13 Reasons Why Red Pandas Are Not Cuddly As You Think!

Red pandas are cute, fluffy creatures that look like teddy bears. However, they are not as cuddly as they appear to be.

They love being alone. Moreover, their shy nature makes it difficult for them to interact with humans.

So, in this article, I will discuss 13 reasons why red pandas are not as cuddly as they appear to be. 

So, let’s start! 

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Reason #1: Fur Is Not As Soft As It Looks

The fur of red pandas might look very soft. However, in reality, that’s not the case. They have a thick layer of fur covered by rough and long hair.

This dense layer of fur in their body protects them from wind, cold, heat, and harsh weather. 

It is so harsh and rough that it can leave scratches on your skin. For this reason, red pandas are not cuddly as we think.

Reason #2: Red Pandas Are Solitary In Nature

Red Pandas are territorial and solitary in nature. They do not prefer interacting with humans.

For this reason, humans can not cuddle with them as they do not like coming close to humans and other animals.

If you try to interact with them forcefully, they can turn violent and even attack you.  Therefore, although they are cute, you should keep a safe distance from them. 

Moreover, red pandas generally remain active during early mornings and afternoons. The other half of their day is spent resting on tree branches. 

They spend most of their time resting on trees to conserve energy. Red pandas are solitary, but they come together in pairs during the breeding season.

Now you can imagine how much they love being alone!  

Reason #3:  Red Pandas Can Bite With Their Strong Teeth

A picture of a red panda showing its sharp teeth

Red pandas are undoubtedly super cute but can become aggressive when threatened. They are solitary and do not prefer human interaction.

 If you try to get close to them forcefully, they can bite you with their strong and sharp teeth.

When pandas become aggressive, they use their strong jaws to bite humans and other animals. As pandas have digestive systems and characteristics of carnivores, their bite can cause serious wounds.

Since they eat bamboo shoots, their teeth are powerful, and their bite has a lot of force. If they bite, it will be dangerous. Their saliva contains several bacteria which can cause infection in the bite wound. 

Generally, pandas are not aggressive and rarely attack humans. But still, it will not be safe to touch a panda or cuddle with them.

Reason #4: Red Pandas Can Scratch With Their Sharp Claws

Red pandas have sharp claws with which they can scratch humans, which can cause infectious wounds. Their paws consist of retractable claws, which are very sharp to attack others.

If they feel threatened, then they will use their physical abilities as a weapon to protect themselves. So, we must remember that pandas are wild animals, and we should not touch or cuddle with them.

Reason #5: Red Panda Is a Type of Bear Species

Like bears and other giant animals, pandas have wild instincts. The fundamental instinct that every wild animal has is to survive.

If pandas feel threatened, then they will attack humans. To defend themselves, it will be unpredictable when they can attack.

Pandas have gentle tempers, but still, they can get violent. Pandas rarely get aggressive, but they can get dangerous when they do get angry. So, it will not be safe to hug or cuddle with them.

Reason #6: Red Pandas Can Spread Diseases

Like wild animals, red pandas can also spread disease and pathogens. These diseases and pathogens can make you sick if they scratch or bite you.

Although there are a few cases of attacking humans, it is not safe to touch them. If they feel threatened, they will scratch or bite you.

For safety purposes, you should avoid touching or cuddling with them.

Reason #7: Red Pandas are Very Strong

A picture of a strong red panda

In the case of adult pandas, teeth and jaws are not the only things. An adult panda has a heavy weight which can be more than a regular human being’s weight. 

So, if we find any cute or super panda, we should not come close to them. They are not as gentle as we think and can severely hurt humans.

Reason #8: Red Pandas Love Spacious Places

Red Pandas need a huge space to live freely and enjoy life. They do not like others invading their territory as they are pretty territorial in nature. 

So if you try to get close to them, they might feel threatened. This can make them angry, and there’s a possibility that they might attack you. 

So it is always advisable not to disturb a red panda and let them enjoy their “me time.”

Reason #9: Red Pandas May Get Angry If Someone Disturbs Their Sleep

A picture of a red panda sleeping

Pandas are cute animals. But they can be violent if someone disturbs their sleep. One must act carefully and not disturb a red panda when they are sleeping.

Reason #10: Red Pandas are Quite Stubborn By Nature

Red pandas are quite stubborn by nature. If someone does anything against their will, they might get furious and attack the person. 

One more important thing is that red pandas love to eat. They can go to any extent to have bamboo stems. If one resists them having bamboo, then they can be violent.

This is because their craving for bamboo is something abnormal. This is reflected in their behavior also. However, bamboo stems are injurious to their health. 

But to avoid their attack, you should not stop them from having bamboo stems. 

You should know that it is tough to change the habits of the red pandas. Their adaptation process is quite different from other animals. 

They are pretty stubborn to change their habits, diet, and the place they already inhabited. 

Reason #11: Red Pandas are Not Friendly 

Red pandas do not show equal and opposite friendly behavior to the visitors. One might think that they are adorable animals. But this is not true at all. They can be furious at any time.

They will not think to attack an individual for a second if needed. But their nature suggests that they want to stay away from human beings. Providing entertainment to the public is not their nature.

They need a separate place for their kind to live peacefully.

Reason #12: Red Pandas are Clumsy Animals

Red pandas are clumsy animals. They love to stay in the marshy areas.

But staying in marshy areas is not hygienic at all. Their fur may get dirty.

Red pandas love to play in the mud. It is the source of their enjoyment. You must resist them when they are playing in the mud. Otherwise, they may harm the individual.

Moreover, red pandas also carry harmful pathogens that can make you fall sick. So, if you plan to cuddle with them, beware of the diseases you might get. 

In some cases, these diseases can prove to be deadly. 

Reason #13: Red Pandas Make Scary Sounds

Red pandas often make some sounds that may be fearful for some time. Even if someone hears that at night, they might get scared. They make these kinds of sounds when they feel hungry.

Even they can be furious during this time. As mentioned earlier, bamboo stems are their favorite food. If they get bamboo stems, then they might get calm.

They will immediately stop making such sounds if they get bamboo stems.

Moreover, they might also try to scare you using their sharp teeth and claws. Hence, it is not safe to go near them. 


Even though red pandas look gentle and adorable, they can’t be your cuddle buddies.  You have to keep in mind that they are mature. 

So, touching them and cuddling with them can be dangerous. Instead, keeping a safe distance from them is something that one should do.

Moreover, red pandas have strong, sharp teeth to bite you. Adult pandas are very strong, and they can harm you severely. 

Red pandas are also solitary, and for this reason, they do not prefer interacting much.  Hence, keeping a safe distance from them is something that you should do.

Similarly, you shouldn’t try cuddling with giant pandas. Although super cute, they can be dangerous to you. Want to know how? 

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