Red Panda Adoption | A Complete Guide! (Explained!)

Red pandas are among the most adorable and beloved animals in the world. Their adoption is a meaningful way to support and protect their existence. 

This article explains the importance of adopting a red panda, how to do it, where to do it, and a lot more. 

Let’s continue reading to learn more!

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How to Adopt a Red Panda

A Beautiful Fluffy Red Panda Resting on a Tree

People are not allowed to physically adopt red pandas anywhere. They can only do it through symbolic adoption.

This adoption method is a simple way to support red pandas’ conservation without actually bringing one home as a pet.

To symbolically adopt a red panda, ​you can visit the website of a conservation organization or even zoos.

Generally, any symbolic adoption of a red panda follows the process below:

Search For Reputable Organizations

Search for reputable conservation organizations or wildlife sanctuaries that offer symbolic red panda adoption programs. 

Make sure the organization has a good reputation and supports red panda conservation efforts.

Choose an Adoption Program

Find available adoption programs and choose one that fits your interests. These programs often involve donations to support red panda conservation initiatives.

Select an Adoption Package

Adoption bundles often have different donation levels and corresponding benefits. Consider the package that fits your budget and desired level of engagement. 

Make Your Donation

Follow the instructions provided on the site to donate. The amount will depend on the adoption package you choose. 

The fund will be used to support conservation efforts and protect red pandas in their natural habitat.

Get Your Adoption Documents

Once you have symbolically adopted a red panda, you will receive an email with an adoption certificate and information about the red panda you’ve adopted. 

You can also receive other benefits, such as a plush red panda toy or a subscription to the organization’s newsletter. 

Where to Adopt a Red Panda Today

Not all zoos and conservation organizations offer red panda protection. However, a few out of many do it to ensure that these amazing creatures survive for future generations. 

Here are some of the places where you can adopt a red panda.

Local Zoos

Generally, zoo adoption programs are a way for individuals or groups to support the zoo and its animals by making a financial donation.

Once you adopt an animal, you get all the advantages that come with the package you chose. Not just that, you can even enjoy behind-the-scenes visits.

These programs are targeted at providing care for the animals in the zoo and educating people about wildlife. 

The donations from the adoptions are used for the animals’ feeding, veterinary care, and habitat maintenance.

Here’s a list of local zoos that do symbolic red panda adoptions:

1. San Francisco Zoo in California, United States

At San Francisco Zoo, you can adopt a red panda for as low as $50 per year. Your adoption helps to support their conservation programs.

Adopt a Red Panda Here!

2. Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C., United States

They offer red panda adoptions even though it is temporarily unavailable. Through their adoption packages, you can adopt this cute creature.

Adopt a Red Panda Here!

3. San Diego Zoo in California, United States

San Diego Zoo offers red panda symbolic adoption. By participating in it, you support the care, conservation, and well-being of red pandas.

Adopt a Red Panda Here!

4. Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada

The Toronto Zoo offers a symbolic adoption program for the iconic red panda. Through this package, you can adopt a red panda and support their conservation.

Adopt a Red Panda Here!

5. Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England

Chester Zoo also supports red panda adoption. With their different adoption bundles, you can become a parent to a red panda.

Adopt a Red Panda Here!

6. Taronga Zoo in New South Wales, Australia

Taronga Zoo is not left out in red panda conservation efforts. They offer different adoption packages that can help you own a red panda.

Adopt a Red Panda Here!

Conservation Organizations

Symbolic adoption in conservation organizations is similar to zoo adoption programs. But they are focused on protecting wild animals and their habitats. 

When you adopt an animal from any of them, you support the organization’s vision. This vision is to ensure that these species do not go extinct.

The donation amounts vary for each organization and animal you choose to adopt. It’s usually between thirty-five to a few hundred dollars per year.

Below is a list of conservation institutes that do symbolic adoption:

  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Red Panda Network (RPN)
  • The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
  • The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Wildlife SOS
  • The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
  • The Global Wildlife Conservation
  • The Rainforest Trust

Adopt a Red Panda: Red Panda Network

RPN is a non-profit organization dedicated to red panda conservation. They use adoption donations to support various initiatives that help protect red pandas.

Here are some of the ways RPN uses adoption donations to help red pandas:

They Use It to Protect Pandas’ Habitat

RPN works to protect the red panda habitat by supporting community conservation projects and endorsing policies that protect the red panda habitat.

The Donation also Goes to Anti-Poaching Programs

Red pandas are often targeted by poachers for their beautiful fur and as pets.

RPN supports anti-poaching efforts by providing training and equipment to rangers and working to raise awareness of the threats posed by poaching.

Research and Community Engagement

Red Panda Network supports research on red pandas and their habitats. This research helps develop more effective conservation strategies.

They also work closely with local communities living near red panda habitat. This is done to raise awareness about the animal. 

Steps to Adopt on Their Website

To adopt a red panda on the Red Panda Network website, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Red Panda Network official website and click on the “Adopt a Panda” tab.
  • Choose the red panda you want to adopt.
  • Click the “Adopt” button.
  • Choose an adoption package
  • Complete the adoption form and make your donation.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Go through and verify your application, then, click the “Submit” button.  

You will be sent a confirmation email with details of your adoption. You will also receive an adoption certificate together with the red pandas’ information.

Adoption Package Inclusion

Basic Adoption Plan ($50 Per Year)

This package includes an adoption certificate, a red panda fact sheet, and a red panda sticker.

Silver Adoption Plan ($75 Per Year)

This package includes the entire Basic Adoption package and more., It gives you a red panda plush toy and a subscription to the Red Panda Network newsletter.

Gold Adoption Plan ($100 Per Year)

This package includes the entire Silver Adoption package, along with a personalized adoption certificate and a red panda t-shirt.

Other Info

Aside from the normal packages mentioned above, RPN has other special offers like:

Adopt A Red Panda For A Friend Or Family Member

If you are looking for a unique gift, you can adopt a red panda for a friend or family member. The Red Panda Network will send recipients adoption certificates and other red panda-themed gifts.

Adopt A Red Panda On Valentine’s Day

The Red Panda Network is offering a special Valentine’s Day adoption package that includes an adoption certificate, a plush red panda toy, and a box of chocolates.

Adopt A Red Panda On Your Birthday

The Red Panda Network offers a special memorial adoption package that includes an adoption certificate, a red panda plush toy, and a birthday card.  

The Red Panda network also offers many other special offers throughout the year. You can check their website for the latest deals.

Adopt a Red Panda: WWF

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is the leading conservation organization working to protect red pandas and their habitats. 

When you adopt a WWF red panda, your donation will support various programs and initiatives that help protect these amazing creatures.

Here are some specific examples of how WWF uses your donations to help red pandas:

They Use it To Protect Red Pandas’ Environment

WWF works to protect the red panda habitat by supporting conservation projects. They also advocate for policies that help protect red pandas’ habitat.

They Engage in Anti-Poaching Initiatives

WWF supports anti-poaching efforts by providing training and equipment to forest rangers. They raise awareness of the threats posed by poaching.

They Study and Research on Red Pandas

WWF supports research on red pandas and their habitat. This research helps us better understand the need to have them around us.

Adoption Donation Goes to Public Awareness Schemes

WWF teaches the public about red pandas and the importance of conserving them. They also provide educational resources to those living near red panda habitats.

In addition to these, WWF supports:

  • Reduction of deforestation in red panda habitat.  
  • Improve the management of protected areas where red pandas live.
  • They are developing sustainable livelihoods for communities living near red panda habitats.

Steps to adopt on their website

To adopt a red panda from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) website, follow these steps:

  • Go to the WWF official website and click on the “Adopt” tab.
  • Click on the ‘’Symbolic adoption’’ button
  • Select red panda from the list of animals.
  • Choose the red panda adoption kit or package you want. 
  • Fill out the adoption form on the page and enter your payment information.
  • Read and verify your application, then tap the “Submit” button.

You will be notified in your email about the adoption. This email comes with your adoption certificate and other benefits depending on the package you choose. 

Adoption Package Inclusion

  • Adoption Certificate – Personalized certificate recognizing your adoption of a red panda.
  • Red Pandas Information– Educational materials about red pandas, including their diet and habitat.
  • Wildlife Photography – High-quality photos of red pandas that you can display or use as your wallpaper.
  • Updates and Newsletters – Periodic updates on red pandas and other conservation efforts.
  • Soft Toys – Some adoption packages may include a stuffed red panda as a reminder of your support. 

Other Info

In addition to the general packages, WWF offers special adoption packages throughout the year. They include:

  • Valentine’s Day adoption packages
  • Birthday adoption packages
  • Holiday adoption packages.

Take note:

The contents of each adoption package may vary depending on the time of year.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Red Panda?

Adopting a red panda will cost between $25 to $100 or more. It all depends on the organization and the benefits included in your chosen package.

To determine the specific costs, it is best to visit the organization’s official website or contact them for accurate information.

3 Main Reasons Why You Need To Adopt a Red Panda Today

Red pandas are one of the most adorable and cherished animals in the world. But they are also in danger of extinction. 

With a global population of just 6,000 to 10,000 individuals, every little penny or effort offered helps ensure their survival.

Here are some reasons why you should adopt a red panda today:

  1. To Help Protect The Endangered Species 

Red pandas face several threats, including habitat loss, poaching, and climate change. By adopting them, you fund vital conservation programs that protect them.

  1. To Show Your Love To The Red Panda! They are Simply Irresistible 

By adopting a red panda, you show your love for these amazing animals and help ensure their survival for future generations.

  1. Adopting Red Pandas Helps You Learn More About Them

Red pandas play an important role in the ecosystems in which they live. They help control insect populations and disperse seeds. 

By adopting a red panda, you will receive information about these animals and their role in the environment. 

Can I Adopt a Red Panda as a Pet?

No, you cannot adopt a red panda as a pet. Red pandas are an endangered species and keeping them as pets is illegal in most countries.

Preserving them is extremely important. They are best cared for and protected in professional wildlife conservation facilities. 

Here, their welfare, breeding programs, and conservation efforts can be managed properly unlike in a home.

Additionally, red pandas are wild animals. They have specific dietary, habitat, and social needs that are difficult to meet in a domestic environment.

Can You Own a Red Panda in the US?

No, you cannot own a red panda in the United States. Red pandas are listed as endangered under the United States Endangered Species Act.

This act prohibits owning, selling, or transporting them without a permit from the  Fish and Wildlife Service. wild United States.

Ownership and possession of red pandas are strictly regulated to ensure their health. Licenses are only issued to zoos and accredited organizations.

How Much is a Red Panda in the Black Market

Currently, you cannot buy a red panda legally. It is not approved for people to buy and sell them in the black market.

But from my findings, you can get them between $2,000 to $5,000. The price depends on location, age, health, and demand for the animal.

Anybody caught trading red pandas is punished, and may even end up in prison. Notwithstanding, hunters still chase and sell them at very high prices.

If you want to help red pandas or know how it feels to own them, it’s better to symbolically adopt them than risk being punished.

What are Red Pandas Worth in Adopt Me?

The red panda is currently worth slightly less than the Shadow Rider and about the same value as the Tasmanian tiger.

It is an Ultra-rare pet from a Retired egg in Adopt Me! It can be obtained through trading. Most times, the value fluctuates depending on demand and availability.

Take note:

The value of pets in Adopt Me! can change rapidly, so it’s best to check the latest values ​​on the Adopt Me trading site before you trade.


Red pandas are one of the most popular species you can symbolically adopt in zoos and conservation organizations.

You can browse the official website of your preferred center, go through the page, and adopt a red panda. It costs only $25 to $100.

Adopting them is quite important because:

  • You support their existence.
  • You show how much you love them and how happy they make you feel.
  • Adopting red pandas helps you to learn more about them.

Nevertheless, you cannot adopt them as a pet for your home. It is illegal to do so, and if you are caught, you will be punished.

This is applicable almost everywhere in the world, including the USA. These animals are endangered, hence they need our protection.

Your adoption goes a long way in the survival of this species. But come to think of it, how do they survive naturally?  

Check our article “A Guide To Red Panda’s Survival” to learn more.