11 Fascinating Reasons Why Red Pandas Are Not Ugly!

Some people think that red pandas are ugly and I don’t agree with that!

Interestingly, it’s not just about their looks! That’s why in this article, I’ll be revealing 11 reasons why red pandas are not ugly.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. They Have Beautiful Red Fur

Red pandas prove to be adorable due to their reddish-brown fur. This soft and fluffy fur gives the red pandas a unique look.

There is also darker fur on the ears and the face, which people find attractive. The overall red-brown fur is appealing to many people.

Some individuals usually relate the mixture of this fur color to that of a Firefox.

2. Red Pandas Have a Beautiful Sleeping Habit

A Red Panda About to Sleep

No one can resist the beautiful appearance that comes when red pandas sleep. In other words, when red pandas sleep, they always curl up.

The curling of red pandas as they sleep brings a ball-like look that is irresistible to look at. As red pandas sleep, they also cover themselves with their tail.

Covering themselves with the tail creates another unique view.

This view is always fascinating to watch!

3. Their Long Brushy, Colorful Tail

A Red Panda's Long, Brushy Ring-Tail

Red pandas add to their average cuteness due to the presence of a long brushy tail.

This tail is almost as long as the body, which is a feature that gives red pandas a beautiful appearance. The tail of a red panda has more fur than the rest of the body.

The presence of more fur on the tail than on the body brings a unique natural look. It’s also ringed like that of raccoons.

A tail with such a beautiful pattern combined with the brushy texture blend of color gives red pandas an irresistible appearance.

4. Red Pandas Walk in a Beautiful Manner

The unique movement is one adorable feature that proves red pandas are not ugly. These creatures mostly walk in slow motion as they wave their tails sideways.

As the red pandas walk, they use their front paws to create rhythmic moves. At this time, these mammals usually drag their hind legs behind to make the cute moves a success.

The fluid motion of the red pandas’ legs always brings in that cute appearance.

5. Red Pandas Have Beautiful Ears

The sharp pointy ears are an attractive feature of red pandas. These ears are triangular and small in size.

These ears bring that unique appearance because they stay on the top sides of the red pandas. Around the ears, the presence of fur makes the surrounding area fluffy.

The fluffy look and the rectangular shape of the ears bring the red panda looks to another dimension.

6. They Have Expressive Eyes

A Cute Red Panda's Beautiful Brown Eyes

Red pandas can express themselves with their eyes. In addition, a cute appearance comes through as they try to express themselves.

Since these eyes are already large, the sense of vulnerability or innocence brings a nice appearance.

In most cases, red pandas can narrow, widen, or blink their eyes depending on the message. In the end, the result is always that beautiful look.

7. Red Pandas Have Black and White Facial Markings

The black and white markings on the faces of red pandas act as a distinctive feature. However, this feature also plays a role in making red pandas beautiful.

A sharp contrast comes against the brown-red fur, bringing people’s attention to the face. Combining these markings and the fur around the face creates a beautiful pattern.

The markings on the face act as a camouflaging feature. However, they still help in bringing out the charm of beauty!

8. They Have Velvety Soft Paw Pads

The soft paw pads in red pandas help provide a good grip on trees. On the other hand, these velvety soft pads also make red pandas quite cute.

These paws have dense fur, which brings out an appearance that looks like a cushion.

9. These Creatures Beautiful Round Belly

The round flat belly in red pandas usually indicates good health. On the other side, this unique belly also helps show red pandas’ beauty.

Red pandas get a beautiful cuddly look from the shape of their belly.

The beautiful look comes mostly because the belly is larger than most other body parts. This belly brings a unique appearance that is rare in other small animals.

10. Red Pandas Have a Unique Vocalization

Besides their physical appearance, red pandas are cute when making certain sounds. 

These mammals can communicate by making whistles, grunts, and chump sounds. As they communicate, people find these unique sounds beautiful.

There are 7 unique sounds that red pandas make and people love.

Apart from the sounds, red pandas can also perform other physical actions when communicating. On some occasions, they can raise or wave their tails.

In return, the waving and waging of the tail bring a cute appearance to red pandas.

11. Their Playful Nature

Another reason that adds to the overall cuteness of red pandas is their playful nature.

Red pandas usually play by rolling softly on the ground alone or with one another. These pandas can also play with objects on the ground.

The results of the games that red pandas play are usually a charming, wonderful look.

Final Thoughts

Red pandas are not ugly because of several reasons. From the beautiful round belly to unique vocalization, red pandas are indeed attractive creatures!

The physical size of red pandas also plays a role in their overall beauty. Therefore, you may wonder about the exact size of red pandas.

Here are the 6 big facts you should know about the size of red pandas.