33 Reasons Why Pandas Are The Best! (w/ photos & videos!)

Giant pandas have many unique qualities that make them interesting!

They are adorable, cute, and pretty funny. As a result, they have admirers from different parts of the world.

In this article, I have compiled many reasons why pandas are just absolutely the best. Let’s read more below.

1. Pandas are Cute

A picture of a cute panda who is lazing around

Pandas are the best due to their overloaded cuteness. Their black and white fluffy look makes them sweet and lovable. The round face with black colors around the eyes can make anyone melt.

2. Funny in Nature

Pandas always do funny things. They walk and fall all of a sudden and then get embarrassed. And moreover, nothing can be funnier than a group of pandas rolling and falling down together!

3. Pandas are Playful

Pandas are quite playful creatures. They like to play with bamboo sticks, piles of leaves, snow, etc. Sometimes wild pandas even go into houses and steal utensils to play with them like toys.


4. Curious in Nature

Pandas are curious in nature, particularly when they are kids. If they get something unusual, they start examining it. And if comfortable, they even start playing with the thing. 

5. Pandas Don’t Care About Their Shapes

Pandas like to eat a lot. Unlike human beings, they do not care about their shape. They eat as much as they need and want. They do not care how chubby they are.

6. Cute Behavior

Pandas are not only cute looking but also act cute. If you see the zoo videos, sometimes they do not leave the caretaker until they get hugs. They also run behind the caretakers to get their attention.

7. Pandas are Cuddlers

They sometimes show their love for their friend by cuddling with them. Especially when it is winter, it’s the best time for cuddling. The zoo pandas even love when humans cuddle with them.

8. Tree Climbers

Pandas have many habits, and one of them is climbing trees. This is one of their favorite activities. You will even see them eating and hanging out on the branches of trees spreading their legs.

9. Pandas are Peaceful

Pandas are known for their peaceful and calm nature. They like to spend time on their own in a solitary corner. They prefer to spend the day sleeping, eating, and staying alone. 

10. Pandas are Like Toddlers

Pandas are like giant toddlers. The way they walk and act cannot be more similar to a toddler’s behavior. They will walk and fall down all of a sudden without any reason.

11. Pandas Eat as Much As They Want

The best part of a panda’s life is that they eat as much as they want and need. Throughout the day, they keep eating bamboo but do not worry about their weight.

12. Pandas are Fluffy

Pandas are fluffy like soft toys. They have chubby bodies which are basically flexible fatties. Moreover, they have beautiful and soft black and white fur which makes them even fluffier.

13. Pandas are Loners

Giant pandas like to stay alone. They barely cross their own area and allow others to enter their own area. Basically, they like to stay with their own type and value their own alone time.

14. Black and White Coat

Pandas’ black and white coats make them unique from any other creature. It not only makes them look cute but also keeps them away from danger. The white color blends with the snow and the black in the forest. Thus making them stay hidden.

15. Pandas are Nap Kings

A picture of a giant panda taking nap on a tree branch

Pandas can take naps anywhere at any time. Moreover, they do not need a perfect place to take naps. They sometimes even pass out on the branches of trees. 

16. They Are Not Ashamed

Pandas have no ego. If they fight with each other, they know how to patch up things. They will kiss and give loads of hugs and makeup things with their friends.

17. Pandas are Friendly

If treated with good care, pandas are really friendly to human beings. You will see how friendly and cuddly they are with the caretakers in the zoo. They really like to spend time with them.

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18. Pandas are Cute When They Hide

Pandas think of themselves as good hiders because they do not realize their body size. When they hide behind any tree or bush, they think we can’t see them. But one can easily see them, which is very cute.

19. Pandas Always Stick to Bamboo

A picture of a giant panda eating bamboo

Pandas always stick to their bamboo diet. Although they were once carnivores, now they are bamboo lovers. They keep munching 26 to 84 pounds of bamboo all day long.

20. Fat but Flexible

Even though pandas are chubby, they are flexible in nature. They easily climb trees and also hang from the branches. Particularly, their pseudo-thumb has a very flexible bone.

21. Pandas are Entertaining!

These cute black and white creatures do such activities that are very entertaining. You can watch their videos all day long without getting bored. Moreover, their videos are very popular on the internet.

22. Good Swimmers

Pandas are good swimmers despite their body size. They are able to swim with a high level of strength and ease.  If a panda senses that it is in danger, it can use its ability to swim to get away.

23. Helps Ecosystem

Pandas play an important part in the ecosystem of the forest. They spread seeds, which in turn encourage the growth of flora. The seeds spread through their fur. This helps to create a balanced forest, important for the other species.

24. Baby Pandas are a Bucket of Cuteness!

A cute picture of a panda baby who is pampered by her mother.

Nothing can be cuter than a snowball like a baby panda. A group of baby pandas will surely melt your heart. They, with their black and white bodies with tiny legs, are the best.

25. Pandas are King of Their Lazy Days

Pandas spend all their days lazing around. But the best part is, that they do not have to worry about their laziness because they do whatever they like. They are the king of their lives.

26. Pandas Don’t Walk, They Roll

A picture of panda rolling

Pandas do not like to walk because of their short legs which makes it very tiring for them. That is why they prefer rolling. And the sight is amazing when they roll together from the top.

27. They Look Adorable When Embarrassed

Pandas fall down many times a day. But when they fall, they feel embarrassed and worry about losing face. It is very adorable when they look for if anyone saw them falling and hiding in corners. 

28. They Sleep All Day

The best part of being a panda is that they sleep all day. They just eat, sleep and repeat.

Whenever they wake up, they eat and go to sleep right away without doing much. This is the ultimate panda life with no care.

29. Pandas Can Survive in Cold

Snow is a happy place for pandas since they are habituated to living in the high-altitude woods of China. They in fact become more active during the winter. Furthermore, pandas do not need to hibernate during cold times.

30. Pandas have Beautiful Eyes

A picture of a panda with beautiful eyes

Pandas have very beautiful eyes with dark patches around them. Their slits-shaped pupils also make their sight very strong. They in fact recognize and separate one another from these dark patches.

31. Pandas are Chill

There cannot be any other animal more chilled than pandas. They don’t much care about other things happening around them. They do whatever makes them happy.

32. Adaptable Nature

Pandas are very adaptable as long as they have bamboo. They are not choosy or demanding like human beings. They do not need much comfort to spend their days.  

33. Pandas Symbolize Species Conservation

The importance of preserving species from getting extinct is symbolized by pandas. They represent all the endangered species out there and the necessity to save them.

Final Thoughts!

To conclude, pandas are not only very cute. They are adorable funny, entertaining, and lovable!

Pandas also help the ecosystem by spreading seeds. As a result, helping in creating a multipurpose forest.

They do whatever they want. In addition, they eat as much as they want, and spend all their life like kings and queens. 

So, all these reasons are enough to prove why pandas are hilariously the best creature in the world!

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