The Red Panda Unicycle Lady (Everything You Need to Know!)

Red Panda, whose real name is Rong Niu, is an amazing acrobat who has incredible athleticism, balance, and focus. 

She often performs during the break-in in both pro and college basketball games. Her act includes riding a unicycle and stacking bowls, which she balances on her head. 

Niu Rong became a spectacle at halftime in the NBA game. Her unicycle stunt made her a famous act. When Red Panda performs, you wouldn’t want to miss it. 

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How Old is Red Panda Unicycle Lady

Niu Rong is now 52 years old. She began learning acrobatics at the age of seven, coming from a family of acrobats. She has been doing it for more than 30 years. 

She made it to the semifinals of the 2018 America’s Got Talent. 

Red Panda is humbled even though she has an extensive fan base. Fans all over celebrate her appearances in every show she performs. 

How Does Red Panda Get On Her Unicycle?

A few minutes before the game comes to a break, the arena relaxes. Two helpers come with Red Panda’s unicycle to the performance ground. Other helpers two come with a giant ladder.

Niu Rong, dressed in a sequined leotard and white heels, climbs up a ladder to the top of her seven-foot unicycle arena’s four quadrants.

She then places the bowls on her leg and flips them onto her head. 

The group walks along the carpeted pathway towards the court, remaining ninety seconds. Niu Rong’s silence and calm make her manage the pressure. 

The Red Panda Unicycle Act

The act of Red Panda is extraordinary but straightforward. She balances on one foot while riding a unicycle seven feet off the ground. 

Using the other foot to flip bowls onto her head, she stacks them precisely. Red Panda usually arrives at the venue 90 minutes before the show. 

The three sections of the heavy unicycle take around 30 minutes to put together into one unified machine. 

She’ll then repeat a 20-minute stretching exercise she learned in boarding school. She is responsible for her makeup and hair. 

She usually leaves when the third quarter begins to avoid traffic back to her hotel.

Niu’s act is based on a classic Chinese acrobat act, even though her father increased the difficulty by staggering the bowl rim to rim rather than simply piling them inside each large basin.

Red Panda’s first fall on the stage was a shock as everybody never expected her to fail.

However, her resilient drive for the acrobatic act helped her get back on her feet again and continue performing. She recovered and got back on her unicycle. 

How Much Does Red Panda Get Paid?

The Red Panda unicycle act makes her $2,500 to $3,000 every 5 minutes. Her basketball grip was so firm. 

For more than three decades, she has practiced quietly in one of Christ Church Lutheran ELCA’s vast halls. 

Niu is sent a new key to the facility whenever the community’s locks are replaced. 

Until an ESPN documentary crew taped a training session last spring, many long-time worshippers were uninformed of her national acclaim.

How Much is Red Panda Unicycle Worth?

Red Panda’s original unicycle cost $25,000. However, someone stole this priced tool after the security did not scan it properly at the San Fransisco Airport. 

The thief picked up the unicycle in baggage at the luggage claim. 

Red Panda had to cancel her participation at the UCLA-Cal men’s basketball game on Jan. 25th, 2018, due to the loss of her original bike. 

After the loss, Red Panda performed on a secondary unicycle at five college basketball games. However, the secondary bike has not performed as well as the original one.

Final Thought

Red Panda, a 51-year-old without fear of heights, has been a star in the basketball arena. Red Panda is a world-renowned halftime performer who has become a basketball fan favorite. 

She routinely does complicated acrobatic tricks on her unicycle and rarely fails.

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