9 Best Panda Onesie Minecraft Skin in 2022

If you are a fan of Minecraft games and you like to explore your own whole world in the game, then you must know about Minecraft skins.  Cool Minecraft skins make you imagine better and also helps to make your community and friends jealous of your skin.

Did you know that there are actually panda skins for Minecraft? Yes, there is!

In this article, we will give you the 9 best panda onesie skins for your minecraft character. Let’s dive in shall we?

9 Best Panda Onesie Minecraft Skin

If you are one of those people who are looking for fantastic panda skins, then you are at the right place. Check out the list of 9 best panda onesie Minecraft skin below: 

1. Panda Skin

If you have played on a Minecraft server, then you must have seen panda skin very often. The classic and skin are in use by most of the players. 

Most of the people with panda skins may have crossed you. If you also want to acquire panda skin, you absolutely can. Many people like it as the black, white skin of a panda is always classic. They look cute, and when you’re playing in a 3D model, it seems really nice. 

If you love pandas and they seem really admirable to you, then you should try this classic panda skin. There is no need for additional clothes with panda skin. 

A suit, the skin is similar to the Alaskan. In that, it is a normal-looking panda with little shading on the actual panda parts, but it features a suit. 

2. Panda in a Suit

Panda in a suit minecraft skin

The suit has a little shading on it. It is a pretty decent-looking suit, and it features a red tie. The panda in a suit looks very classy, decent, and in a way cute. And with that, bright blue eyes also add beauty to the panda’s suit. 

It adds a dose of color to it and seems pretty decent and cool. So if you are a suit fan, then this feature is absolutely for you. 

3. Rambo Panda

A Rambo panda is pretty awesome. Apart from its beautiful skin, it is a crazy man that can survive any situation. If you haven’t watched Rambo movies, have a look at them. You will understand. 

Rambo Panda Onesie Minecraft Skin

This Rambo skin looks pretty cool. A Rambo is always ready for the battle and lives on any hurdle placed in his way. It is actually awesome skin to acquire. If you have watched Rambo movies and you fancy them, then this skin should be great for you. 

As it has not only a cool style but also has the ability to survive difficult situations, then it should be helpful for you in many ways. This is the most liked panda skin in the list of 9 best panda onesie Minecraft skin. 

4. Rasta Panda

The rasta skin is pretty cool in appearance. It comes straight from Jamaica, man. Even Bob Marley should be proud of the skin. It seems great and has a beautiful look. The skin is equipped with some red, yellow, and green clothing. 

It even has rasta color headphones which enhance its beauty and look so cool. The hair seems great too, and it also has black sunglasses on his skin. The hair and colorful clothing really make him look cool and cute at the same time. 

If you are a rasta fan, then you should absolutely try this skin. 

5. Kung Fu Panda

The skin that is liked by most of the people, and you would have seen most of the people with the skin, is kung fu panda. It is great and pretty cool in appearance. Let’s feature PO from Kung Fu Panda. 

Kung Fu Panda Onesie Minecraft Skin

He seems great. The movie Kung Fu Panda is also pretty good, and if you really like the movie, then you should give this skin a thought. 

The creator of this skin did a really great job, as it looks so cool. This is the skin that anyone would love because of the cute, cool Kung Fu Panda. 

6. Panda in a Blue Suit

It is the panda onesie skin that is liked by everyone, and most people like to wear it as it is very comfortable, and as for the colors, they seem perfect too. 

Blue Skin Panda Onesie Minecraft Skin

Who would not like a bright blue-colored panda skin? It has grey-colored legs, which look pretty good with the blue color skin. This panda skin is also very classic, and most people like it. 

If you like it too, then you give it a go. Also, if you have a liking for the blue color, then this skin is absolutely for you. 

7. Swag Panda

There are tons of panda skins, but the most stylish and coolest ones are swag pandas. With red, yellow, and green-colored clothing, it seems perfectly cool and beautiful. 

Also, the sunglasses add beauty to their appearance; not only glasses but headphones make it look even cooler.  The hoodie is great, and the grey pants look amazing. The blue sneakers also make it look more swaggy. The design of clothes and the color choice for this skin are amazing. 

Having this skin will create a swaggy impact on other people. This looks seriously amazing.  You should really give it a go. This is the coolest skin in 9 best panda onesie Minecraft skin. 

8. Panda Executive

It is the panda with a dirty face, but also he wears a suit. It looks quite decent and enchants the beauty of pandas. If you are a suit person and really like suits, then this skin is for you, and you should absolutely give it a go. 

Panda in Suit 2 Minecraft Skin

The suit of this panda is not shaded, which is a good thing, and it is also very different from a normal suit. The red tie is the same as that of the normal panda. But there are yellow-colored cuff buttons on the suit. It enhances the beauty of the panda skin.  

9. Bandit Panda

Out of the nine best Panda Onesie Minecraft Skin, it is a little different but pretty cool. No matter what, it seems like a suit, but with a suit, it also carries a brown-colored muffler which is pretty cool and looks appealing. 

The first thing you must have noticed in this is the red bandana. It also has a tail on the back. This panda skin is also shaded differently from a normal panda which is quite good. If you are a fan of red bandana and mufflers, then you should absolutely give this one a go. 

How to change your Minecraft skin?

It is quite easy to change Minecraft skin. Follow the following steps:

  1. First, open Minecraft: Java Edition. Instead of pressing play. Tap on the top menu and select skins.
  2. Click the skin tab at the top. Press the plus ‘+’ icon and add new skin. 
  3. On the “Add new skin” page, you need to select “Browse.” There, find and select the image you want to use as skin. Make sure about its specified dimensions and PNG format.  Click “Open”
  4. You can also select the character’s arms that you like. 
  5. In the end, name your skin and choose the feature like if you want the “Classic” size or the “Slim” size. Click “Save & Use” at the bottom right corner. 
  6. When done with this, launch the game, and your character will be wearing the new skin that you chose. 

What Is the Rarest Panda in Minecraft?

The rarest pandas in Minecraft are the brown ones.

They have unique personality actions. But instead of the usual black and white color, they have a brown color. They have brown and white fur with frowning faces. 

Brown Panda - the Rarest Panda in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, each panda has a dominant gene and a recessive gene. For a brown panda, both of the genes should be of brown type. Without taking mutations into account, the probability of getting a brown panda is 2.04%.

Final thoughts

Most people like Minecraft game and they really like to have a beautiful and cool skin type according to their tastes. 

If you love pandas and like to acquire their skin, then there are the nine best panda onesie Minecraft skins mentioned above. It really makes you look good and special in an extraordinary Minecraft world.