How Many Red Pandas Die Each Year?

There has been an alarming decrease in the population of red pandas all over the world. In fact, red pandas might go extinct if we don’t take care of them. 

You must be curious – how many red pandas die each year?

Approximately 10,000 red pandas die per year because their habitats are being cleared to build houses. One other reason is that their coats are used in making fur and clothes, especially in China.

Have you been wondering, why are red pandas dying? Let’s find out why!

Why Are Red Pandas Dying?

Considering how much red pandas consume bamboo daily, food is not their major concern and therefore not a reason for their death. What then is it?

Deforestation of Red Pandas Habitat

Red pandas are dying because their habitats are destroyed to create enough space for building houses. A large percentage of the factories and industries that are coming are built on forests and panda habitats.

This deforestation causes the deaths of some, while others migrate to other habitats and may die on the way. 

Their Furs Are Used For Coats

Red pandas are dying because their skin is used in making clothing. In China, most of the clothing materials produced are from the fur of red pandas.

In fact, their skin is used in making fur hats and clothes. 

Since red pandas die because of deforestation, do they also die as a result of plastic? 

Let’s find out

How Many Red Pandas Die Each Year Because Of Plastic?

There is no evidence that confirms the number of red pandas that die each year because of plastic.

But one thing is for sure, improper disposal of plastic will surely affect the red panda’s habitat. And in turn, will interfere with their lifestyle.

How Many Red Pandas Die Each Year In Captivity?

Keeping red pandas in captivity may be considered inhumane because they could be considered wild animals and as such, loves their freedom.

However, recent studies show that red pandas are better off in captivity than in the wild. 

With the increasing human population, more forests and of course panda habitats are going into extinction. The only remedy that will help preserve the population of pandas is to keep them in a particular space.

Here, they are free to live in a specified region, where they get the best food; better than they would get if in the wild.

How Many Red Pandas Are Left In 2021?

There are about 10,000 pandas left in 2021. Different human activities are contributing factors to their decreasing population.

Red pandas’ habitats are cleared and used in building houses, for farming, and even for the pet trade. 

How Many Red Pandas Are Left In 2020?

There are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the wild in 2020.

This is alarming because it should be more than this. Also, the few species of red pandas left need proper conservation so they won’t go into extinction. 

How Many Red Pandas Are Left In 2019?

As of 2019, there were fewer than 10,000  red pandas left in the wild. 

So far, poaching has been the major concern when it comes to red pandas. As a result of poaching, actions have been taken toward conserving red pandas. This action is achieved by holding them captive, where they are free from prying eyes. 


The red pandas could be going into extinction with the way they are reducing in population each year. It has been reported that about 10,000 red pandas die each year, and about 7,000 die from deforestation. 

Furthermore, a lot of countries hunt pandas for their fur. Sadly, the fur of the red pandas is used to make hats and clothes that we wear today. 

With the increasing human population, more red pandas are poached for their skin.

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