9 Amazing Tricks Red Pandas Can Do [w/ Cute Videos!]

Red pandas are creatures that draw lots of attention with the cute things they do! And I was wondering if they’re smart enough to perform tricks too.

Well, here’s what I found out…

Yes! Red pandas can do tricks when they are trained. As clever and playful animals, they are capable of learning a variety of tricks, including sitting, rolling over, and even giving high-fives. 

Some of these red pandas have even made film and television appearances. For example, Xiao Liwu, (a red panda) received training to appear in “Kung Fu Panda 3.

Now that you know that red pandas can do tricks, I’m sure you will be wondering what tricks they can do. Continue reading below to find out!

Table of Contents

Trick 1 – Standing on Their Hind Legs

Red pandas can balance for a short period on their back legs, especially when a pleasant treat is around. In the wild, they stand on their hind legs to get a broader view of their environment.

But in captivity, they mostly do this trick to grab a snack!

Trick 2 – Rolling Over

Some red pandas can learn basic instructions like rollover. They do this by rolling from their stomach to their back.

Some of them get good at it. Still, it takes a lot of effort and rewards from their nannies.

Trick 3 – Bringing Things

Red pandas can collect items from where they are and bring them back to their trainer. e.g. balls or toys. It’s quite similar to fetching for dogs. 

This trick helps the red panda to learn how to concentrate and coordinate itself.

Trick 4- Climbing Beams or Ladder

Red pandas are skilled climbers! These creatures naturally love to climb trees and tall objects. Hence, it’s pretty easy to train them to get up ladders, beams, and other structures.

In the wild, they climb in search of food, mating partners, and resting places. Above all, they’re excellent at scaling heights.

Trick 5- Jumping Over Barriers

Red pandas are flexible creatures. And due to this, they can be trained to jump over little obstructions, It could be a stick that is set about a foot from the ground.

Although they are not one of the best-jumping animals, they can easily hop over small obstacles when they are motivated.

Trick 6- High-Five 

Red pandas can be trained to lift one of their paws and touch objects their trainers are holding. This trick is often followed by a spoken instruction like “high-five.”

With the help of this trick, the red pandas’ trainers can interact with them in a friendly way.

Trick 7- Playing Dead

Red pandas will often lie on their backs, close their eyes, relax their bodies, and hold their breath to play dead. Interestingly, they can hold their breath for about 3 minutes. 

This helps them to avoid predators or when they want to play a fast joke on their trainer.

Trick 8- Opening Mouth

Red pandas can equally be trained to open their mouths under command. This is beneficial for oral drug administration or medical examinations. 

With this trick, red pandas can get used to handling veterinary operations and not trouble the zoo veterinarian. This reduces the stress during the process.

Trick 9- Spinning

It can be entertaining for guests to watch red pandas spin in a circle when taught to do so. In addition, the red panda can gain flexibility and balance by doing this trick.

Final Thoughts

Red pandas can perform a wide range of tricks that help their development and survival. Here are some of the tricks to remember:

  • Rolling over
  • Spinning
  • Jumping barriers
  • Climbing beams and ladder
  • Bringing things
  • Giving high fives etc.

They can also learn how to play dead and even open their mouths during veterinary examinations.

While red pandas are smart enough to learn all these tricks, they can do many amazing things without being taught. Would you like to know them?

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