eating is Their Major Activity

Another fascinating thing about the giant panda is its eating habits. These bamboo bears don’t eat normally at all. 

They spend more than half a day eating. However, it’s important that they eat so much.

Bamboo is low in nutrients, so giant pandas need about 26-84 lbs. of bamboo every day to survive.

It’s just fun to watch them eating bamboo so fast like they’re running out of time. 

You’ll see them doing it sitting down on the ground like they mean business. 

They Have an Extra Digit on Their Paws

That’s right! giant pandas have 6 digits on their paws. It’s 5 real fingers and an extra digit – the false thumb. 

The false thumb is an elongated wrist bone and not a real finger. However, it comes in so handy when pandas eat bamboo.

False thumbs are rare and pandas have them. It makes handling the items and gripping bamboo parts easier. 

It seems their love for bamboo brought about the evolution of their false thumbs.

They Look So Different At Birth

The giants you know are birth compared to their mother’s size.

It’s strange how such tiny babies grow into big creatures like giant pandas. This is just something that’s so interesting about them.

Moreover, the tiny cubs are also born pink and not black and white. Their size and color are just different at birth.

However, they grow pretty fast! It’ll take just a few months for them to start looking like the big black and white bears we know.

They’re Great Climbers

If you watch the giant pandas, you won’t believe they could climb so well. They just love it!

It’s true that they are clumsy but they can climb with so much confidence and also very high. Even their round bodies don’t get in their way. 

This is one of the things about these creatures that interests a lot of people.

Interestingly, when panda cubs are about 5-7 months old, they start showing interest in climbing. They learn from their moms.

It’s just fun to watch panda cubs trying to climb back up after many failed attempts.

They’re Good Swimmers

One of the great things about giant pandas is that they can swim pretty well. 

This might look like a hard thing for the chubby giant pandas to do, but it’s not. These bears can move well in water.

You won’t see them often doing this as there’s no need to cross water bodies in their habitat. However, when they have to swim, it’s never a problem for them!

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Final Thoughts

The giant panda is fascinating in many ways. Their love for bamboo and eating habits will WOW you!

Giant pandas’ looks are also fascinating. These creatures are just so cute. 

Moreover, their childish behaviors make them so interesting to watch.

Climbing and swimming are things you wouldn’t think the pandas can do, but they do them. That’s fascinating!

Moreover, there’s so much you can learn about the panda bear in our article, “giant panda quick facts”.