7 Things Red Panda Hate! (#2 Is My Favorite)

Did you know? Red pandas hate being disturbed when they are asleep. What about the other things that these cute animals hate? 

Red pandas do not like certain things and can be pretty dramatic about it. For example, they get irritated by loud noises easily. Similarly, they don’t like the company of others. 

In this article, I will discuss 7 things red pandas hate! 

1. Company

Red pandas are solitary creatures. It means they do not like to mingle with others. Red pandas are also extremely territorial. Because of this behavior, red pandas hate staying with other pandas. 

It is more common for the male red pandas to fight with other male pandas. In fact, male red pandas mark their territory so other red pandas do not enter theirs. 

The females of this species also show territorial behavior, especially with cubs.

Mother red panda lives with her cubs only up until they mature. Interestingly, male red pandas accept cubs in their territory as long as they are his. 

The males will tolerate the cubs because, as babies, they are not competing with him.

It is also evident in some cases that one male red panda can accept his adult brother or sons to live inside their territory. This shows that the males do not feel threatened by their family members. 

Although most males prefer to live companionless, exceptions to this rule are seen in the animal world.

2. Hot Weather

Red pandas can adjust to colder weather but do not like scorching heat. They are mostly found in the temperate region of the eastern Himalayas. 

As the name suggests, the temperate region’s climate is moderate. The weather is neither too cold nor too hot.

If the temperature goes above 18–24 °C (64–75 °F), red pandas are at risk of getting heat stress. Heat stress is a condition where the body cannot handle too much heat. It can lead to dizziness, headache, dehydration, etc. in red pandas. 

In winter, the red pandas can be seen keeping themselves warm with their tails. 

The colder temperature leads pandas to limit their activity.

No, they do not hibernate like bears but conserve their energy. This conservation of energy is done by slowing down the metabolic rate.

 This state is known as ‘torpor’, and the red pandas sleep more in this state.

3. Old/Dried Bamboo

A picture showing bamboo

Red pandas do not like bamboo, which is not fresh. If the bamboo is not fresh, they can refuse to eat it. Bamboo is very low in nutrition and provides minimum nutrition to the red pandas.

If they do not find a fresh source of bamboo, they cannot survive. When red pandas are kept in captivity, researchers ensure that their enclosures have enough bamboo trees. Providing enough food ensures the pandas can thrive and do not need to worry about food. 

Interestingly, non-fresh or previously cut bamboo does not taste fresh to them.

The bamboo they get from bamboo trees is far fresher and more delicious. They also do not like bamboo which is not seasonal. The bamboo they eat changes from season to season. 

Imagine giving a red panda a bamboo that is out-of-season. Horrifying right? They refuse to eat bamboo, which is not right for the season, or bamboo, which is not for their tastebuds. 

Bamboo quality largely impacts red pandas as it is their primary food source.

4. Being Awaken From Sleep

Just like the giant pandas, red pandas also like to sleep. They are sleepy, cuddly creatures who like to take a nap whenever possible!  Obviously, these animals would hate being disturbed from sleep.

Red pandas will become moody after being woken up from their nap. These animals do not like to waste their energy, especially during winter. 

The red pandas are a species that eats bamboo all day and then goes off to sleep. Their daily activity includes playing for a bit and going to sleep the rest of the time.

Being awakened from their sleep puts them in an irritated mood.

If another panda awakens a red panda, it may respond to it by fighting. There’s no doubt that they are creatures who take napping seriously.

5. Being Disturbed

Red pandas do not like to be disturbed at all. If a red panda’s habitat is disturbed by a human, it may hide or leave its habitat. Female pandas are the ones who are most affected by disturbance. 

Did you know?

If red pandas smell other animals or humans in their newborns, they might kill them. Red pandas’ scent-sensing ability is excellent, and they can detect different smells in their cubs.

This mostly happens in the case of a newborn cub who is unable to identify scents. Mother red panda, instead of rejecting the cub like other animals, kills it.

6. Water

Red pandas hate getting wet. They do have occasional swimming sessions, but that’s it.

Water is also bad for their fur. They have thick fur, which protects them from the cold. Now when it gets wet, the coat takes a long time to dry.

The undried fur can be problematic to the panda as it can cling to dirt and debris. Fur covered with dirt and other materials will make it unhealthy. Wet fur, along with dust, will make the coat look rusty.

This can also lead to hair loss and hair breakage.

Wet fur can result in the red pandas catching colds and related diseases. It can also make the pandas prone to other diseases.

In short, they are known to be good swimmers but prefer to avoid getting wet regularly.  

7. Loud Noises

The red panda’s hearing ability is incredible. They can run away or climb trees to protect themselves when they hear threatening noises or loud sounds. 

However, It also means that red pandas are very sensitive to hearing. Although red panda makes many sounds, they can hear much more than that.

Being sensitive to sounds, red pandas prefer a quiet neighborhood. This is why they live in the mountain regions and are so solitary. 


In this article, we looked at 7 things that red pandas hate. 

  • Red pandas do not like to get wet as wet fur causes them discomfort. 
  • They also prefer to avoid hot regions and like to stay in the moderate zones of the area. 
  • As solitary animals, red pandas do not like to mingle with others and socialize only during mating season.
  • Because of their sensitive hearing, loud noises are also on their dislikes list, as well as non-fresh bamboo. 

But these cuties love eating. Read What Do Red Pandas Like To Eat? (7 Types of Food w/ List) to know their favorite food items!