Are Giant Pandas Aggressive? (3 Things You Should Know)

The whole internet is talking about how cute and adorable pandas are. And you would probably agree with this!

After all, most panda videos show how jolly and clumsy they can be. But behind their funny side, could they actually attack humans?

Are giant pandas aggressive by nature?

To keep it short, Pandas are not aggressive by nature, but they would attack you if they get irritated. Therefore, you should always beware of them.

Are you surprised? Don’t be! In this article, we will clarify some of your misconceptions regarding a panda’s behavior. Stay with us until the end to learn more!

Are Giant Pandas Aggressive to Humans?

Yes, giant pandas could get aggressive to humans. Many people think that pandas are jolly as they look like a cute teddy bears. But, in reality, pandas could attack humans.

Researches have been done on panda’s behavior and it has been found pandas do not attack because they get aggressive, but sometimes they get irritated therefore they attack humans. Though their attack is rare, it is true they do attack.

Many people classify wild and captive pandas differently, they think only wild pandas attack humans because nobody looks after them. But in reality, you should know even captive pandas can be dangerous.

How Dangerous Are Giant Pandas?

Giant pandas could be considered dangerous. The bite of the giant panda is considered one of the forceful bites of any carnivore. So it is advisable to you, to not go too close to even captive pandas.

You’re maybe one of those who are obsessed with their teddy-bear cuteness. But if you annoy a panda by hugging it, it may bite you unintentionally.

Panda’s aggressive behavior is rare, but you should know this animal cannot be taken as a “pet” or to “cuddle”.

Many cases have shown, people have become the victim of its powerful bite. For example; if the panda is eating or sleeping and you annoy it without any reason, they may fight you back by thinking you are here to steal its food or to harm it.

In short, you should not cuddle this animal because of its striking appearance.     

Can Giant Pandas Kill You?

The simple answer to this question is yes, giant pandas could kill you. As their bite is quite vigorous with a force of 2,603.47 newtons.

Many cases have proved pandas as fierce attackers, as they bite forcefully and often people die and do not survive. They look very cute and cuddly, but their sharp claws and strong bite may harm you too much that you would not be able to survive.

Therefore, you should always keep in mind, do not cuddle them just because their cute fur attracts you, you should always beware of them as they will harm and attack you back.

Another important point to keep in mind is that some people survive after their bite, it usually happens because their bite is not much powerful on them, but the people who become a victim of their forceful bite often lose their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Deadly Are Panda Bears?

Panda bears (also-known-as Giant Pandas) are life-threatening animals and could kill you if you approach them too close.

No matter how cute they look to you, do not cuddle them. Many people are big fans of its cute fur and appearance and often think to cuddle them. But this usually happens because they are unaware of the reality.

Their sharp claws and teeth can rip, shred and tear you apart. Do not think captive pandas cannot harm you, they are equally dangerous as wild pandas.

It does not matter whether they are captive or wild ones, when pandas get irritated they would attack and fights you back.  

Can a panda kill a human?

Yes, pandas may kill a human. It has been researched that their bite is too forceful and may take a human life.

Many people think only wild pandas bite, and captive pandas do not harm. But they should always keep in mind pandas can get dangerous and may kill you with their powerful bite.

In some cases few people survive, it may be because they do not bite them with full force. But most of the time if the panda bites you with complete force you could die.

Can Pandas Kill a Tiger?

No, the chance of a panda killing a tiger is very low. However, in some conditions like if a sick tiger is fighting with an adult panda, the panda may win the battle.

Can pandas kill a tiger

If we talk about a normal situation in which the tiger is the most powerful creature, the tiger would always win.

Tigers are agile animals, while pandas are clumsy creatures, and have a powerful bite, but tigers would win. The throat bite of a tiger is enough to kill a panda, which is like a predator killing prey.

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How Dangerous Are Red Pandas?

Could red pandas be aggressive too? Yes, they could also be dangerous. They have powerful teeth and claws that may bite you and take your life away.

When red pandas threatened they try to escape by running up a rock and tree. Sometimes, they make their appearance more threatening and larger they often stand on their hind legs and extend their claws.

They have an extended wrist bone which is quite powerful to grip anything. Red pandas use their wrist bone which functions as a thumb.  Red pandas are nocturnal, when somebody tries to approach them they get aggressive and may attack and fight you back.

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In this article, we learned that pandas are not aggressive by nature. But, if they get irritated, they could fight back by biting or using their claws.

Their powerful bite could actually kill you. If you encounter a panda in the wild, it is best to stay away from them.

Remember, don’t try hugging a panda!

Giant pandas and red pandas are part of our environment. No matter how aggressive they could be, we have to take of them.

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