Can You Eat Giant Pandas? (Why You Should Not Eat Pandas)

Humans are known to find out how different animals taste. In other words, we eat certain meats just to know if they are good for food or not.

But is panda flesh a healthy and tasty diet? Can you actually eat pandas?

Yes, technically you can eat giant pandas because we are omnivores – plant and animal eaters. But it is not advisable to eat panda meat nowadays the same way people of the past did because of certain regulations.

To be on the safe side, you should continue eating other healthy animal meats and forget about the panda flesh.

I believe you now know that eating pandas is no longer possible in today’s modern world. But why are humans no longer eating these animals’ flesh? Is it illegal to eat pandas?

Just continue reading as I answer this question and other interesting ones in this guide.

Is It Illegal To Eat Pandas Today?

A gavel representing the law.

Yes, it is illegal to eat pandas today. There are strict laws in China against taking this action and going against it can attract three to ten years of imprisonment. Sometimes, the government may ask the offenders to pay a fine, and other times, they can seize their properties.

Although humans were free to eat pandas like other animals several years back, not these days. In fact, it is almost impossible for animal stores to sell pandas nowadays for certain reasons. And to rent one, you’ll need to go to China with lots of money.

It may seem as though the Chinese are too strict as regards protecting these creatures but this is for the best. Man has always been the major predator of these giant pandas, thereby causing a reduction in their population. Without the Chinese constant efforts, the panda bears would have become non-existent in the world today. 

Is A Panda’s Meat Tasty?

No, a panda’s meat is not tasty according to the testimony from someone who has eaten it before. Since people don’t have the chance to eat panda meat at this age, it is difficult to find someone to describe its taste.

Fortunately for the new generation, during the 1980s, a Chinese farmer once told a judge that panda meat has a horrible taste. This farmer was arrested and prosecuted for illegally hunting a giant panda and giving his wife to cook. While trying to defend himself, the man told the judge that he couldn’t eat the meat and had to feed it to his animals.

Understandably, panda meat may not taste delicious like that of other animals considering their bamboo diet. Most times, an animal’s diet plays a key role in how its flesh will taste. 

Do The Chinese Eat Pandas?

A giant panda in a Chinese zoo.

No, the Chinese do not eat pandas because there are laws against taking such action. Besides, they love these cute creatures and will do anything within their means to protect them.

And that’s one major reason there are many research and panda breeding centers in China today.

Several years ago, giant pandas were at risk of going into their habitat, the bamboo forests, to build houses, making the panda bears homeless and hungry.

Then, the Chinese government began to take serious steps in ensuring the pandas don’t go to extinction. First, they made laws against the illegal hunting of these large animals.

Secondly, they started restoring the bamboo forest so that the animals can live and eat peacefully in their habitat.

Do Humans Eat Red Pandas?

A red panda lying on a tree in the wild

No, there has not been any report that humans can eat red pandas. However, people use their habitat for building and road construction purposes. Other times, they hunt these animals for their fur.

Note that red pandas and giant pandas share certain similarities, which include a love for the bamboo diet. Since diet contributes to how an animal’s meat tastes, red pandas’ meat may taste like that of giant pandas. This may be one of the reasons people don’t eat it.

Moreover, both the Indian and Chinese governments are working tirelessly to ensure that the red pandas don’t go to extinction. So, eating the animals’ meat is not possible as of now. 


We’ve now come to the end of this article. Note a few points before you leave. 

While it is possible to eat pandas, it is illegal and not ethical to do so. Remember that a panda’s meat is not tasty like chicken or cow beef. 

Keep in mind that the Chinese are strict with their laws regarding eating pandas. And there is no clear evidence that shows that humans can eat red pandas.

On a final note, do not forget that nature has blessed humans with different highly nutritious and delicious animals. Consider eating healthy meats and forget about tasting panda meat.