Why Do Giant Pandas Always Fall? [Solved!]

Giant Pandas are awesomely skilled climbers. They are smart and playful animals but do not take the most reasonable decision when they want to climb trees.

Think about this – If they are great climbers then why do pandas always fall? 

Giant pandas always fall as a way of playing and having fun.

Occasionally, they choose to climb and stand on tree branches that are not strong enough to support their weight; only to fall and then climb again.

The falling and climbing cycle of the giant panda seems like a continuous process and an ineffective effort put together.

While it’s really fun to watch them, are there times that pandas die because of this?

Let’s find out!

Do Pandas Fall Out of Trees and Die?

No! Pandas do not fall out of trees and die. 

This is true because pandas are great climbers and can deal with falling once or twice from a tree without issues!

I know several times we hear the proverb “the larger they are, the harder they crash or fall”.

But truly it is not so when it comes to these giant pandas who find humor in diving from one tree arm to the other.

However, there’s a likelihood that it can die from a tree fall.

This doesn’t happen often though, thus, can be rated on a ratio of 1:10.

According to the report from the research and conservation center for the giant pandas in China, Xiang Xiang a male giant panda that lived for five years, was discovered dead in the bamboo forest of Sichuan Province (China). 

His body was examined and confirmed dead from injuries it sustained after falling.

Outside this, there’s no obvious record of pandas dying from a tree fall.

How Do Pandas Fall and Not Get Hurt?

Giant pandas are fat; the male panda weighs about 150 kg and the female 100kg

While they fall due to their clumsy attitude, Their bodyweight enables them not to get physically injured or feel so much pain when they fall from an elevated height.

The pandas’ love for climbing swings and trees and falling out of them makes them helpless whenever it comes to feeling embarrassed each time they fall off. 

Anytime they want to climb, the only question they ask themself is “Will I lose a face?”.

Losing a face happens to be a Chinese phenomenon where pandas or people feel they have been slightly ripped of their pride. 

Instead of the pain of falling, pandas worry about their ego, that is if they will lose a face.

In many cases, when it falls to the ground, it will lie straight on its back and then peek around blinking its small eyes to see if someone saw it fall. 

When the giant panda is sure nobody saw it or is watching it, it quickly runs to a close/lonely corner; dusts itself, says to itself “Yes no one saw me” and then walks out like nothing ever happened.

This rise and fall lifestyle of pandas is the exact reason people termed them dumb which truly they are not.

Do pandas get embarrassed when they fall?

Yes, pandas do feel embarrassed when they fall.

They love swinging but they have no control over their clumsiness. But, after falling their reactions are similar to human beings.

Some videos from China’s Shenyang Forest Zoological Garden have shown that after falling, they even look around to see whether anybody saw them falling or not.

In fact, if they fall and someone sees him falling, the panda goes into a corner and sits quietly. Although the embarrassment does not last long. In the very next moment, the panda will start doing the same thing. It’s in their nature.

Moreover, a group of pandas is called “embarrassment”

Final Thoughts

You now know that a panda’s fall is mostly its way of having fun or playing. Because of how big it is, it does not sustain injuries that inflict pain on it.

The fall sometimes can be from a tree high enough to cause its death but the giant panda does not die from a tree fall because its size already distributes the pain.

Rather than being concerned about injuries from a fall,  pandas consider being humiliated each time this happens to them.

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