9 Most Adorable Panda Shoes for Toddlers Under $30

Today’s kids are way smarter and picky than ever before. As a result, it’s important for parents like you to choose the right product at the right price. But what if you buy them a pair of shoes and they refuse to wear them?

Therefore, it’s advisable to select something fun to attract them. Just like panda shoes- Kids love cute things and even better if they are comfortable to wear.

In this article, I will share some best panda shoes for toddlers under $30. Stay with me until the end to hear my advise!

1. Crocs Slip-on Panda Water Shoes

By: Crocs

best panda shoes for toddlers

 If you are looking for a super comfortable pair of panda shoes for your kids, these unisex crocs are worth your attention.

Available in different color options, Crocs unisex slip-on shoes are incredibly lightweight and fun to wear. Moreover, their convenience and the funky panda print is what your kids need.

Why do we love it?

Extremely easy to wear and convenient.

Comes with ventilation ports for breathability

Helps shed water and debris quickly, making these the perfect water shoes.

Come with a heel strap to offer your kids a more secure fit. 

Price: $ 29.99

Size Available: 1-4 years of toddlers 

What to consider?

  • A bit expensive as compared to other shoes.
  • Panda print is available only in pink colour. 

2. Cozy Bedroom Toddler Shoes

by: Panda Bros 

Best panda shoes under $30

Next on the list are super warm and soft indoor slipper socks by the brand Panda Bros. These cute cartoon slippers are specifically designed to take care of your child’s little feet.

Having an attractive panda plush toy appearance, these socks-cum-shoes are perfect for cold weather. 

Why do we love it?

The fuzzy lining of these shoes makes them highly comfortable for your kids.

Their fur and fluffy fabric give extra warmth to your child’s tiny feet. 

Their slip-resistant gripping makes them safe for your kids. Both the soles of these slippers have silicone grip dots to give extra traction on floors. 

Price: $15.99

Size Available: 1.5 M-2.5 M US kids/ 12.5 M-13.5 M US kids

What to consider?

  • Not suitable for warm weather.
  • If you are looking for proper shoes, they can be a disappointment as they are more of shoes-cum-socks. 

3. Infant’s Non-skid Panda Sneakers

by: Cosankim

Best panda sneakers for kids

Available in sizes from 6 months infants up to 2.5 years infants, these panda sneakers by Cosankim are another extremely affordable and cute pair of shoes that we have on the list. They are super lightweight and comfy to wear. 

Why do we love it?

Comes with a soft cotton lining and a rubber sole to give extra protection to your child’s delicate feet.

Easy to wear – these sneakers come with elastic around the ankle to make them stay on the baby’s feet. 

Prize: $7.99-$13.99

Size Available: 6 months to 24 months toddlers 

What to consider?

  • Limites size options are available.
  • Although different designs are available, the choice of animal changes.

4. Panda Faux-Leather Winter Shoes for Kids

by: HsdsBebe

best panda leather shoes for kids

Made with high-quality Pu leather and sweat-absorbing polyester lining, these shoes come with a sturdy rubber sole to give good support and grip to prevent falls. 

Why do we love it?

Hand sewed for extra durability 

Easy to wear and comes with hook and loop straps to give a better grip. 

Perfect shoes for new walkers as they have enough space for the baby’s feet to grow.

Price: $10.86-$ 13.86 

Size Available: 3 to 18 months of toddlers

What to Consider?

  • Available only for toddlers up to the age of 18 months.
  • Recommended mainly for new walkers.

5. Toddlers’ Non-slip Panda Shoes

by: Howell

Best panda slippers

If you are looking for stretchable shoes for your kids, these slippers are a perfect pick. They are made with durable and stretchable fabric to support your infant’s feet.

Moreover, the best part about these shoes is that they are foldable. As a result, you can easily carry them anywhere. Isn’t it great? 

Why do we love it?

These slippers are 2-in-1. The socks-cum-shoes slippers are made from socks-like material, with a rubber sole. It gives a feeling of wearing socks, and at the same time, they are super comfortable for walking as they have a sturdy rubber sole. 

Pretty socks-like appearance having panda face design on each. 

Extremely lightweight 


Price: $8.99-$ 14.99 

Size Available: 5-8 toddler 

What to consider?

  • Not made from proper shoe material. Rather, they are more of shoes-cum-socks.

6. Red Velvet Panda Shoes

by: Yihakids

best panda shoes for kids

If you want your kid to look classy, cute, and feel comfortable, these shoes are worth a buy. Their suede sole gives your child extra protection and prevents them from falling while playing or walking.

The sole also protects your child’s tender feet from cold and uneven ground. What else do you want, but your child’s safety?

Why do we love it?

Non-slip suede sole

Elegant leather shoes with a cute panda touch

Comfortable unisex shoes for your child’s tiny feet

The elastic ankle ensures a great fit. These shoes stay on your child’s feet and are also easy to remove. 

Price: $11.99

Size Available: 0-24 months of toddlers

What to consider?

  • Limited size options are available.

7. Unisex Fleece Baby Slippers

by: HsdsBebe

Best panda fleece slippers

These panda fleece slippers are adorable and will make your little baby look adorable. Made from high-quality fleece, these slippers have a soft cotton sole to protect your child’s feet from any stimulation. Apart from that, they are tested for their safety for your peace of mind. 

Why do we love it?

High-quality fleece 

Breathable cotton material and soft cotton sole

Comes with elastic slip-on closure for easy put on and take off

Price: $6-$9.99

Size Available: 0-18 months of toddlers 

What to consider?

  • Limited size options.
  • Also, not many designs available.

8. Unisex Cute Animal Slippers

by: Xyluigi

Best panda shoes for kids

These fur-lined shoes are perfect for winters. Moreover, they are perfect for giving your child the warmth that they need. Made from 100% cotton, these cute panda shoes are extra light and soft. The reason behind it is their cushiony insole with memory foam. 

Why do we love it?

Warm and comfortable to wear

Soft cushiony insole and sturdy rubber outsole 

Price: $ 12.99-$ 14.99

Size Available: 0-13.5 toddlers

What to consider?

  • They cannot be used in all seasons.
  • Limited size options are available.

9. Cute Leather Shoes for Toddlers

by: Lidiano 

best panda shoes under $30

Looking for something that your child can wear both indoors and outdoors? If yes, these cute panda leather shoes are perfect for your kids. These slip-on shoes are not only adorable but extremely easy to put on and take off.

Why do we love it?

Made with non-slip rubber sole

Moreover, Lidiano shoes are completely waterproof.

Hand-sewed for better quality 

It has a soft cotton insole.

Price: $ 10.99

Size Available: 0-24 months of toddlers

What to consider?

  • Not suitable for you if you are looking for material other than leather. 

What Shoes Should Toddlers Wear?

You should select shoes for your little kids keeping in mind their comfort and style. Therefore, always choose lightweight, soft, and comfortable shoes that are easy to wear. 

Kids love cartoons and cute things; therefore, they will be attracted to wear shoes that are cute, stylish, and resemble animals or cartoons. I recommended that panda shoes are the best shoes for your kids. They are not only adorable but also comfortable. 

Besides, ensure that the shoes are made from non-slippery material and have a sturdy sole.

How Many Shoes Does a Toddler Need?

On average, toddlers need at least 4-5 pairs of shoes. Since toddlers love to crawl, walk, and play a lot, the chances of shoes getting dirty are more. Therefore, you need to have extra pairs of shoes for your child. 

Final Thoughts

Buying the right shoes for your kids is very important for your child’s protection. Besides, the perfect shoes are breathable and have enough space for the growth of your baby’s feet. And yes, you cannot neglect the cuteness factor. What’s better than cute panda shoes? Therefore, in this article, we talked about some super cute and comfortable panda shoes available on Amazon that you can purchase. 

We hope this article will help you pick those perfect pairs of shoes for your precious little ones. Make the right choice for the happiness of your kids!


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