Do Giant Pandas Pee? (Solved & Explained)

Giant pandas poop around 40 times a day and many of you might have even heard it. This might make you wonder if giant pandas pee too.

Yes, giant pandas do pee. Not only do pandas poop and fart a lot, but they also pee often.

Just like humans, giant pandas sweat and pee what they drink and poop what they eat. 

It’s their natural process of waste removal. 

Now that you know that giant pandas pee, you might be wondering how giant pandas pee.

Let’s find out!

How Do Giant Pandas Pee?

Just like humans, giant pandas have an excretory system. 

The excretory system in pandas helps them pee and poop. This process of waste removal or passing out urine and poop is scientifically called excretion

In the case of peeing, when pandas drink anything liquid, some of it gets absorbed by their bodies. The remaining is given out through their urethra. 

Since now you know that pandas too have an excretory system, you might be wondering if male and female pandas pee differently like we humans do or not?

Do Male and Female Pandas Pee Differently?

Yes, male and female pandas pee in different ways. 

While female pandas simply pee in a seated position, male pandas have a unique way of peeing.

You will find a male panda peeing in a handstand position with one of its legs leaning upon a tree. 

Do Pandas Do Handstands When they Pee?

A Picture of Giant Panda Doing Handstand While Peeing
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As mentioned earlier, giant pandas do handstands when they pee. It helps them leave their scent high up. 

Do Pandas Pee Upside Down?

Yes, male pandas pee upside down. At times, male pandas also climb the tree in an upside-down position to pee. 

In fact, pandas’ weird peeing behavior has been researched a lot by scientists. 

You would be surprised to know that there’s a reason behind why male pandas pee upside down. 

Why Male Pandas Pee Upside Down?

According to research published in the journal of Animal behavior in 2012, male pandas pee upside down to spray their urine as high as possible. 

Although it’s not an easy task, peeing in a backward position is very useful for pandas. 

Where Do Giant Pandas Pee?

Giant pandas can pee anywhere, including on walls, grounds, and trees

However, male pandas prefer peeing on trees. Nonetheless, it’s not every other tree. 

Pandas are quite fussy about picking the right tree to pee. Let’s see how pandas find the perfect spot to pee. 

How Do Pandas Find the Perfect Spot to Pee?

A Picture of Giant Panda On a Tree

Pandas are very clever to find the perfect spot to pee. They look for wider trees with rough barks to pee. 

According to an article published in Dailymail, Wider trees provide them with a larger area to spread the smell of their pee. 

Similarly, rough barks help them sink their scent into the trees. It helps the scent to last longer. 

How Are Pandas Able to Mark Their Scent?

Pandas mark their scent using their urine. Pandas release anogenital gland secretions, a waxy substance, when they pee.

The smell of their pee along with anogenital gland secretions help pandas to mark their scent. 

According to China Highlights, their gland secretions also help them to divide their territory. 

Why Do Pandas Mark Their Scent?

Pandas mark their scent to make their presence known to female pandas. 

Giant pandas have a small mating window. Therefore, it’s important for them to mark their scent for successful mating. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have learned that giant pandas pee on wider trees with rough barks. 

Peeing on wider trees with rough barks in an upside-down handstand position helps them mark their scent.  

In addition, marking their scent helps them mate by signaling their presence to female pandas. 

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