Do Giant Pandas Have Claws? (5 Things You Need To Know!)

Grizzly bears are known for their scary teeth and sharp claws. Since bears and pandas belong to the same family, you might be asking right now “Do giant pandas have claws too?” 

Quick Answer – Yes, giant pandas have claws!

They have sharp claws that enable them to grip the body of a tree each time they want to climb.

Although they may look like land inhabitants, their retractable claws do them well in claw on their front paw helps them to tear, hold and eat bamboo.

We know now that giant pandas have claws too! Would it be nice knowing how many claws they have?

Let’s read more below!

How Many Claws Do Pandas Have?

Giant pandas have five claws that extend from their real fingers. One of these claws is on their true thumb.

These strong and sharp claws help them in their daily survival. 

For example, whenever a giant panda wants to climb a tree, it makes use of its claws. When it wants to hold and eat bamboo, it uses the extra claw in the front paw.

Without these claws, giant pandas can barely live or feed.

Why Do Pandas Have Claws

Pandas have claws because they need them to climb trees and also feed themselves.

Climbing trees is an adaptational mechanism and a major way pandas escape from their predators (especially Panda cubs).

The panda’s head serves as an extra paw helping them to climb trees as high as 13,000 feet.

If they don’t climb trees, they might get hurt or sometimes killed.

Pandas have a different claw which they use to grab and tear the tough stalk of bamboo before eating it. This claw eliminates the difficulty that a panda would have in feeding.

While eating, they sit straight on their rumps.

With the help of their pseudo thumb, they make the front paw (where the extra claw is located) free to grasp bamboo.

How Long Are Pandas Claws (Size)?

Pandas have their huge and strong claws pushing up to 3.5 inches long.

Yes, These claws may not be as long as those of their cousins (other bears), but they are big and long enough to get pandas up a tree.

And also grab them bamboo that they eat to survive daily.

Do Pandas Have Sharp Claws?

A photo showing a panda's claws

Yes, Pandas have sharp claws.

Both giant and red pandas have elongated sharp claws that they use to climb trees, grab things and strip bamboo stalks.

They use these claws to scratch their bodies when they feel itchy and uncomfortable.

Also, the panda’s claws act as a defense mechanism against their predators.

Do Pandas Have Retractable Claws?

Yes! Pandas have retractable claws.

Giant pandas and their other peers (Red pandas) have foldable and semi-foldable claws respectively.

They are wonderful tree climbers, therefore, use their broad paws and retractable claws to mount up trees; from one branch to the other. 

Red pandas can spin their ankle bones to easily come down a tree with their heads upside down. 

Giant pandas are the opposite of red pandas. While descending a tree, they descend with their heads up.

Final Thoughts

In summary, giant pandas have retractable claws that enable them to grip the body of trees each time they are climbing.

These claws extend from their real fingers and are five in number with an extra one found in their front paw which they mostly use to feed.

The panda’s claws stretch about 3.5 inches each, which is good enough to help them grab and hold bamboo.

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