11 Reasons Why Red Pandas Are Lazy (w/ Videos!)

After visiting the zoo or watching some films, you may have seen red pandas hanging or sleeping on trees. Does this mean red pandas are lazy?

Yes, red pandas are lazy because of many reasons! These pandas do not involve themselves in many physical activities.

In this article, I will discuss the top 11 reasons why they are considered lazy.
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Red Pandas Sleep For Long

Red pandas usually spend most of their time sleeping on branches. These pandas always spend an average of 13 hours sleeping.

Sleeping for 13 hours or more during the day helps red pandas to conserve energy despite making them lazy.

red panda sleeping on top of a tree

Other red pandas can sleep for fewer hours. However, such pandas must have several naps during the day.

Different patterns of how different red pandas sleep still prove that they love sleeping.

Other animals in the wild are mostly awake to protect themselves from attacks from other animals. When it comes to red pandas’ natural habitat, no specific animals try to harm them.

The fact that their surrounding environment is mostly safe makes them sleep longer.

For this reason, red pandas can sleep at any time of the day or night without any worries.

The Himalayan region is the native habitat of red pandas. The temperature in this region can drop up to the sub-zeros.

Due to the freezing Himalayan temperatures, red pandas have adapted survival methods.

Hibernating is one of the top ways red pandas survive the Himalayan cold. Even though long hybernations are helpful, they still make red pandas lazy.

Red Pandas Move Slowly and Take Breaks in between Trips

When red pandas are awake, they usually move around in search of food or water. However, these pandas move at very slow speeds.

While walking, red pandas can even take several breaks.

The fact that red pandas move slowly and take breaks proves they are lazy.

Red Pandas Eat Bamboo Heavy Diet

Even though red pandas sometimes feed on other foods, they mainly eat bamboo.

Bamboo shoots and leaves have low calories. However, fiber is also abundant in bamboo, and it’s quite difficult to digest.

The result is that red pandas will need to spend most of their time resting. Resting helps them compensate for the intake of energy.

Resting to conserve energy proves to be a valid reason.

However, it still shows that these mammals are relatively lazy.

The Solitary Lifestyle of Red Pandas

Red pandas spend most of their time alone. These pandas do not even interact with one another unless it’s necessary.

These pandas have adapted to the solitary lifestyle for different reasons.

However, the fact that red pandas do not look for each other shows they are lazy.

Red Pandas Do Not Move Around Frequently

Most animals in the wild must move around in search of various survival needs. Almost everything is within reach in the red pandas’ natural habitat.

Bamboo, which is their favorite food, is almost everywhere. Several water bodies are around their reach.

For these reasons, you can never spot red pandas roaming frequently.

These reasons prove that red pandas are relatively lazy.

Red Pandas Spend Most of Their Time on Trees

These pandas always seem to be on vacation daily. In most cases, you can only spot them on top of branches and trees.

Even when red pandas are not sleeping, they just take their time to relax calmly on the branches. On average, red pandas can take naps of up to six hours.

Red Pandas Do Not Make Sounds All the Time

Even though red pandas can produce sounds, they are rarely doing so. These mammals only make sounds during special occasions and sometimes ignore them.

When the time comes for red pandas to communicate, they choose only to hiss.

Producing high vocal sounds seems to tire them, which they dislike. If it’s a must for the red pandas to communicate, they always tend to use simple sounds.

Choosing to use weaker sounds proves how lazy red pandas can be.

Red Pandas Love Sunbathing

You can easily spot red pandas sunbathing on rocks and branches during cool months. These pandas can stretch out to the sun and enjoy the sun for long hours.

In cooler months, red pandas always sunbathe a lot. However, these pandas are so fond of this behavior that it makes them lazy.

They Do Not Eat All Day

Most animals in the wild spend most of their hours feeding. When it comes to red pandas, the situation is different.

These mammals can eat only during dawn and dusk. These hours are the only times when red pandas are fully active.

Red Pandas Have a Low Reproductive Rate

When you compare red pandas to other mammals, you can notice a low reproduction rate. Most female red pandas only give birth to two or four young ones.

The fact that red pandas only reproduce a few cabs means they don’t mate much.

They Do Not Spend Most of Their Time Taking Care of Their Cubs

Red pandas only look after their young up to two weeks from birth. After this time, the young red pandas can look after themselves.

This reason shows that these pandas are relatively lazy.

Some red pandas can even look after their cubs for a lesser period.


  • Why do red pandas sleep a lot? 

Red pandas sleep to conserve energy. Sleeping also helps red pandas control their body temperature. In cold weather, they can sleep for long hours as a form of hibernation.

Final Thoughts

Red pandas prove to be lazy by showing certain behaviors. The fact that these mammals are slow and spend most of their time on trees is evidence enough.

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