13 Reasons Why Polar Bears Are Not the Friendliest!

I recently watched Face to Face, a documentary about polar bears. In this film, I realized that these mammals are not friendly.

Naturally, polar bears may feel threatened mostly by humans. Therefore, they may tend to defend themselves.

In this article, I will discuss the 13 main reasons why polar bears are not the friendliest.

Now, let’s get started!

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#1 – Polar Bears are Wild Animals

One of the primary reasons why polar bears are not friendly is because they are wild. The lack of domestication of these mammals has made them less familiar to humans.

Spending most of the time in the wild makes polar bears less interactive. These mammals do not meet with people or other animals easily.

Therefore, polar bears can be quite dangerous once they come across people.

#2 -They are Territorial Animals

Polar bears love to stay in their habitat. Therefore, they would want to defend their territory from invaders.

Any animal or human entering the polar bear’s habitat can face a fierce encounter.

The hostility from polar bears toward other animals in their territory makes them unfriendly.

#3 – These Mammals are Solitary

In the wild, polar bears spend most of their time alone. This fact makes polar bears less friendly due to the love of being alone.

Polar bears are also non-friendly since they don’t interact with other animals. These mammals do not even love interacting with each other. They can only come across one another during mating.

Therefore, it is evident that the unfriendly nature of polar bears spreads even toward their kind.

#4 – Polar Bears are Fearless

The solitary nature of polar bears has resulted in making them fearless. Therefore, this fact makes them less friendly.

Being fearless means that they are always resistant to threats.

In this case, these mammals can cause harm at any time. You can not prevent polar bears from doing what they want to do.

They will end up resisting, thus becoming uncontrollable.

#5 – They are Large

In terms of physical appearance, polar bears are naturally huge. These mammals weigh around 1,500 to 2,000 lbs (680 to 907 kg). They can also stand upright and be over 10 feet (3 meters) long.

The large size makes them less friendly in several ways.

The size of these bears makes it hard for polar bears to interact naturally with humans. Even if it were possible to interact, polar bears could accidentally cause harm due to their size.

#6 – Polar Bears are Unpredictable

Another common reason why these mammals are less friendly is that you can’t predict them. In one moment, you may think they are calm and surprisingly aggressive later.

Therefore, polar bears can pose a threat of attack anytime without your knowledge.

#7 – They Are Aggressive

Polar bears are relatively aggressive, meaning they can cause injuries anytime. These mammals can misunderstand the actions of humans and cause attacks.

In most cases, polar bears will tend to avoid meeting humans. If they do, they may not hesitate to attack.

#8- Polar Bears Are Food-Driven

Polar bears are always looking for food most of the time. This reason makes them quite unfriendly since they can turn humans into food on any occasion.

Most of the other animals around them also love to keep their distance because of this reason. The worst occasions are when polar bears are starving.

When this happens, they can turn almost any living thing into their food.

#9 – Polar Bears Are on Top of Their Food Chain

Since these bears already love food, they are also at the top of their food chain. This fact makes polar bears quite unfriendly.

The unfriendliness comes because they can feed on any other animal around them.

#10 -Polar Bears Have Powerful Jaws and Sharp Claws

The sharp claws and powerful jaws in these mammals can harm humans badly. This reason makes polar bears less friendly.

In this case, even if they could interact with humans, the claws could still harm them accidentally.

#11 – Polar Bears are Curious and Intelligent

These mammals are relatively smart, and occasionally, they may investigate humans. As a result, they may lead to hurting or killing humans to defend themselves.

The curiosity of polar bears to discover what humans are up to may result in dangerous encounters.

#12 – Polar Bears Have a Bad History with Humans

Another main reason why polar bears are less friendly is their previous relationships with humans. These mammals have a history of several attacks towards humans.

In 2013, a polar bear killed a boy and a woman in Alaska. Another similar attack occurred in Norway, where a polar bear attacked students.

In the incident, one person ended up dead. These two incidents are among many others that prove polar bears are not friendly.

#13 – High Pain Tolerance Level

Polar bears can keep on fighting even with injuries. Therefore, these mammals can attack humans and not back down even when intervened.

This fact explains that in a polar bear attack, the potential for killing is very high. This reason makes polar bears quite not friendly.

Are Polar Bears More Aggressive Than Regular Bears?

Yes, polar bears are more aggressive than others. This is due to their, large body, size, power, and carnivorous nature.

Do Polar Bears Get Along with Other Animals?

No, these mammals never get along with other animals because they are solitary. When other animals or people come closer, polar bears stand on two feet to threaten them.

Sometimes these mammals may also produce sounds to scare other animals.

Can Polar Bears Be Tamed?

In general, NO, taming polar bears is impossible since they can easily cause harm to humans. However, there are occasions when polar bears can be tamed.

Despite the slight possibility, it is not advisable to tame polar bears. Polar bears have strong paws that may hurt humans even accidentally.

Are There Any Bears That Are Nice?

No, most bears are as aggressive as polar bears and can injure people. All other bear types also have strong jaws and paws that harm other living things around them. 

Bears also try to scare away other animals by standing upright. This move proves that bears are usually not friendly.


Polar bears prove to be non-friendly because of several reasons.

From their large bodies, too much aggression, and territorial nature, these mammals can easily cause harm.

Polar bears have their reasons for being non-friendly. There are also reasons why black bears and others are not friendly.

If you want to learn more, here are the top 5 reasons why black bears are not friendly.


A polar bear killed a woman and her son in Alaska before it was fatally shot – NBC News