Why Do Red Pandas Put Their Hands Up?

Red pandas show different body languages that can be cute and funny. At a time, you would have seen the red bears stand up with their hands raised high.

And you’ll probably be wondering, why do red pandas put their hands up?

Here’s a quick answer –  red pandas put their hands up when they feel provoked. They also do this as a form of defense mechanism in the presence of predators. 

In other words, the red pandas try to appear bigger to show their anger and to hide their fears.

Now, I believe you know why these cute creatures raise their hands and appear larger. So what other things do red pandas do when they feel threatened?

Read further to find out!

What Do Red Pandas Do When They Feel Threatened?

Like most animals, the red pandas face many threats in their different habitats. While they are prey to the snow leopards, and Martens, man is the red pandas’ main predator. 

To protect themselves from these predators, the red bears take some actions to stay safe.

Here are 5 things the red pandas do when they feel threatened:

  1. They Release A Foul Smell

When feeling scared or threatened, the red pandas release a bad smell as a form of protection. 

Keep in mind that the red pandas only release this smell when all efforts seem fruitless. And the odor is so powerful that it can make a predator lose its appetite immediately.

  1. They Hide In Trees
A Red Panda Hiding Between Two Trees

Often, the red pandas spend lots of time on trees. While this act seems like a form of relaxation, it is also a form of protection. Luckily, the red pandas are skilled at climbing tall trees

Their sharp claws make climbing easy while they maintain balance with their long tails.

Sometimes, these red pandas blend into their environment, making them invisible to predators.

  1. They Use Their Sharp Claws

Take a moment to observe the fox bears’ claws, you’ll notice they are very sharp. 

While the claws are useful for cutting bamboo into pieces and grabbing trees, they are also weapons of protection. 

When threatened, the red pandas will have no choice but to fight back using their claws.

If the predators don’t die, they’ll probably run away with one or more injuries.

  1. They Make A Loud Noise

Naturally, red cat bears are quiet and solitary creatures. But in the face of danger, they make loud noises to scare the predators away. 

Not only that, the red pandas whistle to the others to run for safety.

  1. They Use Their Teeth

As with their claws, the red panda bears’ teeth are razor sharp. While they use their teeth to break bamboo, they also use them to defend themselves. 

Keep in mind that the red pandas’ main diet is bamboo. However, they can easily bite off flesh when the need arises.

How Do Red Pandas Intimidate Each Other?

Most of the time, the red pandas intimidate each other by standing on their hind legs. They also stretch their bodies to their full length and raise their hands up. 

One major reason the fox bears do this is to appear bigger, thereby scaring the others.

Can Red Pandas Hurt You

Yes, red pandas can hurt you, although it is not common. Bear in mind that red pandas are easy-going creatures that will not attack humans. 

However, if they feel threatened in their habitats, the fox bears will not hesitate to attack, using their sharp teeth and claws.


Final Thoughts

Now, we have come to the final part of this article. All we’ve discussed is that red pandas raise their hands as a form of defense mechanism. They also do this when they feel provoked.

Whenever the red pandas feel threatened, they make noises, hide in trees, and release bad smells. Furthermore, they attack predators with their razor-sharp claws and teeth.

Red pandas stand on their hind legs and raise their hands to scare each other.

Finally, the red cat bears can harm humans if they feel threatened in their habitats.

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