279 Names for Panda in Adopt Me (w/ Meaning & Reference)

Adopt Me is a game on Roblox that includes several pet-related things. This game focuses on many types of pets, and among them is the panda.

So, are you searching for the best name to give your panda pet in Adopt me? 

Read the entire article and select the best name for your pet panda in Adopt Me.

Table of Contents

40 Male Adopt Me Panda Names

These are the male panda names with different meanings. Each of these names is unique and carries a deeper meaning. 

You can select any of this that goes with the panda character you are building. The name must go with the appearance of your personality.

  1. Quan: Fresh Water Spring
  2. Yongrui: Forever 
  3. Gan: Brave
  4. Longwei: The greatness of a dragon
  5. Minzhe: Sensitive or Wise
  6. Hui: Splendor
  7. Ji: Lucky
  8. Junjie: Handsome and Amazing
  9. Jie-Rui: Quick-minded 
  10.  Altering: A Light that Will Never Go Out
  11.  Chaoxiang: Anticipating a Windfall of Wealth
  12.  Chen: Excellent; o Chen Gong: Achieved Goal
  13.  Cheung: Good Luck
  14.  Dao: Knife or Sword
  15.  Dingxiang: A Name Meaning Constancy and Prosperity
  16.  Fu Han: Open to a Variety of Perspectives
  17.  Heng: Eternal
  18.  Yui: Bind Clothing
  19.  Yuka: Gentle Flower
  20.  Quon: Bright
  21.  Xin: New
  22.  Hua: Brilliant and Elite
  23.  Ping: Stable
  24.  Yingzi: Brave or Heroic
  25.  Huan: Happiness
  26.  Weisheng: Greatness is Born
  27.  Weizhe: Great Sage 
  28.  Mei Lan: Beautiful Orchid
  29.  Mi: Beautiful
  30.  Etsuko: Child of Joy
  31.  Fuyuki: Snow
  32.  Hanabi: Fireworks
  33.  Sakura: Cherry Blossom
  34.  Satomi: Beautiful and Wise
  35.  Shika: Deer
  36.  Shiori: Poem
  37.  Hikari: Light, Radiance
  38.  Keiko: Blessed or Respectful Child
  39.  Yuri: Lily
  40.  Michi: Pathway 

40 Female Adopt Me Panda Names

These female panda names have all the qualities that will go with your female panda characters. 

The meanings of these names will take your panda character to another level.

  1. Bei Bei: Treasure or precious 
  2. Hua Mei: Gorgeous
  3. Fang: Fragrant
  4. Lee: Plum
  5. Li Ming: Beautiful Light
  6. Lin: Gem
  7. Pan Pan: Hope
  8. Ming Ming: Clever
  9. Qui: Autumn
  10. Sying: Star
  11. Jia: Beautiful
  12. Zhen: Chaste
  13. Bao: Jewel
  14. Su Lin: Something Very Cute
  15. Bao Bao: Treasure
  16. Tao: Peach
  17. Boba: Tea
  18. Yang: Sun
  19. Xiao Bai: White
  20. Mei Mei: Little Sister
  21. Hai: Sea
  22. Ah Lam: Peace
  23. Chao: Leap
  24. Nuwa: Mother Goddess
  25. Huiqing: Affectionate
  26. Lian: Delicate
  27. Hua: Flower
  28. Hong: Rainbow
  29. Ling: Soul
  30. Shu: Warm-hearted
  31. Yenay: She Who Loves
  32. Nuan: Affectionate
  33. Chun Hua: Spring Flower
  34. Zi: Beautiful
  35. Xiolian: Little Lotus
  36. Jiao: Charming
  37. Dong Mei: Winter Plum
  38. Fang: Fragrant
  39. Zhenzhen: Precious
  40. Chynna: Fine porcelain

50 Couple Panda Names For Adopt Me

If you have a pair of panda characters, you have to think of something romantic!

So here is a collection of famous couple names that make your panda couple more lovey-dovey.

Bugs & LolaBonnie & ClydeDharma & GregLady & Tramp
Fred & GingerBuddy & HollyRazzle & DazzleSugar & Spice
Nemo & DoryPeanut & JellyRhyme & ReasonSun & Moon
Pancake & WaffleBeauty & BeastHomer & MargeJack & Rose
Barbie & KenGadget & PennyBeauty & BeastHarry & Sally
Bart & LisaHip & HopDawson & JoeyJack & Jill
Donald & DaisyHugs & KissesCinderella & Prince CharmingJasmine & Aladdin
Edward& BellaIma & CronkHarry & SallyButtons & Bows
Eric & ArielPeas & CarrotsAladdin  & JasmineSalt & Pepper
Moon & StarPina & ColadaScarlett & RhettHunny & Bunny
Mocha & LattePinky & BrainBonnie & ClydeLily & Lola
Buffy & AngelPumpkin & SpiceSalt & Pepper
Carrie & BigChandler & MonicaPongo & Perdita

50 Adopt Me Panda Names from Movies

This list includes different character names from different movies. Select the best movie character name for your panda.

  • Chase: Paw Patrol
  • Buddy: Air Bud
  • Everest: Paw Patrol
  • Clue: The Adventures Of Mary-Kate And Ashley
  • Coco: The Donna Reed Show
  • Einstein: Back to the Future
  • Choppy: The Yogi Bear Show
  • Fifi: Rugrats
  • Elvis: Don‚Äôt Tell Mom The Babysitter‚Äôs Dead
  • Comet: Full House (Golden Retriever)
  • Flealick:¬† Babe: Pig In The City
  • Goddard: The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • Goliath: Samson And Goliath
  • Doc: Balto
  • Cinnamon: The Big Bang Theory
  • Cujo: Cujo (St. Bernard)
  • Daisy: John Wick (Beagle)
  • Charlie: All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • Daphne: Look Who‚Äôs Talking Now
  • Dixie: Balto
  • Max: The Terminator
  • Clifford: Clifford the Big Red Dog (Vizsla)
  • Fang: Harry Potter
  • Marmaduke: Marmaduke
  • Copper: The Fox and the Hound
  • Freeway: Hart To Hart
  • Fumbles: Where‚Äôs Huddles?
  • Cheddar: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Corgi)
  • Chief: Isle of Dogs
  • Duke: The Beverly Hillbillies (Bloodhound)
  • Flo: All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • Fluke: Fluke (golden retriever)
  • Fred: Smokey and The Bandit
  • Gidget: Taco Bell Chihuahua
  • Matisse: Down and Out in Beverly Hills
  • Gromit: Wallace and Gromit
  • Slinky: Toy Story
  • Max: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
  • Gondo: Isle of Dogs
  • Frank: Men in Black
  • Cosmo: Guardians of The Galaxy
  • Marshall: Paw Patrol
  • Stitch: Lilo & Stitch
  • Toto: The Wizard Of Oz
  • Uggie: The Artist
  • Wilby: The Shaggy Dog
  • Dollar: Richie Rich
  • Maximillion: The Bionic Woman
  • Duke: Isle of Dogs
  • William: Patton

40 Funny Adopt Me Panda Names

Pandas are very funny creatures. Their lazy walk, sudden falls, and rolling down from the top are bound to make one laugh. And that is why we have gathered some funny names for your panda characters in Adopt Me.

Cuddle BugLisa VanderpupMunchkinColonel Mustard
RolliePawtrick StewartMr. BeanMr. Cuddler
Wolfgang PuckEinsteinFluffyFelix
James Earl BonesFabioJumboThe Dragon Warrior
Jimmy ChewMr. PandaMr. BambooMuttley Crue
DumboSarah Jessica BarkerTeddyMr. Fat Bob
Mr. KungFuVirginia WoofOreoRicky Bobby
Mary PuppinsBiggie SmallsMarty McFlyGollum
Mr. MiyagiMr. LazyJiggyHairy Pawter
Captain KirkDwayne ‚ÄúThe Rock‚ÄĚ JohnsonChewbacca (Chewy)Mr. Chubby

49 Baby Panda Names For Adopt Me

What is cuter than a panda? The answer is baby pandas. This list is made with some cute little names that will go with your baby panda character in Adopt Me.

ScoutBeau (or Bo)WandaMilo

20 Japanese Panda Names for Adopt Me

These unique Japanese panda names will suit your Adopt Me panda character. The list includes different types of names to make your character extraordinary.

  1. Emiko: Blessing
  2. Choco or Chou: Butterfly
  3. Eri: Blessed Prize
  4. Fumiko: Child of Abundant Beauty
  5. Hana: Flower Child
  6. Kumo: Cloud
  7. Nori: Seaweed
  8. Hikari: Light, Radiance
  9. Hina: Sun Vegetables
  10.  Hoshi: Star
  11.  Nori: To Rule
  12.  Norio: Lawful Man
  13.  Izumi: Spring, Fountain
  14.  Taki: Waterfall
  15.  Kamiko: Superior Chil
  16.  Tsuki: Moon
  17.  Uchuu: The Cosmos
  18.  Riku: Land
  19.  Kuuki: Air
  20.  Yamato: Great Harmony

What is a Good Name For A Red Panda To Adopt Me?

Russell is a good name for a red panda in Adopt Me. It means red-haired. 

The red and black fur of this creature and their cute look, definitely go with this name. 

Moreover, this name also means fox and red pandas look very similar to firefox. 

How Rare Is A Panda in Adopt Me?

The Panda is a highly uncommon pet. It was initially included as the update for the 2020 Lunar New Year.   

It currently has a value that is slightly higher than that of the Moon Viewing Bench. In addition, it is somewhat lower than the Ocean Egg.

What Is The Panda Worth In Adopt Me?

The panda can be yours in Adopt me. However, you need to buy this for the price of 249.  At the moment, its worth is roughly comparable to the White Cozy Hood.

What Are Pandas From Adopt Me?

Pandas in the Adopt Me game are some rare pets. Players tend to look for these cute panda pets to make them their characters. Due to their rarity, you have to obtain these pets by buying them. 

Final Thoughts

So, here is a list of 279 panda names, including male, and female names, funny names, couple names, Japanese names, etc.

Choose any of these names for your Adopt Me panda character that will take your gaming profile to another level.

Looking for red panda names too? Here are 273 red panda name ideas for your stuffed animals!