How Many Bones Do Pandas Have? [Solved & Explained!]

As unbelievable as it sounds, you need to know that some animals do not have bones. For example, jellyfish do not have bones but they live well in the oceans. 

What about the pandas, do they have bones? And how many bones do they have altogether? 

Here’s a quick answer – A full-grown panda typically has 345 bones in their body.

I believe you now know the number of bones in the panda bear’s body. But what does a panda’s skeletal system look like?

Keep on reading to find out!

What Does A Panda’s Skeletal System Look Like?

A Panda's Skeletal System

Surprisingly, a giant panda’s skeletal system is almost the same as that of a bear, but bigger. Having a large skull is of great advantage to the giant pandas. 

Since they chew bamboo constantly, the large skull supports the panda’s jaw movement. That’s why the panda bears crush hard bamboo with their teeth.

An increase in the size of the pandas’ skeleton (hypertrophy), may have contributed to their skull’s large size. Hence, closing the mandibles quickly and powerfully is easy for them.

One amazing feature of the giant pandas is their extra thumb or sixth finger. Located on the front paws, the panda’s extra finger or pseudo thumb is covered by a fleshy pad. 

These claws allow the pandas to climb trees and rocks with ease. Besides, the claws help these cute animals to handle bamboo and cut its parts when eating.

Giant Panda vs Man’s Skeletal System (what’s the difference?)

Take a look at 4 major differences between the pandas’ skeletal systems and man’s skeletal system:

  1. Total Number Of Bones

Generally, adult humans have 206 bones and babies have 300 bones. As humans grow older, their skull and spine bones connect.

Pandas, on the other hand, have 345 bones in their bodies, which is more than the bones of humans. 

  1. Movement

Humans hold their spines and back vertically while the pandas hold theirs horizontally. In other words, humans walk on two legs, and giant pandas walk on four legs. 

This points to the fact that there is a difference between the way humans and pandas’ spines are arranged.

  1. Number Of Fingers

Humans have five fingers, which include the thumb, index finger, ring finger, and middle finger. All these fingers are useful for grabbing things, eating and holding objects, and more.

Giant pandas have six fingers, including a pseudo-thumb, which allows them to climb trees and handle bamboo while eating.

  1. Skull 

Adult pandas have big and strong skulls, which support their teeth and jaws while eating hard parts of the bamboo. 

Humans have strong skulls too but not as large or strong as that of the giant pandas.  

  1. Bone Strength

Giant pandas have large bones that support their big body weight. Interestingly, humans with a large body size do not have big bones like the pandas. 

Usually, adult male pandas weigh up to 113 kilograms (250 pounds). On the other hand, the average body weight of an adult human is 62 kilograms (136 pounds).

So, it’s not surprising that the giant pandas have large bones, considering their body weight. 

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Do Pandas Have 42 Teeth?

Giant Pandas Teeth

Yes, most adult pandas have between 40 to 42 teeth. Although at birth, baby pandas have 24 teeth but the number of teeth increases as they grow older. 

Often, the giant pandas spend their days breaking and eating the bamboo plant. Not only are the pandas’ teeth strong, but they are also sharp enough to bite hard bamboo parts.  

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Final Thoughts

Giant pandas have 345 bones in their body. They have almost the same skeletal system as bears, but bigger.

There are major differences between the giant pandas’ skeletal system and the human skeletal system. 

While pandas walk on all fours, humans walk on two legs. Pandas have six fingers, humans have five. Compared to humans, giant pandas have strong skulls and large bones.

Finally, panda cubs have 24 teeth while the adults have 40 to 42 teeth.

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