Can Giant Pandas Jump? (Solved & Explained!)

Giant pandas are huge in size. Despite that, they are able to swim pretty well. 

This might make you wonder if giant pandas can jump too.

The quick answer is Yes!

Giant pandas can jump. But they cannot jump like a frog or a kangaroo because of their weight and body size. 

Moreover, they don’t jump to catch something or get on a tree. They generally jump to play amongst themselves. In other words, they jump for fun!

But if they can jump, does it mean they can jump high?

Let’s find out! 

Can Giant Pandas Jump High?

A picture of a giant panda

As said before, giant pandas cannot jump very high. Their body structure is not very suitable for high jumps. 

They can still jump off from small, raised platforms. Sometimes these creatures also try to jump from a tree.

Let’s just all agree that their inability to jump high makes them cuter. Imagine watching two panda cubs playing and jumping on each other.  

The jumps that a Giant Panda does are more like hopping. But do not mix that up with a hopping bunny. 

Bunny hops and lands on their feet flawlessly, but pandas don’t. After a small jump, the Panda may fall clumsily. Although they surely get up to jump again.

Pandas also jump when they are excited. They play with each other and sometimes like to scare each other by suddenly jumping. Even though giant pandas are not fantastic jumpers, they like to jump.

Why Giant Pandas Can’t Jump High?

There are two primary reasons why giant pandas can’t jump high.

1. Body Structure

Giant pandas have a unique skeletal design. Their bulky and well-rounded bodies are made to roll. 

Even their weight helps these adorable creatures to be safe while rolling around. The heavy bodies are not at all built for exercises like jumping.

Giant Panda limbs are also not slender or long. They have little hands and legs, which hinder their jumping. Their tiny legs and limbs are not suitable enough to carry their whole weight. 

This is because they can easily stand on their two feet, but jumping high on them would be impossible.

Jumping means landing on the feet, panda weight is too much for the action. This is the reason why the Giant Panda falls on their side while trying to jump.

2. Habitat

A picture of a giant panda in its habitat

As we all know, giant pandas are found mainly in certain provinces in China, deep in the mountains. 

The mountain terrain is not suitable for jumping. Most of the jumping animals either live in tropical regions or riverbeds.

We can safely assume that these animals learned their hopping or jumping nature as a part of their evolution. For a giant panda, though, this need never came.

These creatures live in the mountain provinces, and their diet consists of bamboo. The general need for jumping never occurred as they are great climbers. They usually just wander in the forest on foot.

These adorable animals also act as predators of birds and small mammals. But their predatory tendency is rarely seen. They do not need to scare other animals by stomping or skipping.

Jumping may not be their thing, but that does not stop them. They can do amazing things other than jumping.

What Other Things Can Pandas Do Besides Jumping?

  • Pandas are excellent climbers. The Panda cub starts to climb at the age of seven months.
  • They are also great swimmers. 
  • Giant pandas can make different noises. Researchers have decoded as many as 13 of these noises and linked them to many expressions.
  • Giant pandas have one of the strongest bite strengths among land mammals. They can create a force of 2,603 newtons with their sharp canines.
  • They are powerful animals. Their skull is thick, and the jaw muscle is attached to the top of the skull, making their muscles extra strong.
  • Giant Panda uses scents to mark their territory, warn other pandas and warn off other animals. 

Final Thought

Although giant pandas can jump, they are unable to jump very high. This is because their body structure is well-rounded. They are also heavy and have little limbs.

But even though pandas cannot jump high, they can do several amazing things like swimming and climbing.

Pandas are lovely creatures who make us laugh, and ultimately fall in love with them. These creatures are cute with their antics and charming with elegance.

But their cuteness is not the only thing that makes them popular. Read 13 Reasons Why Giant Pandas Are Very Popular to know what all things make these furry creatures famous!