Red Pandas & Apples! (6 Answers You Need To Know!)

While watching red pandas eating fruits, I realized they went for apples more than other fruits. Come to think of it – why are red pandas crazy about apples?

Here’s what you should know… 

Red pandas love apples primarily because of their taste. Apples also have that crunchy feel and pleasant smell that makes red pandas crazy about them.

However, the sweet taste of apples does not mean they don’t enjoy other fruits. So could apples be just a favorite of red pandas?

Keep reading below to find out… 

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Are Apples Red Panda’s Favorite Fruits?

Yes, apples prove to be the red panda’s favorite fruit. Additionally, on a few occasions, some red pandas may prefer to eat fewer apples than others.

However, since most red pandas love this fruit, it’s clear that it is one of their favorites. In addition, red pandas in captivity are more fond of apples than those in the wild.

This is because they get them easily and in large supplies. The ones in the wild may not get apples that easily, even though it’s their favorite.

How Do Red Pandas Eat Apples?

These mammals usually eat apples by following a certain process. Below are the steps that red pandas follow when eating apples:

  • Red pandas usually grab apples with their front paws just like humans.
  • On some occasions, red pandas may try to peel off the outer skin of apples. And this is what mostly red pandas in captivity do.
  • After peeling, red pandas begin to bite and chew the apples. They usually take small bites at a time as they steadily chew.
  • They swallow steadily into their narrow throats once they bite and chew the apples into smaller pieces.

How Often Do Red Pandas Eat Apples?

The rate at which red pandas eat apples depends on where they live—in captivity or the wild. Learn more:

In the Wild

Red pandas in the wild only eat apples once in a while. Apples are rare in their wild habitat.

Wild red pandas can only find apples once in a while, so they don’t spend much time searching for them. They will also eat fewer apples since they have various alternatives.

In Captivity

Captive red pandas have a chance of eating apples more frequently than usual. This is because their keepers offer them these fruits often and in large amounts.

This means they can also eat more apples since they only consume one type of food at a time. As a result, other fruits don’t distract them while they are eating apples.

Are Apples Healthy for Red Pandas?

Apples - Healthy Fruits for Red Pandas

Yes, apples are healthy for red pandas. Zoo keepers know this, and that’s why they feed lots of apples to red pandas.

This fruit has many benefits to offer to red pandas. Let’s discuss this next! 

Health Benefits

The nutrients in apples that are beneficial to red pandas include:

Vitamin C

This vitamin is abundant in apples and plays an important role in the general health of red pandas. However, the primary role of this vitamin is to help them fight diseases and other infections.


Dietary fiber is relatively common in apples and benefits red pandas. The primary role of fiber in these animals is to aid in improving their digestion.

It also plays a role in preventing gastrointestinal problems.

Vitamin A

Apples have minimal vitamin A, which is important to red pandas. This vitamin helps in improving the vision of these animals.

Their reproductive health also gets better with the intake of this vitamin.


This mineral is plenty in apples, and it helps improve red pandas’ nervous systems. It also aids in strengthening their muscles and improves the functioning of the heart.

On some occasions, potassium also regulates the fluid balance in red pandas’ bodies.


Apples are rich in antioxidants that are good for red pandas. Some of the common antioxidants in apples are polyphenols and flavonoids.

Their primary role is protecting red panda cells from oxidative stress.


This nutrient is naturally available in apples. And it helps red pandas by acting as an anti-inflammatory. 

Quercetin can help reduce inflammation and remove symptoms in case of injuries. Above all, quercetin helps maintain the general well-being of red pandas.

What Other Fruits Do Red Pandas Like?

A Cute Red Panda Eating Different Fruits

Apart from apples, red pandas also like eating:

  • Orange
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Cranberries
  • Pears
  • Pumpkin
  • Grapes


To sum up, red pandas like and enjoy eating apples primarily because of the sweet taste. Here’s more to remember about red pandas and apples:

  • Red pandas eat other fruits but apples are their favorite
  • The ones in captivity eat more apples than the ones in captivity.
  • Apples have multiple health benefits to red pandas because of the nutrients they contain. 

Red pandas also eat other types of foods apart from fruits. Despite that, they are quite picky about the things they eat.

Read our article on the  7 types of foods that red pandas Like to eat to learn more.


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