What Is Kung Fu Panda’s Name? (The Dragon Warrior Story)

You’ve heard so much about the Kung Fu Panda, his strength and abilities, hence, you want to know his name.

Interestingly, this article will answer you and tell you lots more you would like to know about him.

Let’s quickly answer the question – Kung Fu Panda’s name is Master Po Ping. 

He’s known as Po for short but was originally called Li Lotus.

Po Ping is the lead character of the Kung Fu Panda selection, basically voiced by Mick Wingert and Jack Black.

He is a giant panda with human traits and emotions, and also the Dragon Warrior that was forecasted to be the legend and champion of the valley of peace.

Now you know the kung fu panda’s name, let’s continue reading to learn more about him.

About Po (The Dragon Warrior)

Po - The Dragon Warrior
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Po is the Dragon Warrior that came as a prophecy as well as the hero of the black & white pandas.
In the first movie, Po is the adopted son of Mr. Ping.

*Spoiler alert*

However, he’s the true (biological) son of Li Shan and his wife. 

He’s one of the students under Master Shifu and also the group leader of the Furious Five.

Even though he’s not properly part of the group, he is seen as a second master in the absence of Master Shifu in the Furious Five.

Po Ping is a male giant panda discovered to have a strange capacity to learn kung fu at one look without much struggle.

The Voice of Po

Po Ping voice was that of the American entertainer Jack Black and Mick Wingert.

How Did Po Become the Dragon Warrior?

Po’s parents are two giant pandas, Li, and Mrs. Li. They were his biological parents before he was adopted by Ping.

They lived in the panda village as a happy couple with their son before a peacock with a legion of wolves invaded their home.

These wolves destroyed everything Li and his wife had and were ready to do more. That was when I realized it would be a bad idea to stay back.  

With the whole disorder, Li managed to run away but was not sure about his wife and son.

However, Po’s mother fled as well but into a closed forest. When she heard the sound of the wolves coming toward her, she hurriedly looked for an escape route with her son.

She made a crate of radishes where she hid her son, after some minutes of saying a tearful goodbye to him, she left; hoping that he gets picked up unharmed even though she lost her own life she doesn’t mind.

Finally, he survived and lived in a distant land away from the valley of peace with some other pandas.

It was at this new place that Po was raised by his adopted parent Ping and when Li saw him, he shouted, “My son is not dead”.

Ping, the adopted father of Po, wished that he takes over the family noodle business one day. 

Po – The Dragon Warrior

As time went on, Po got attracted to kung fu, and this strong interest made him be appointed the Dragon Warrior.

Immediately, he began his kung fu classes under the watch of Master Shifu. 

Even though he was not welcomed in the beginning because he was incompetent, he endured and accomplish the prophecy of becoming a Dragon warrior by winning Tai Lung.

Po interpreted the dragon scroll and this confirmed him the legend of every other panda.

Special Abilities:

Po has a lot of special abilities which makes him outstanding in everything he does.

Here’s a list of a few things he is good at:

Wuxi Finger Hold

This is a special fighting style created by the mysterious Master Wuxi in the third dynasty.

Po was able to learn and use it against his opponents by grabbing their index finger and bending it in a direction while he flexes his own.     

It means overfilling an opponent’s body with chi and/or taking them into the spirit world.


Po is a giant panda and also the Dragon Warrior earned him a rare and powerful chi called a spiritual strength. 

He manifested his chi after an Okami technique in the form of a Chinese dragon. The offshoot follows Po’s movement and acts as a solid object.

Though Po didn’t show this special ability in the movie, pandas have been generally proven to heal injuries and create a life by offering chi.

Situational Awareness

Po learned how to use the environment around him to subdue his enemies.

One day he shocked Tai Lung with the ancient trick “bent branch hitting the person behind you”.

Enhanced Speed

Regardless of Po’s weight and big size, his speed is amazing. Though he’s not the fastest among the pandas, his moves are super fast and smooth.

What Does Po in Kung Fu Panda Mean In Chinese?

In Chinese, Po in kung fu panda is written as “阿波 (ā bō),” meaning a prophesied Dragon warrior.

It is a common name that takes its root in Chinese towns around the globe. 

But in reality, it is the translation for many different Chinese surnames. The meaning attributed to it depends on how it is written in the Chinese language and the local tongue it is said in.

What is Po’s Age in Kung Fu Panda?

In the first Kung Fu Panda movie, “Po” was in his 20s. 

And throughout the movie, he starred as a 20 to 30 years old giant panda who was chosen to be the “Dragon Warrior” and the kung fu champion of the Valley of Peace.

Mr. Ping, his adoptive father mentioned that he took Po in and brought him up for 20 years before he was able to tell him that he wasn’t his child but an adopted son.

What Is the Name of Kung Fu Panda’s Master?

Master Shifu - Kungfu Panda's Master
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The name of Po’s master is Master Shifu, a red panda voiced by Dustin Hoffman. 

Master Shifu is the overall learner of the Jade Palace and the teacher of the Furious Five.

He became part of the palace when his father, the con artist Shirong, left him behind.

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve learned that the kung fu panda’s real name is Po Ping. He got this name from his adopted parents. Meanwhile, his original name was Li Lotus (Given to him by his biological parents).

I trust you understand all the stories about him, his background, special skills, and how he became the Dragon Warrior.

This piece has successfully addressed your wonder about Po’s age, what his name means and who his master is. 

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