6 Adorable Ways Red Pandas Deal with the Melting Heat!

Red pandas are found in colder regions and this might make you question, ‘How do they deal with the melting heat?

In this article, I will reveal 6 different ways red pandas deal with melting heat. 

Now, let’s get started! 

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1. Move to a Shade 

Red pandas go to a shady place when faced with too much heat. The ones in the wild will go into hiding under tall trees. 

This run-off scene is very adorable as they try to get under the shade very fast. The captive red pandas would have a specially made shade area for them.

This shaded area is sometimes air-conditioned to help them stay cool. Red pandas know where to run off to when the weather is hotter.

They would just quickly get to their ‘lounge’ if they feel the heat is unbearable.

In general, the red pandas would just lie here and there when it is not that hot. 

But when threatened by the warmer sun, they would make sure to stay cool by avoiding it. Avoiding the sun would mean hiding from it until the sun sets.

And that is exactly what these cute creatures do!

2. Climb Up a Tree 

Red Pandas Staying Up High on a Tree to Deal with the Melting Heat

Other than running off to a shady place, red pandas also climb tall trees to avoid the melting heat.

The tall trees in the regions where red pandas are found are blessed with many branches. These branches work as shades to the animals during the daytime. 

Red pandas climb up these branches to save themselves from the scorching sun. They would lie on the tree branch and wait for the sun to set.

3. Seek Higher Elevations

Red pandas try to find cool places during the hot season. They would shift to the higher grounds from where they live.

It is because the higher the elevation is, the less warm it is. These cool areas surrounding their habitats are known as microhabitats.

The animals would move there knowing that it would be cooler and safer for them to live in. So, you can find red pandas migrating to higher regions every year during the warmer days.

These creatures are extremely intelligent and would start moving before the actual heat waves start. Red pandas would do the shift after studying the weather and from their past experiences. 

If they think the season after the winter will be a strong warm season, they would move to higher elevations. If they feel they would be able to handle the heat, they will not shift.

4. Pant for Cooling

Another way red pandas deal with the melting heat is to pant. Have you seen a dog pant after a long run?

Red pandas show the same behavior when faced with the warm sun. Panting means they take quick, short breaths. This panting behavior helps them to keep cool.

They look really adorable doing it, sticking their tongue out. Red pandas’ adaptability to nature can be seen in their ways to cool themselves.

Interestingly, panting helps red pandas cool their body temperatures really fast. It might even be the fastest way they deal with the melting heat.

As red pandas cannot sweat much, panting comes as an effective way they keep cool. The lack of sweat glands makes it harder for these little creatures to survive warmer times. 

This is why they pant like crazy upon the arrival of summer. This keeps them cool as well as conserves their own body heat.

5. Nose Sweats

Like many other mammals, the only place where red pandas have sweat glands is their nose. They sweat a lot around their noses during the summer season. 

They also lose a lot of heat through their facial skin which is hairless. This hairless region is not covered with fur. Hence, it is used to lose heat.

Animals with fur have sweat glands on their nose and sometimes under their paws. But red pandas’ paws are heavily covered with fur. Hence, they have it only on their noses. 

6. Fruit Popsicles (Fruitsicles)

Fruit Popsicles (Fruitsicles) - Cooling Treats for Red Pandas During the Melting Heat

Now this means of cooling is particularly for the red pandas in captivity. That’s right!

Zoo keepers will offer red pandas popsicles when the weather is hot. 

Fruit popsicles (or fruitsicles) are effective when it comes to keeping red pandas cool. Generally, many animals in captivity are given this treat in the summer.

These fruit popsicles are made with fruit juice and fruit chunks. And this is done by diluting and freezing real fruit juices and the fruit chunks.

Red pandas enjoy this treat very much. And red pandas eating popsicles is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss!

Can Red Pandas Survive in Hot Weather?

Yes, red pandas can survive in hot weather. The ideal temperature they can tolerate is 63°F (17°C ) to 77 °F (25°C). They cannot tolerate a temperature rise after 25°C. 

Although they are heat-sensitive animals, they have their own ways of dealing with heat like panting. 

They can suffer from heat strokes if they are exposed to excessive heat. Pandas in general are heat intolerant. 

This is because they live in the mountain ranges where it is cold most of the time.

Do Red Pandas Live in Hot or Cold Weather?

Red pandas live in moderately cold weather regions. Their habitat has a varying temperature between 63°F (17°C ) to 77 °F (25°C). 

The bamboo forests also have a lot of regular rain and sometimes snowfalls. 

The species is meant to survive the cold regions of the Himalayas than the warmer regions.

It is safe to assume that they like the cold weather more than the warm. Although red pandas can survive in warmer regions, they would always prefer the temperate climate.


There are many ways red pandas deal with the melting heat. For creatures without sweat glands, these cooling methods below have been helpful:

  • Red pandas cool down by climbing a tall tree. 
  • They also have bodily functions to keep them cool like sweating and panting. 
  • These creatures also seek higher elevations when the weather is too much to bear. 
  • Red pandas in captivity are given a particular space with air conditioning and shade. 
  • In captivity, they are also given popsicles to help them cool down.

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