Kung Fu Panda: The Voices Behind Each Characters [Must Read!]

Perhaps you’ve been watching the trailer of Kung Fu Panda. Now that the full movie is available, it might interest you to know who voiced each character in the movie.

In this article, we’ll learn about

Kung Fu Panda was voiced by:

  • Jack Black as Po
  • Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu
  • Angelina Jolie as Tigress
  • Ian McShane as Tai Lung
  • Seth Rogen as Mantis
  • Lucy Liu as Viper
  • David Cross as Crane
  • Randall Duk Kim as Oogway
  • James Hong as Mr. Ping
  • Dan Fogler as Zeng
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as Commander Vacher
  • Jackie Chan as Monkey

The above-mentioned names are the voices behind each animated character in Kung Fu Panda.

You can now tell the different voices behind the Kung Fu Panda adventure movie, I trust you would love to know more about the characters and voice covers.

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Meet the Kung Fu Panda Characters

Po (Jack Black)

Po in Kung Fu Panda - Jack Black
CTRO: usatoday.com

He is the major character of the Kung Fu Panda collection. A giant panda and a Kung Fu lover helping at his adoptive father’s noodle restaurant.

Po was selected by Grand Master Oogway to be the celebrated Dragon Warrior. However, this decision made the Furious five and Master Shifu very angry.

At one time, Tai Lung breaks out of prison, then Master Shifu uses food to teach Po Kung fu.

Furthermore, Po gained victory over Tai Lung in a fight and he has proclaimed the Dragon warrior.

Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman)

Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda - Dustin Hoffman
CTRO: screenrant.com

Master Shifu is a red panda, the chief of the Jade Palace.

He is the coach of the Furious Five and became part of the palace when his father left him there. 

Many years later, Shifu took in Tai Lung, but he didn’t recognize his responsibilities in Tai Lung’s life.

So Tai’s lung turned evil until the time Po became the Dragon Warrior. 

Master Tigress (Angelina Jolie)

Tigress in Kung Fu Panda - Angelina Jolie
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Master Tigress is a Chinese tiger and the originator of the Furious Five. She was once the bitter person when Po was selected to be the Dragon Warrior over her.

She overheard when Po was telling Master Shifu that he might not win against Tai Lung.

Moreover, she tried on her own to stop Tai Lung and counter his fierce attacks.

Finally, when Po won against Tai Lung, she was very happy.

From that day onwards she respected his ability as the Dragon warrior.

Grand Master Oogway (Randall Duk Kim)

Grand Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda - Randall Duk Kim
CTRO: youtube.com

Grand Master Oogway was an old Galápagos Tortoise. He was the grand master of the Jade Palace before Shifu took over.

In addition, he’s the originator of Kung Fu skills, full of wisdom and experience. In fact, he was sometimes called a philosopher because of his level of intelligence and understanding.

Oogway was the strongest Kung Fu Master ever known in the history of China and the one to choose the Dragon warrior.

Master Crane (David Cross)

Crane in Kung Fu Panda - David Cross
CTRO: deviantart.com

Master Crane was a black-necked crane and the patient one among the Furious Five. He worked as someone staying on the lookout in battles.

In combat periods he always finds a way to escape from the other members of the Furious Five. Additionally, should anyone amongst them fall from a height Master Crane appears to break their fall. 

Master Monkey (Jackie Chan)

Monkey in Kung Fu Panda - Jackie Chan
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Master Monkey is a golden monkey with a heavy Chinese tone. He’s equally the funniest one among the Furious Five. 

He was the first person to understand Po’s courage and determination. He uses the legendary weapon of King Sun Wukong to fight unlike others in the Furious Five. 

Master Mantis (Seth Rogen)

Mantis in Kung Fu Panda - Seth Rogen
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Master Mantis is a Chinese mantis and the least in the Furious Five. Nevertheless, he’s strong in comparison to his size. He can run with super speed.

At the time the circumference of Po was presented as an explanation for why he can’t be a Kung Fu Master, 

Mantis was the first person to say that it is nothing to define a true Dragon warrior.

Mr. Ping (James Hong)

Mr Ping in Kung Fu Panda - James Hong
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Mr. Ping is a Chinese goose and the adoptive father of Po. He is the owner of the most famous noodle restaurant in the Valley of Peace.

Ping’s relationship with Po is strained when he learns that Po’s real father, Li Shan, is not dead.

However, he comes to realize that their connection does not mean any less of him, but better news for Po.

Tai Lung (Ian McShane)

Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda - Ian McShane
CTRO: reddit.com

Tai Lung is the main enemy of Kung Fu Panda. He is equally a strong snow leopard with superpowers and magical strength. 

In addition, he’s Shifu’s adoptive son and the only student that learned the Nerve Attack. Moreover, he never stopped believing he was the right one for the position of the Dragon Warrior.

Li Shan ( Fred Tatasciore)

Li Shan is a giant panda and the birth father of Po. He got isolated from his family (His wife and his son, Po) when Shen and his army of wolves attacked their village.

When the combat was over, Li Shan was said to have died with other pandas in the fight.

Is Kung Fu Panda Japanese Or Chinese?

Kung Fu Panda is a Chinese martial art movie.

The movie is the first major US and China co-production/cooperation for an animated movie.

It was specifically created to defend Chinese martial arts and also to grow the Chinese market. 

The film was not only intended to explain the art of Kung Fu fighting or talk about a giant panda who lives in China.

It was also intended to bring to the screen the order of old China (history of China).

The old China was occupied by human-like animals with its focus on a bumbling panda called Po, a Kung-Fu lover.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you now know the voices behind Kung Fu Panda, people like Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, James Hong, etc.

It is also evident that the adventure movie, Kung Fu Panda is a Chinese movie. Moreover, it’s the first-ever US-Chinese collaboration intended to portray how China was in the olden days.

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