Do Red Pandas Have Backbones? (Solved!)

Red pandas are known to be unique animals. They are certainly one of the little-known mammals you’ll see around the world.

However, just like any other mammals, do red pandas have backbones?

Yes, red pandas have backbones. They’re vertebrates just like any other mammal and the backbone is also the main bone in their body.

Having known that these creatures have backbones, you might also ask – why do red pandas need backbones?

What does it help red pandas do? Is it an important bone in their body?

Let’s discuss this next!

Why Do Red Panda Need Backbones?

A Red Panda's Flexible Back

Red pandas have backbones because they’re vertebrates. As a mammal, having a backbone among every other bone in the body is a general thing.

For the red pandas, the backbone is the main supporting structure in their body. This makes it very important to balance.

Backbones help these creatures in bending, twisting, and doing other flexible moves. Moreover, the sitting, standing, and walking they do all day is never possible without their backbones. 

Even the times when you see red pandas standing on their two feet in defense, the spines are their main support in doing that.

Where is a Red Panda Backbone Located?

Red Pandas Have Backbones

A red panda’s backbone is located at its back just like every other vertebrate. It starts below their skull and runs down their back to their tail region. 

It’s positioned in the middle of their back connecting their skull at the top and then ending at their tail region.

Other Examples of Animals with Backbones (Vertebrates)

Animals belonging to the group of mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and fishes are all vertebrates. 

However, let’s look at some examples of vertebrates below:

Final Thoughts

In summary, red pandas have backbones. They are vertebrates, which are common to all mammals.

Just like every other vertebrate, they also have their spines or backbones at the center of their backs. 

It’s a very important structure and provides major support to the red pandas’ bodies. Backbones also contribute to the flexibility of a red panda. 

It helps them to walk, sit, and stand. With backbones, they can even stand upright on their hind legs only.

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