4 Cutest Panda Onesie Anime for Women

If you are a big panda fan, you might want to collect literally everything related to panda bears. And, that’s perfectly right to an extent. Panda bears are super cute, and all of us would love to have panda onesie anime. Excited, right?

Onesies are super comfortable one-piece clothing that serves as a shirt and trouser both. In a panda onesie, you pretty much feel like getting into a panda costume, and it’s a lovely feeling!

In this article, I have brought up some really cool onesies that are equally good for adults as they are for children. So, welcome to the adult panda club!

Slim Fit Animal Pajamas

By: Silver Lilly

Slim fit animal pajamas

The Silver Lily panda onesie anime comes in 100% polyester to keep you safe from getting cold. It gives you warm cozy comfort. The pajama set presents a slim fit design that is not too baggy for you to be unable to carry around.

The best thing about this onesie is that it comes with a hood! On a black onesie, the white hood with the panda face printed on it makes it super cute. Each covers each minor detail – such as having a tail at the back on the onesie and pockets at either side.

If you are planning a sleepover at a friend’s place, a themed-party night, or a visit to a panda place, this will get you going!

Washing of this panda onesie is super simple and effortless. You can simply hand wash it and lay it flat so that it dries off completely. Additionally, it is available in X-small sizes through XX-large. Hence, whatever age you are, nobody is discouraging you from wearing a nice sleek onesie!

Why do I love it?

  • The onesie has an easy to put on design that fits perfectly
  • It comes in a slim fit style
  • It is easy to wash and clean
  • The hoodie and pockets are glamorous additions
  • It is perfect for all sizes

What to Consider?

  • It is not suitable to wear in summers
  • Pockets are not big enough to keep stuff
  • You can’t wear it over other clothes

Adult Panda Bear Costume

By: Silver Lilly

Adult Panda Bear Costume

Are you looking for something to wear for cosplay? A panda onesie anime could work, no? Well, definitely it will. Who’d say no to get into a panda bear costume?

The silver Lilly adult panda costume has a white silhouette, with black arms and legs and a cute white hood. The hood has a smiling panda face printed on it to make it more attractive.

The cutest thing that I found in this onesie was the little tail at the back. On the white panda body, the black shows up like a very adorable thing. 

The rest of the costume details are very attractive that perfectly add to your cosplay look. The material of the onesie is quite cozy and keeps you warm. It has a button-up closure that is easy to put on. You can wear it easily over your other clothes as well. 

The loose-fitting of the onesie allows you to roam around freely. The pockets are good enough to keep your keys and phone safe when you are out. It comes from X-small to XX-large sizes. So, you can get the one that perfectly suits you!

Why do I love it?

  • Adorable and attractive designs and patterns
  • Comfortable and loose-fitting
  • Button up closures to make them easily wearable
  • You can wear them over your clothes
  • The packages are vacuum sealed for protection

What to consider?

  • Too loose for skinny people
  • Not good and comfortable for summers

Polar Fleece Red Panda Anime Onesie


It comes in 8 different variants, representing different animals such as red pandas, cows, zebra, and others.

However, the red panda onesie is just too cute to ignore. It has the same color as the red panda and comes with a long tail at the back. These costume designs have excellent features that make them look just real.

The Canasour Panda Onesie anime is made of 100% polyester to keep you cozy and comfortable during chilly winter nights. It can be perfect for a sleepover, a cosplay party, or any other occasion that you want to look cute at. 

It has two front pockets to keep small stuff such as some candies, phones, and keys. In addition, it’s easier to wash with hands and can be laid still to dry. However, if you want to iron them, make sure that you do it at a very low temperature so that it doesn’t lose colors. 

It is available in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes. They range from 57 to 76 inches. Hence, you can choose whichever size suits you the most.

Why do I love it?

  • It has a cute cartoon hoodie.
  • The front has buttons to allow easy wearing.
  • It comes with unique details such as tails and pockets.
  • Easy to hand wash and dry

What to consider?

  • Not good for summers
  • It should be ironed at a high temperature.

Panda Ears Costume for Women


Panda onsie for women

The Canasour panda costume for adults is a loose and baggy style onesie. It is super loose and has buttons at the front, which makes it easier to wear. The costume is made of 100% polyester and is perfect for someone who cares more about comfort rather than fitting the costume.

Not only does it feel soft and fluffy to touch, but it is warm and cozy as well. Like, what else would anyone want in a onesie, right?

The best thing about this panda onesie anime is that you can hand wash it whenever you want. There are no restrictions whatsoever. All you have to do is, wash it and put it to dry. The whimsy design is something that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Another great thing about this costume is that you can wear it above your own clothes. Since it is loose and baggy, it doesn’t make you uncomfortable if you do so. So, when you are in a hurry, the panda onesie is the best shot. 

It is available in all sizes ranging from small, medium, large, and x-large. Therefore, whatever size you are, don’t worry; this panda onesie will fit you best. 

Why do we love it?

  • It is quite loose and baggy onesie
  • It keeps you warm and cozy
  • The front button-ups to wear easily
  • You can easily hand wash it
  • It is pretty easier to dry
  • This onesie is available in different sizes

What to consider?

  • Not iron-friendly at high temperatures
  • Too warm to wear in summers
  • Not suitable for people who prefer slim-fit designs

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Look Good In a Onesie?

First things first, wear your panda onesie with confidence and make sure to get one that looks attractive. Size is everything, so get your perfect size first. Whether it’s the baggy one or a loose one, it must be your size.

The final step is to glam it up a bit. It can be by using the right pair of slippers or something that might add to the panda fever.

Are Onesies Supposed to Be Baggy?

Although onesies come in slim-fit designs, they were quite baggy typically. However, the children or adults who don’t feel comfortable in baggy clothes can definitely switch to a more slim-fit design. The baggy onesies have the advantage that you can wear them over your clothes, and they will be a good protective suit against chilly winters.

What Do You Wear Under a Onesie?

What Do You Wear Under a Onesie for women

You can wear your regular tops and pajamas under a onesie. They provide you enough room to wear more clothes so that you don’t feel cold even during the chilly winters.

If your onesie is somewhat baggier, you can wear sweaters underneath as well. Make sure to wear lighter colors so that they don’t show up!


A onesie is definitely a piece of clothing that a lot of people wouldn’t wear out of cosplay. However, these panda onesies are so adorable and cute that nobody would intentionally miss a chance to wear them. Especially for those who are more into wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, the onesies are a perfect match.

You can get them for yourself or gift them to your loved ones – either for an event, a party night, or a sleepover. It is so comfortable and cozy that it will keep you warm even during the winter nights. So, get the best one you want before your friends have it!

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Best Onesie Anime for Women