Are Red Pandas Big Animals? (6 Big Facts You Should Know!)

I just watched the movie Turning Red and saw the big red panda. Does it mean red pandas are big in real life? 

No, Red pandas are small but slightly bigger than house cats. Fully grown pandas weigh 7 – 18 lbs (3.5 – 8.16 kg) and are about 45 in (114.3 cm) long from the nose to the tail tip.

A red panda may reach up to 24 – 29 in (60.9 – 73.6 cm) when standing on two feet. On four feet, it may be 15 in (38.1 cm).

In this article, you are going to find out more about red pandas and their body size.

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How Big Are Baby Red Pandas?

A baby red panda is about 0.15 – 0.254 lbs (0.06 – 0.11 kg). The baby red panda’s height is around 20 – 26 in (21.4 – 51 cm).

The baby’s size usually depends on the mother. If the mother did not experience stress and ate all nutrients, then it would give birth to a healthy, strong baby.

A baby red panda might be larger if the mother conceives one or two babies. The baby red panda’s weight can vary depending on the number of conceived babies.

It may seem that baby red panda grow big overnight. However, they go through many life stages in which you will realize different growth sizes.

For the baby red pandas to grow larger, it all depends on the feeding patterns of the mother. After the baby pandas are three months, about 4 pounds big, they may come out of their nest.

When the baby red pandas are grown, they reach their maximum growth size of about 7 lbs (3.1 kg). Their body size may vary depending on various factors, including genetics and feeding mode.

How Big Can a Red Panda Grow?

An adult red panda can grow more than 7 lbs (3.15 kg). The measurement may reach 40 inches (101.6 cm) long from nose to tail tip.

Their height may range up to 20 in (50.8 cm). In terms of the head and body length, excluding the tail, a red panda may range between 20 – 25 in (50.8 – 63.5 cm).

The length of the tail may vary between 20 – 23 in (50.8 – 58.42 cm).

The males are usually larger than the females. The male red pandas may weigh 8 – 18 lbs (3.63 – 8.16 kg), while the female red pandas weigh 6 – 17 lbs (2.72 – 7.71 kg).

The red pandas’ weight may fluctuate as they grow old. But the size, in terms of length and height, may fully develop by 18 to 24 months.

The best way to determine the weight of red pandas is to know their background. Their gut health may affect the size of the red pandas.

Depending on how they feed, some red pandas are larger than others. Note that 7 – 18 lbs (3.18 – 8.16 kg )separate the largest and the smallest full-grown red panda.

A red panda can gain a perfect-looking size If it has a well-balanced nutrition. Nutritiousness and food availability may positively impact the size of the red panda.

Similarly, to determine the average weight of a red panda, you may have to understand its health and body conditions. Underweight and overweight red pandas may differ greatly from the average standard weight.


Are Red Pandas Bigger Than A Cat?

Yes, a red panda is slightly bigger than a cat. The red pandas’ length from head to tail tip may be up to 45 in (114 cm). The cat’s length may reach up to 35 in (88 cm).

In terms of height, a full-sized red panda is taller than a cat. The red panda’s height may vary from 17 – 20 in (43 to 50 cm), while that of a cat might be 10 – 15 in (25 to 38 cm).

A Red panda and a cut size comparison

When comparing a red panda with a cat, you will realize a huge difference between the two, from the length, weight, and body size. Red pandas have tails that are longer and bigger than cats.

Are Red Pandas Bigger Than Humans?

No, red pandas are unbelievably small when compared to adult humans. A red panda weighs 7 – 18 lbs (3.18 to 8.16 kg), while the human average weight varies from 132.3 – 176.4 lbs (60 – 80 kg).

Although both are mammals, red pandas also have a small height. While red pandas are up to 20 in (50 cm) tall, humans may reach 72 in (182 cm).

The head of a red panda is smaller than that of an adult human. From comparing humans with red pandas, you will note that A red panda is almost the size of a domestic cat. This fact explains that red pandas are smaller than humans.

Are Red Pandas Bigger Than Raccoons?

No, raccoons have a large body size. The raccoons are about 15 to 25 lbs (6.8 – 11.3 kg), while the red pandas are 7 – 18 lbs (3.16 – 8.16 kg). When looking at these animals side by side, you will notice some physical differences between the two in terms of weight.

In terms of length, the red pandas are about 45 in (114 cm) long, while the raccoons are almost 35 in (88 cm) long.

Raccoons grow bigger than red pandas. But the tail of a red panda makes it longer than a raccoon. Despite the tail making the red panda longer, the raccoon still takes the crown due to its larger body appearance.

What Is The Largest Red Panda Ever Recorded?

The largest red panda ever recorded was a 43 in (109 cm) long and 37- pound (16.78 lbs) male. The name of this red panda was Dhorpatan. This red panda was found in 2004.

His name was from the village where the villagers discovered him.

 Most red pandas in the Himalayas had 20 lbs, and the Chinese had up to 29 lbs.

Final Thoughts

A full-grown red panda, almost the same size as a house cat, weighs between 7 – 18 pounds (3.18 – 8.16 kg). The red pandas’ reduced size is excellent for their acrobatic and skillful act while in the trees.

Besides red pandas being small animals, their size enhances their ability to climb a tree faster and helps them to run away from predators. Small-sized red pandas move up and down the tree more easily than overweight ones.

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