Top 10 Most Popular Fruits Red Pandas Eat (#9 Is So Cute!)

Red pandas feed on several types of plants and insects. Come to think of it, are fruits parts of the red panda’s diet?

Yes, red pandas eat a variety of fruits. However, red pandas love some fruits more than others. The primary reason why they eat fruits is because of their sweet taste.

However, these fruits additional benefits.

A Red Panda Having a Bowl of Fruit Treats

Here are the most common fruits red pandas eat:

  1. Raspberries
  2. Apple
  3. Banana
  4. Grapes
  5. Orange
  6. Pumpkin
  7. Pears
  8. Watermelon
  9. Cranberries
  10. Strawberries

In this article, I will discuss the top 10 most common fruits a red panda eats! Let’s discuss below:

Red Pandas Eat Strawberries

Like most other berries, strawberries are among the red pandas’ favorite fruits. Strawberries have that taste that all red pandas find irresistible. 

In the red pandas’ natural habitat, strawberries grow naturally in some areas.

Red pandas can eat strawberries freely anytime they come across them. The keepers can also feed red pandas strawberries in captivity.

Strawberries have several health benefits to red pandas due to the presence of many vitamins.

Red Pandas Eat Raspberries

Raspberries mostly grow in bushes, which explains why red pandas love them. Unlike most other fruits, red pandas can easily come across raspberries in their natural habitat.

Red pandas can enjoy eating these berries at any time as long as they see them. Red pandas in the wild do not pose themselves with any feeding restrictions.

On the other hand, red pandas in enclosures may only enjoy minimal amounts of raspberries.

Raspberries have several health benefits, just as the other fruits.

Red Pandas Eat Apple

Apples are among the fruits that red pandas love and enjoy eating. This panda can feed on apples any time of the day. However, red pandas may not eat apples in the wild. 

This fruit is not so available in the red pandas’ natural habitat. Most of the red pandas that enjoy this fruit in plenty are the ones living in captivity.

Caretakers in zoos can offer apples to red pandas as special treats.

Apart from the sweet taste of apples, red pandas also benefit in terms of health. Apples are rich in nutrients that red pandas need.

In this case, apples are great supplements since they provide several antioxidants. Fiber is also present to enhance the red pandas’ digestive system.

Apples also help in lowering cholesterol levels in animals. Therefore, red pandas can be free of heart diseases with a regular supply of apples. When it comes to the natural hydration of red pandas, apples help a lot.

This fruit contains a high water percentage, meaning it can keep red pandas hydrated.

Red Pandas Eat Bananas

Just like apples, bananas may not be directly available in the wild.

The red pandas enjoy bananas a lot in captivity. In these enclosures, the caregivers can provide bananas mostly after main meals.

In this case, the fruit serves as an occasional treat.

Red pandas also benefit in terms of health when they consume bananas. This fruit works as an energy booster for red pandas due to the presence of natural sugars.

Many minerals and vitamins are also in place to enhance the normal functioning of the red panda’s body.

Potassium and vitamin C are some common minerals and vitamins in bananas. The natural fiber is also available in this fruit. This fiber aids in improving the natural gut health of red pandas.

Bananas also help in hydrating red pandas. This fruit has a good amount of natural water, which kicks into action after consumption.

Red Pandas Eat Grapes

Red pandas can eat grapes at any time of the day.

Domestic red pandas can have a regular supply of this fruit. However, red pandas in the wild can also enjoy this fruit since it may be available in certain areas.

Like most other fruits, grapes have minerals like potassium and sodium. These minerals prevent red pandas from getting illnesses of the bone like a hyperostotic disease.

Red Pandas Eat Oranges

Red pandas always enjoy eating oranges even though most other citrus fruits don’t impress them. The Himalayan climate facilitates the growth of oranges naturally. Therefore, red pandas can come across oranges without searching for long.

Red pandas in zoos may eat oranges in large quantities since the caretakers provide them. Oranges have a lot of benefits to red pandas.

From natural minerals and vitamins, red pandas can keep up with good health after taking oranges.

Red Pandas Eat Pumpkin

Red pandas love eating pumpkins mostly because of their sweet taste. Pumpkin is not easily available in the red pandas’ natural habitat.

Red pandas in zoos enjoy pumpkins more than the ones in the wild. Zoo keepers usually give pumpkins to red pandas only as supplements.

Even though pumpkin is just a supplement to red pandas, it brings many nutritional benefits.

There are a lot of nutrients in pumpkins that are useful to red pandas.

Red Pandas Eat Pears

Pears are not available in the red pandas’ natural environment. However, in zoos, red pandas enjoy pears a lot. While in captivity, the keepers can supply pears between meals.

Despite having that thrilling taste that red pandas love, pears also have nutritional benefits.

Vitamin C, K, and other minerals come with every bite red pandas take from pears. Natural minerals are also in this fruit. These minerals help in enhancing the natural functioning of the red panda’s body.

Red Pandas Eat Watermelon

Watermelon is among the favorite fruits of red pandas. In captivity settings, red pandas can enjoy a regular supply of watermelon.

Red pandas love eating this fruit, mostly on hot days. The high level of water in this fruit hydrates red pandas to favorable levels.

Besides the capability to hydrate red pandas, watermelon also carries several other benefits.

Nutrients like potassium and vitamin B are in raspberries. These vitamins and minerals maintain the well-being of red pandas. For example, red pandas cannot suffer from coat issues when they eat this fruit.

Red Pandas Eat Cranberries

Cranberries do not fall among red pandas’ major diet. However, red pandas enjoy this fruit for their sweet taste. In the wild, red pandas can eat cranberries at any time.

In captivity, red pandas are only provided with minimal supply. The minimal supply comes because cranberries only come as supplements.

This fruit has several health benefits due to its high content of vitamins. Red pandas can be safe from different health conditions like renal diseases by consuming cranberries.

Final Thoughts

Red pandas eat fruits because of their sweet taste. However, they gain many health benefits from eating fruits.

Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, apples, and bananas contain many vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help improve red pandas’ health.

We’ve seen that red pandas enjoy eating fruits. Do you think there could be other things that red pandas enjoy doing?

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