Top 9 Panda Earrings on Amazon & Etsy Under $25

One fashion accessory that can never go out of style is the earrings. Having a collection of these beautiful items is the dream of everyone. You can wear them to occasions, or present them as gifts to friends and lovers. 

However, sometimes choosing simple, beautiful and lasting earrings can be difficult. And it can be disappointing if you have a get-together, wedding or other ceremonies and couldn’t find a pair of earrings that matches your outfit.

So, I searched for the best panda earrings on Amazon and Etsy just for you.  Trust me, I came up with the most amazing result. These panda earrings are not only simple and beautiful, but they also go with all clothing materials. Surprisingly, they are all below $25. Isn’t that cool?  You shouldn’t miss out on this offer.

Ensure you shop for these top 9 panda earrings on Amazon and Etsy.

Panda Earrings on Etsy Under $25

1. Red Panda Stud Earrings

By: Slumbermonkey

Red Panda Stud Earrings

Is your friend’s birthday party coming up soon and you’ve been thinking of what to present as a gift? Well, search no longer! These earrings are the most perfect and unique gift to offer. 

With the red panda design on its surface, these fashion earrings are amazingly beautiful, colorful, comfortable and stylish. One other thing you should know about this fashion item is that the studs are 2cm by 1cm and made from plastic, which makes it simple and easy to wear. 

Even though the hoops are a little large and they are not 100% waterproof, it doesn’t affect these earrings’ cuteness. 

Why Do I Love It?

  • It is simple and comfortable to wear
  • It is colorful and stylish
  • Made from plastic and so cannot rust
  • Perfect as a gift item
  • Fits all clothing item

What To Consider

  • The hoops are a bit large.
  • They can’t be immersed in water.

2. Kawaii Panda Bear Dangle Earrings

By: DorkyDino 

Do you love dangling earrings? Then, these earrings are specially made for you. Seeing your favorite cute panda images on these fashion items will surely make you love them more. 

Amazingly, the earrings are not only resistant to scratches, but they are also waterproof. This means you can wear them to take a bath or to swim in the pool without the fear of ruining them. That’s the greatest feeling ever!

There’s no way you won’t love these earrings, believe me.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Has watercolor painting prints which makes it more beautiful
  • Matches all outfit
  • 100% waterproof
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Comfortable to wear

What To Consider

  • Comes in a small size (1 Inch)
  • Products returned or exchanged will not be accepted

3. Panda Stud Earring Sterling Silver

By: Loveisajewelry

Panda Stud Earring Sterling Silver

Thinking of a perfect gift for a loved one? These wonderful silver studs will surely create a lasting impression in their hearts. And I’m sure you’ll get one for yourself too because its beauty is irresistible. 

With its panda design, you can wear these earrings to occasions at any time of the day as it matches all outfits. Also, the sizes of these earrings are 7.1mm by 6mm which means it is made for both young and old.

If you have sensitive skin, you should consider buying one of these silver items; they are nickel free, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. I believe you’ll love this product.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • Made from silver to ensure its durability
  • Contains anti-microbial properties 
  • Designed for both young and old
  • Protected from rust and oxidation

What To Consider

  • Products returned or exchanged after 30 days of delivery will not be accepted.
  • They are very tiny

4. Silver Panda Studs Earrings

By: Banujewelryusa 

If you love tiny silver studs, then these panda earrings are for you. They are made from pure silver, which makes them beautiful and befitting for special occasions.

Don’t worry about having skin reactions if you have sensitive skin, these earrings are hypoallergenic which makes them perfect for you. They are also free of nickel and don’t rust. Their sizes are 7mm by 6mm.

 What’s there not to like about these earrings?

It would be best you have a few of them in your closet.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Made from silver to prevent rusting
  • Hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • Perfectly goes with all clothing items
  • Tarnish resistant
  • Great for special occasions and gift items

What To Consider

  • The shipping fee may be high
  • Products delivered internationally may attract additional charges

5. Bronze Bamboo Ear Cuff

By: Chinookhugs

These ear cuffs are perfect for people who have no piercings on their ears. I didn’t mean that you shouldn’t get one too if your ear is pierced. They are some of the most beautiful accessories you’ll ever see.

Made from bronze and flexible, these bamboo ear cuffs can be worn on either the right or left ear. Whether you have a large or small ear doesn’t matter, you can adjust the fashion item to fit the outer edge of your ears. 

Both men and women can wear it too. So, you may consider buying one for your partner after getting yours.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Perfect for people with no ear piercing
  • Fits all types of ear whether small or large
  • Affordable
  • Made for both men and women
  • Easy to wear

What To Consider

  • Delivery may take 3 to 5 business days
  • Item is restricted to some locations

           Panda Earrings on Amazon Under $25

6. Silver Panda Bear Stud Earrings

By: Boma 

Believe me, there’s no way you won’t love these pure silver panda earrings. They are made from silver and alloys to enable durability. So, you don’t have to worry about buying another pair of earrings anytime soon. 

Also, these earrings are great for people with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and nickel free. 

Don’t you think it would be best if you have these beautiful accessories in your closet?

Why Do I Love It?

  • It is made from silver and alloys and so lasts long
  • Fits all clothing items
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • Gift-wrap available

What To Consider

  • Products will not be exchanged or collected after 30 days
  • Delivery takes longer days.

7. Sterling Silver Cute Animal Stud Earrings


Look extraordinarily gorgeous for your date with this earrings design of a panda eating bamboo. I bet they’ll complement your amazing look. 

These earrings were made from silver and crystals. And is free of lead and nickel which makes it good for sensitive skin. 

Also, the sizes are 9 by 10mm ensuring you are comfortable while wearing it. Present these earrings as gifts to your girlfriend, wife, mother or aunts and watch their priceless reaction.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Lasts long
  • Perfect as a gift item
  • Made from silver to prevent rusting

What To Consider

  • May not be available all the time

8. Small Mother and Baby Panda Bear Earrings

By: Sienna Sky

Small Mother and Baby Panda Bear Earrings

Pandas are naturally adorable creatures. But a mother panda carrying her baby is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. 

Now imagine this view designed in the form of earrings. Sienna sky earrings are an item you should have in your Jewelry case. Not only are they designed to last long, but are also long-lasting and comfortable to wear. 

However, you shouldn’t allow children under the age of 12 to wear them. But this doesn’t mean you can’t keep a few for them until they turn 12. You can even present it to children as a surprise birthday gift. They’ll appreciate it.

Why Do I Love It?

  • Lasts long
  • Has a mother and baby panda design which makes it super cute
  • Gift wrap is available
  • Refundable

What To Consider

  • Not for children under age 12
  • Delivery may take a few weeks for customers outside the USA

9. Panda Bear Fashionable Earrings

By: Liavy

All fashion lovers who go for regular occasions should have this in their fashion collection. Made from quality materials and nickel free, these earrings are great for all occasions. They can also be presented as gifts to your loved ones. 

With the panda designs embedded in its surface, all eyes will be on you wherever you go.

These fashion item sizes are 0.6 by 0.7 inches which makes them simple and light in the ears. I believe this is what you would like to wear at all times. 

Why Do We Love It?

  • Great for all occasions
  • Light in the ears
  • Gift wrap is available
  • Nickel-free

What Should You Consider?

  • Delivery may take some weeks for states outside the USA
  • The shipping fee is high


In this article, you learned about the top 9 panda earrings that you can buy on Amazon and Etsy. Amazingly, they are all below $25.

It would be best you consider including these earrings in your jewellery collection. This way, you won’t have to worry about searching for the best earrings that complement your dress whenever you are going on an occasion. 

Also, these earrings are long-lasting, fashionable, rust-free and good for people who experience frequent skin reactions.

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!  You’ll be glad you did.

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