Are Giant Pandas Color Blind? (Truth Revealed!)

Although giant pandas are black and white, that is not the only color they see. Therefore, if you have been wondering, are giant pandas color blind?

Here’s a quick answer!

No, giant pandas are not color blind. They can distinguish between gray and colors like red, green, and blue. 

A study carried out in a research institute by American scientists revealed that pandas have the ability to differentiate between colors and gray.

What’s not yet proven is if they can tell a color from another, like red from green, blue from red, etc.

Since it has been confirmed that giant pandas are not color blind, you probably want to know what other colors they can see.

Can they see multiple colors –  blue, green, and red? 

Let’s find out!

What Colors Can Giant Pandas See?

The study on giant pandas shows they can differentiate between different shades of gray and other colors like blue, green, or red.

This doesn’t mean they can see different colors. Their color vision is a kind that they only know a colored object but not really the exact color.

This ability has helped them to seek better pastures. While feeding, giant pandas can easily tell a colorful bamboo from a brownish one. 

How Do Giant Pandas See Color?

Giant pandas see color but not the same way as humans. They are generally dichromatic in nature. 

This means that giant pandas have only two cone cells in the retina of the eye. 

The cone cells in giant pandas are very sensitive to light, and can only detect certain colors. This is different from humans who are trichromatic.

Trichromatism allows for the existence of three cone cells in the retina of the eye. This is why we can see so many colors.

So with an aye structure like this, giant pandas are able to tell if something is either colored or gray.

Do Giant Pandas See Color Better During The Day Or Night?

Giant pandas see color better in the day. You should know it’s very hard to see colors without light. 

The cones in their eyes are light sensitive cells and help them see color. They only work with bright light.

Light plays an important role in color vision. The night is mostly dark and when the moon is out it’s not even as bright as the sun.

You should know that giant pandas can see well at night but not color. The cones in their eyes don’t work well when it’s dark. 

This good night vision is possible because of the rods in their eyes. They are photo receptors responsible for night vision.

So, during the day, there’s always a greater source of light for cones to work. This makes  the giant pandas see colors better in the day. 

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Final Thoughts

In summary, giant pandas are not color blind. They have color vision but not the same like humans.

However, the extent to which giant pandas see colors has not been confirmed. What’s certain is that they can tell a colored object from a gray one.

This is seen in their choice of food and bamboo in particular. Giant pandas can easily tell a colorful bamboo patch from a brownish bamboo. 

In addition, giant pandas color vision works better in the day than in the night. They need light to see color better.

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