Are Red Pandas Native to Japan? (9 Zoos You Must Visit!)

Red pandas live mostly in Asia. However, they only have a few native Asian countries. And if you’re wondering if they are native to Japan, here’s what you need to know… 

No, red pandas are not native to Japan. They are native to China, Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Burma (Myanmar). 

However, you can still find red pandas in captivity in Japan. That’s right! There are many zoos where you can meet red pandas in Japan.

That being said, let’s take a look at the different places in Japan where you can visit a red panda. Keep reading below.

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9 Places to Visit Red Pandas in Japan

Nishiyama Zoo (Sabae)

A very popular place to visit red pandas in Japan is the Nishiyama Zoo located in Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture. In addition, red pandas are what makes this zoo very popular. 

Red pandas are the official animals of Sabae city, Japan. What’s more interesting is that the zoo houses the largest group of red pandas in Japan. 

Currently, they have about 13 red pandas, despite being a very small zoo. Nishiyama zoo is a place you can head to in Japan if you want to see red pandas pretty close.

Nishiyama Zoo Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 3-chōme-8-9 Sakuramachi, Sabae, Fukui 916-0027, Japan

Phone No:. +81 778-52-2737

Nasu Animal Kingdom

If you want to have a quality moment with a red panda in Japan, Nasu Animal Kingdom is your best shot. This zoo is popular and pretty fun. 

Additionally, it’s located in Nasu, Japan, and houses about 600 animals. Nasu Animals Kingdom is unique in that visitors can get up close and personal with the animals.

Unlike most zoos in Japan with red pandas, Nasu Animal Kingdom offers a red panda experience. This encounter is interactive, and you’ll get to feed them treats and pet them.

Nasu Animal Kingdom Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 1042-1 Ōshima, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi 329-3223, Japan

Phone No: +81 287-77-1110

Sapporo City Maruyama Zoo

Another Japanese zoo where you can visit red pandas is the Sapporo City Maruyama zoo. It’s the first zoo in Hokkaido and the 10th largest zoo in Japan. 

Red pandas are among the 150 species the zoo displays. This zoo is one of the most nature-oriented zoos in Japan. 

This is because Maruyama Zoo creates an environment for their species that resembles their natural environment. As a result, it allows red pandas to use their instincts pretty well. 

It’s a great way for visitors to learn how red pandas live in their native habitats. In addition to this, visitors can see red pandas in the Asian Zone (Alpine exhibit) of the zoo. 

Get into the indoor area and watch red pandas closely as they eat, play, and wander around their enclosure.

Maruyama Zoo Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 3番地1 Miyagaoka, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0959, Japan

Phone No:. +81 11-621-1426

Nogeyama Zoological Gardens

Yokohama’s first zoo, Nogeyama zoological gardens, also made it to the list of places to see red pandas in Japan. This zoo is located in Yokohama, Japan, specifically at the center of the city. 

This makes it a zoo that visitors can easily access. This zoo is also free, and that’s amazing! Interestingly, red pandas are the zoo’s star attractions! 

What’s more interesting is that the red panda section is just near the main entrance of the zoo. This means they will be the first and last animals you’ll see when you visit the zoo. 

Unfortunately, the zoo doesn’t allow the petting of red pandas. However, the red pandas’ enclosure is designed in such a way that it allows a visitor to see the red pandas up close.

Nogeyama Zoo Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 63-10 Oimatsuchō, Nishi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0032, Japan.

Phone No:. +81 45-231-1307

Shizuoka Municipal Nihondaira Zoo

Nihondaira Zoo is another captive home for red pandas in Japan. This zoo is located in Suruga Ward, Shizuoka, Japan. 

Furthermore, it’s a leading zoo in Japan that breeds over 700 creatures, including the adorable red pandas. Interestingly, this is where Fuuta, one of the famous red pandas in Japan, was born.

In this zoo, you can watch red pandas live their lives. And this could either be from the outdoor space or the indoor area, which is much closer.

Nihondaira Zoo Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 1767-6 Ikeda, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka, 422-8005, Japan

Phone No:. +81 54-262-3251

Chausuyama Zoo

Still, in Japan, you can visit red pandas at the Chausuyama Zoo. It’s located in Nagano City, in the center of Japan. 

In addition, the zoo is home to over 70 species, including red pandas. In addition, red pandas are undoubtedly the cutest animals on display in this zoo. 

These creatures steal attention easily. When you head to the red panda section, you can view them up close. 

It’s close enough to touch them. However, for some reason, this zoo also doesn’t allow the petting of red pandas.

Chausuyama Zoo Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 570-1 Shinonoiutabi, Nagano, 388-8016, Japan

Phone No: +81 26-293-5167

Tobe Zoological Park

Another place on our list is Tobe Zoological Park, which you’ll find in Tobe, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. It’s the largest zoo in western Japan, with over 700 animals. 

What’s more, this zoo offers visitors an adventurous experience. Interestingly, Tobe Zoological Park houses its animals on different streets. 

In addition to this, each street contains creatures that all have something in common. It could be a native home, country, habitat, etc. 

That being said, you might be wondering where red pandas stay in this zoo. Head over to this street, known as Little World

That’s where you’ll see red pandas! This street is a section that’s basically for cute, small animals. Still, all you can do is watch red pandas up close, not pet them, in this zoo.

Tobe Zoological Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 240 Kamiharamachi, Tobe, Iyo District, Ehime 791-2191, Japan

Phone No:. +81 89-962-6000

Kobe Oji Zoo

Oji Zoo or Kobe Zoo are simpler ways to call this zoo. However, nothing is simple about the experience and attractions in this zoo. 

Kobe Zoo is located in the center of Kobe, Japan. It’s easy to find, and the citizens of Kobe adore and often visit this zoo. Additionally, it has about 850 animals, including very rare species. 

Furthermore, this zoo has many attractions. Interestingly, the Red Panda Pavilion is one of the zoo’s attractions. 

There, you can see red pandas very close, especially the female red panda, Yan Yan. She’s famous for being the oldest living red panda in Japan. 

Unfortunately, transparent glass fences surround the red pandas. So, there’s no petting them. Just enjoy the view.

Kobe Zoo Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: 3-chōme-1 Ōjichō, Nada Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 657-0838, Japan

Phone No: +81 78-861-5624

Tama Zoological Park

This is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, Japan, and it undoubtedly houses red pandas. 

In addition, Tama Zoological Park has so much space, which allows its animals to move around freely. That’s right! There are no cages or fences. 

This kind of zoo environment aims to look and feel the same as the animals’ natural habitats. Tama Zoological Park is popular for being the first zoo in Japan to breed Koalas. 

It consists of about five attractions. And you’ll find red pandas in one of the zoo’s major attractions—the Asiatic Garden

There, you can see these cute creatures and watch them roam around freely. Sadly, you might not touch them, but the up-close view is wonderful. 

Tama Zoological Park Information:

Website: Click Here

Address: Japan, 〒191-0041 Tokyo, Hino, Hodokubo, 7-chōme−1−1

Phone No: +81 42-591-1611

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of this article, and I believe you now know that red pandas are not native to Japan. Still, you’ll find them living in Japan. 

However, this can only be in captivity, where they can be safe. If you decide to visit red pandas in Japan, I’m certain you now know where to head. 

Sadly, most of these Japanese zoos do not allow the petting of red pandas. But such an interactive red panda experience is still possible in many other locations.

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