Why Do Pandas Fight Each Other? (Here are 2 Reasons Why!)

You might have noticed a few times that pandas get into fights with each other. 

Have you ever wondered why? 

There are 2 Main Reasons Why Pandas Fight Each Other:

Pandas Fight for Mating

In the wild, male giant pandas fight each other because of mating rights! 

Ecological investigators in the Sichuan area of southwestern China captured rare images and videos of two male giant pandas fighting each other violently. 

From their findings, these male pandas were fighting to mate with the female panda. 

The brawl lasted for 17 mins and one of them was confirmed severely injured. 

The winner of the battle finally crosses and mates with the female panda. 

This usually happens during spring, between the middle of March and the middle of May.

Watch A Video of Two Male Giant Pandas Fighting In The Wild Here

In this video, you will see two pandas fighting over mating a female panda. 

They fought to the extent that they wounded themselves using their claws, teeth, and jaws. 

Pandas Fight As A Form Of Play

Sometimes, giant panda cubs fight each other as a form of playing. 

They can fight over a bottle of milk, or toys, or even fall into a basket. Pandas keepers mostly call it “play fighting

One of them can decide to climb a fence and another will pull it down, then in slight defense, they start fighting. 

They don’t do this to give each other injuries,  they do it as a way of entertaining themselves. 

Watch A Video of Two Chubby Pandas Cub Play-Fighting Here. 

In this video, you will see 11-month-old pandas, Jia Jia & Yuan Yuan performing another lovely edition of the Kung Fu fight. 

It ended with Jia Jia being the winner after his younger sister, Yuan Yuan fell into a ditch.

You can now clearly tell the reason why giant pandas fight each other.

I’m sure you want to know if they get along with each other just the same way they fight. 

Do Pandas Get Along With Other Pandas?

No! Pandas do not get along with each other. 

In the wild, giant pandas do not like to mingle with each other because they are very territorial.
The only time they get to spend with their species is during the mating period and when nursing their babies.

But pandas in captivity are slightly opposite.

As much as it’s their instinct to be solitary, they play and fight with one another, share toys, and also roll down slides.

This happens because they are confined to one another in the environment.

Why Do Pandas Bite Each Other?

A Panda does not have any special reason for biting the back of another panda. 

They do it because it’s their nature! 

This is something they do while playing among themselves; Particularly baby pandas. 

The biting habit is a reflex action from their nervous system, and something they grew up with. 

When playing with each other, pandas bite to express fondness and a don’t leave me behind attitude.

Do Pandas Defend Themselves?

Yes, Pandas defend themselves.

They are indeed solitary and friendly animals, which naturally avoid quarrels. 

But when avoidance is not possible, they will surely fight back.

Pandas protect and defend themselves using their strong jaws and teeth. 

They have all it takes to fight just like other bears, their physical strength and sharp bites are good enough to get them out of trouble. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, you’ve learned that giant pandas fight for mating rights and as a form of great entertainment. 

During their breeding season, the male pandas fight with each other in hopes of mating with a female. 

Unfortunately, these pandas do not get along on a normal day except when they are mating, nursing a baby, or in captivity. 

And when they are in captivity and playing together, giving each other a fun bite is not a big deal.

It is a sensory action they developed from infanthood; thus, grew up with it. 

As peaceful as the panda looks, that’s the same way it avoids trouble. 

But this doesn’t mean that when it is confronted with danger, it won’t defend itself.

Of course, it will! By fighting with its strength, teeth, and strong jaws. 

You now understand why giant pandas fight each other. But, did you know that pandas also struggle with breeding?

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