Are Black Bears Creatures of Habit? (4 Types of Habits)

Most people have several daily habits. Some of our habits include brushing our teeth and showering in the morning. In this case, you may also wonder if black bears are also creatures of habit.

Yes, black bears are also creatures of habit!

In most cases, black bears even step on their trail when moving. Following the same path is among many practices that make black bears extreme creatures of habit.

Several other reasons classify black bears as creatures of habit. Below are more of these habits:

  • Traveling habits
  • Food habits
  • Sleeping habits
  • Socialization habits

In this article, I will discuss these habits in detail. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

1). Traveling Habits

They travel for long periods:

Black bears may travel for long hours. In some cases, these bears may reach up to 100 miles (160.9 kilometers). Sometimes black bears may even go for more than the average distance.

A black bear walking in the wild

These bears habitually travel long distances in search of their everyday necessities. Their size and strength usually help in making this habit a success.

They follow the same route:

All black bears have a habit of following the same trail when traveling. This habit is relatively helpful to them since it prevents the bears from getting lost.

Black bears also developed this habit to be safe from predators. Following the same direction prevents them from encountering routes with harmful creatures.

The habit of traveling on the same route is also a result of food. When traveling, black bears usually select ways with easy prey. When the time comes for bears to travel again to the opposite destination, they follow the same route.

Following the same route prevents the black bears from going through starvation while traveling.

They love traveling during dawn and dusk:

Black bears do not travel at any time of the day. These bears have a habit of traveling only during dusk and dawn.

The main reason black bears developed the habit of traveling around dawn and dusk is temperature. Black bears usually try to avoid too much heat. 

In the morning, the level of temperature in the surrounding may be a little lower.

During dusk, the temperature is also lower than during mid-day hours. Black bears have the habit of traveling at dusk to prevent daytime heat. This habit comes in mostly if the black bears live in warm areas.

Warm seasons also give black bears the habit of traveling during dawn and dusk.

When traveling, black bears mostly run:

Black bears have the habit of running when they are traveling. These bears have developed the running routine as a way of escaping predators.

During their journey, black bears may face frequent threats and attacks. Running helps them go further to secure places.

The habit of running also comes from the urge to arrive at a new destination. When black bears get set on a journey, they always want to know what’s ahead.

Black bears may run for very long hours. They may rest for a while and then get back on the running trail to their destination.

Running proves to be quite a fun habit for black bears when traveling.

2). Food Habits

Black bears love eating:

These bears have the habit of eating almost unstoppably. Black bears can eat for hours as long the food is right there. These mammals can feed on anything, but they always try to follow their diet.

They mostly eat greens:

Black bears may feed on many types of food. However, these bears have a habit of eating greens. Green leaves and other green plantations are their favorites.

A black bear feeding on green vegetation

Black bears may eat animals:

These bears sometimes have a habit of feeding on animals. Black bears are omnivorous, so fish and some animals may fall into their diet.

These mammals may also eat insects, and it is a habit. Like on other occasions, black bears only feed on insects when needed.

Once black bears feel like eating insects, beetles and termites are usually at the top of their list.

Black bears kill their prey:

Once the need to feed on meat arises, they kill the target before eating. Black bears always kill prey by biting one side of the neck.

On other occasions, black bears may kill prey by striking it using the forepaw. The force from this paw is always sufficient to break the prey’s spine.

3). Sleeping Habits

They sleep in hollow trees:

Black bears do not just sleep anywhere. These bears have the habit of sleeping in hollow trees.

Black bears develop the habit of sleeping in hollow trees since its a good shelter in winter.

Black bears sleep for long:

These bears have the habit of sleeping for long hours. During the day, black bears can take up to two naps. After vigorous activities, black bears always need to rest.

Black bears love sleeping in dens:

Black bears have the habit of sleeping in caves. This habit helps black bears create warmth during colder days.

Sleeping in dens also provides black bears with protection. Predators find it difficult to attack black bears in a secure place.

Black bears sleep a few hours in some seasons:

The sleeping hours of black bears may change with the season. In most cases, transitional seasons are the ones that mostly affect black bear sleeping partners.

During fall and spring, black bears usually focus on food. Because of the food focus, black bears have the habit of sleeping for four hours or less.

3). Socialization Habits

Black bears love staying alone:

They have the habit of spending most of their time alone. Black bears love to have their time.

Black bears interact at particular times:

These mammals have the habit of socializing during the mating season despite being solitary. After the mating season ends, they always walk away.

During winter, black bears also come together to create warmth.

Black bears also have the habit of getting together when there is food in an area. During some seasons, certain sections might have a lot of bamboos. It is during this feeding season that black bears get together.

Final Thoughts

Black bears are creatures of many habits. Several routines make these bears fall among the animals with extreme practices.

There are specific ways in which black bears socialize, sleep and eat. The methods that these bears perform these activities are like a culture. Please share this article if you find it helpful.

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